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Aries: “I can’t love when I can’t even love myself. Things I would rather be, thoughts at the back of my head. But I’m addicted to hurting. And I got these lungs.. And I spend too many late nights, just thinking a hole in the earth.” (Drugs, Eden)

Taurus: “Change comes for you, even when you’re hiding out. So take hold of me, and hang on ‘till the hurt is gone.” (The Hurt Is Gone, Yellowcard)

Gemini: “I’ll use you as a warning sign, that if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind. And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be, right in front of me. Talk some sense to me.” (I Found, Amber Run)

Cancer: “There she was like a starry night. Like a Ferris wheel, full of blue green eyes. And a heart of steel, always on her own. Almost never real.” (Even If She Falls, Blink-182)

Leo: They say ‘It’s time to grow up and stop with these foolish games.’ But I say they’re wrong. She says: ‘Go, go, go! I don’t want to take it slow! There’s plenty of time for us to finally get it right. Why don’t we crash and burn tonight?‘” (Go Go Go, Sleeping With Sirens)

Virgo: “I’d give up forever to touch you, ‘cause I know that you feel me somehow. You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be and I don’t want to go home right now.” (Iris, Goo Goo Dolls)

Libra: “People help the people. And if you’re homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it.” (People Help The People, Birdy)

Scorpio: “You want the heart, or to be saved. But even good guys still get paid. So watch my back, and keep the blade. I think it got you laid. So fake your death, or it’s your blame. And leave the lights on when you stay, take of your clothes. And dream that fame. Come on and feel that shame.” (Fake Your Death, My Chemical Romance)

Sagittarius: “I’m young and I am free. But I get tired and I get weak. I get lost and I can’t sleep. But suddenly, suddenly, I am small and the world is big. All around me is fast moving, surrounded by so many things. Suddenly, suddenly. How does it feel, to be, different than me?” (How Does It Feel, Avril Lavigne)

Capricorn: “It’s funny I got all this money but my heart’s still broke. So many times I said “Imma change.” Just to turn around and do the same, same shit that’s been putting you in pain. Won’t say I’m affected by the fame, but even my mama knows I’ve changed.” (Sinner, Phora)

Aquarius: “Slow down, this night’s a perfect shade of dark blue, dark blue. Have you ever been alone in a crowded room when I’m here with you? I said the world could be burning down. Dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room? Well I’m here with you. I said the world could be burning 'till there’s nothing but dark blue. Just dark blue.” (Dark Blue, Jack’s Mannequin)

Pisces: “Do you believe in hallucinations?
Silly dreams or Imagination? Don’t go away 'cause I feel you this time. Don’t go away 'cause I need you here this time.” (Hallucinations, Angels & Airwaves)

—  Lyrics I associate the signs with.
Roman Empress Asks

Livia: Have you ever been unfairly blamed for anything?

Lollia Paulina: Do you look like anyone in your family?

Messalina: Have people ever gossiped or spread rumors about you?

Agrippina the Younger: Do you miss anyone right now?

Claudia Octavia: Have you ever felt overshadowed?

Poppaea Sabina: What do you think is beautiful about yourself?

Domitia Longina: If you could start your own business or shop, what would it be like?

Pompeia Plotina: Do you feel drawn to any branch or school of philosophy? If so, which one(s)?

Vibia Sabina: Who are your favorite poets?

Faustina the Elder: Have you ever been involved in any volunteer work?

Faustina the Younger: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Lucilla: Are you interested in having a political career at all?

Bruttia Crispina: Are you currently stressed about anything? What about?

Julia Domna: Who are your favorite scholars and why?


I literally cannot stop watching this video of Lucas. His falsetto is unreal????

(and his hair…wowie)

An Aquarius said he couldn’t handle the things that’s been happening between him and his girlfriend. Things got too repititive and it felt like they were dancing to the same old song, and hearing this made me a little sad. He asked for advice as to what to do, and I told him to think back the first time and how they ended up together in the first place, and why.. why they chose to be together. He stayed silent…

An Aries couldn’t help but text his girl every single time she doesn’t reply. He starts to overthink if he had done something wrong or said something out of line, and he begins to panic. Overthinking. He starts calling her and making sure she’s okay… She just fell asleep on him.

A Cancer messaged his girl at 2 am in the morning: You’ve been on my mind today, and I just want to thank you. I’m not so good with these emotions. Shit. Baby, you know exactly what to say to me. I need you in my life.

A Capricorn sighed, “I’m done..” he whispered as he slowly stands up and turned his back to me. I watched him slowly walk out of the door.

A Gemini slowly inched himself towards me and said, “You don’t have to always try for me. You do you, and I do me.. but that doesn’t mean I’m yours. Make sense? We’re in this together..”

