Foolishoats: Ahhh, thank you so much!! And it’s going to be a webcomic, I’m working on the roughs and hopefully will start inking the first chapter in the next few weeks! I bought the domain name and there’ll be a placeholder image soon in the website until January hits. (I’m VERY excited)

Anonymous: You are officially my favorite anon of all time. Not even kidding.


An adorable video by foolishoats on reading books together (+ a TBR list).


Some things I wish and long for:

  • Flexibility
  • School and scholars and academia and communication theory
  • Articulation
  • Confidence in confrontation/revival of the Year of Elaine [Benes]
  • Patience and grace
  • Embrace of failures/mistakes/errors
  • To smile more often
  • The ability (confidence, tact, authority) to check people I know personally when they are racist, sexist, or just generally being awful in my presence.
  • Search / Search / Search
  • Swim
  • Altar
  • Airplanes
Happy Holidays

Some things that are warming my heart in this moment:

  • Sleeping on the couch at my mum’s house
  • My Little Evie puppy (14 weeks old)
  • Snow at the cottage, roaring fire, family and in-laws gathered round the Christmas tree
  • My horse
  • My cats
  • My brother
  • My mum
  • My husband
  • This life
By the Door

But your spirit is pulled apart,
Shattered into little darts,
And I can’t pick them up
Fast enough.

Splinters of eyes, a sliver of an elbow,
Sit by the door in a row. 
Regimented, ordered, in a clean
Straight line.

Pick up the phone and call me,
I say, knowing full well that you’re not free.
Shattered, and splintered,
in a row by the door.

These Things Feed My Soul (and put a smile on my face)
  • Waking up hours before work to read, draw up training diagrams, write business and branding exercises, reflect on my habits and my dreams.

  • Stretching and bending on my yoga mat outdoors, under the sun, beside the lake.

  • My commute from the couch/deck/lakeside chair to the kitchen table: home office at its finest.

  • The winding “shortcut” through the escarpment, that leads right to my horse.

  • Time, time, time.

  • Staring up at stars, every single one, on a Tuesday night at 1 am.

  • The curve of the cosmos as it hugs the world, with me in it, goodnight.

  • All of the opportunities I will seek, all of the doors that I will open, all of the moments I will nod and say, “Yes, I will.”


Look Up! By Jessica Hammond