A Leo looked at me with a frown on his face. He clasped his hands together and said, “Listen, I lowered my pride for you.. Is that enough? No, I don’t think so.”

A Libra closed his eyes as he starts to imagine about his girl. He sighs and clenched his fist. ‘Why can’t I let her go’, he thought. It’s been years since she’s moved on and left and the break up made him a little scared to jump again.

A Pisces looked at me, clenching his fists from holding his anger in. He saw the look in my eyes and calmed down and said, “Look, I’m at the point where I’m really trying for you. I’m trying so much for you and I do my fucking best to make this all work for you, but give ME something to work with. My words don’t mean nothing? I’m sorry for being so mushy all the time. I love it, but don’t put me in a spot where I feel like I’m doing all the work here. I’ve been keeping this shit for too long and for once I just want you to open up to me and tell me you love me. I need some sort of reassurance that you can fall to me when you need someone, I want to see you at your lows and see the side of you only I can see because shit like that makes me know that you care.. I need that from you. I’ve done what I can, and the ball is in your court. I love you, but my shit.. I’m so lost as to how you feel towards me.”

A Sagittarius looked puzzled as he starts to overthink about every situation. He begins to lose his train of thought when she walked towards him. It’s been months since they’ve been dating and he has been planning to tell her that he loves her, but it has to be perfect to him..for her.

A Scorpio looked at me dead in the eye and said, “I’m not here to play games with you. I’m not here for foolish games, or any of that shit. I don’t have time to waste time, so if you want this just tell me because, to be honest with you, I think I deserve more than just some dude you trying to talk to.”

A Taurus grabbed a hold of his girl and kissed her forehead, “I hate that I can’t always hold you when you’re off to work. Call me silly, babe but damn, damn it..” She smiled up at him and grabbed a hold of his cheeks, he tilts his head to kiss her hand softly.

A Virgo looked into my eyes and shook his head and said, “Look, I don’t know want you want me to say. I like you too, and I wouldn’t bother talking to you if I didn’t like you..” I told him I wanted more than that and he laughed and shook his head some more. “You expect me to just come out and cry all that’s inside me?” he asked. He clicked his tongue and continued, “I don’t know how to express myself like you want me to. I can’t. Your words mean nothing if you’re not putting actions behind it. I don’t really know what else to say, but you know.. it’s whatever.”

—  Frustrated
It takes a big person to admit to being wrong

And I was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. I was still mad at Jon Snow because of what happened in S6, and I didn’t appreciate what I great character he is. When I wanted Daenerys to marry Tyrion, I realise that I was being very selfish. Tyrion is Dany’s Hand and close friend, not her lover.

Making Jon and Daenerys end up together would be amazing. They Need each other, and together they’re the Song of Ice and Fire.

I was wrong. I’ve changed. I now ship Jonerys , and I apologise to all other Jonerys shippers out there. I didnt know.

What changed my mind? A rewatch of the Cave Scene, actually.
Anyway, I think that’s over with, I gotta go check out some jonerys fanart.

Scars Map - A Remus Lupin Imagine

Originally posted by loveviral

It’s a usual night at Sirius’ flat.
James is holding a beer, laughing out loud, as Lily is embracing him on the couch. As always, they look adorable.
You give a quick stare to Sirius to your right. He’s laughing warmly at what James is saying. You don’t really listen to whatever he’s telling because you’re too focused on Sirius’ smile. His lips.
You’ve been out and about since the school ended. It’s been two years already and you feel like you both are driven away from each others.
Between you two, it always been passionate. But lately, he’s been more distant. There’s a war coming, everybody knows it. Maybe this is just it.
It always has been just about sex.
He was never going to settle down. Never.
Remus is staring blankly at the boys but he doesn’t look like he’s totally there. There’s something on his mind right now, but you can’t tell what is it.
He’s sweating a little bit, he actually looks like he caught some cold.
Remus have been drinking quite a lot tonight, more than usual. Maybe this explains why he looks so far distant.
‘Moony?’ says James, waving his hand in front of Remus’ eyes. 'You there?’
Remus jumps.
'Yep. Sorry.’
'I think it’s time to go, James’ says Lily with a warm laugh.
'What, no!’ says Sirius, shaking the almost empty whisky bottle in his hand and filling Remus’ glass once more.
'Don’t you think he had enough already?’ you say to Sirius.
He turns back to look at you with a childish pout. But he looks deeply at his friend and knows that it’s maybe time to call it off.
'Fine! Moony, you’re sleeping here tonight.’
You turn around to look at Remus. He’s already sleeping. You guess he just needed to know the party was over. Anyway, he wouldn’t have gone very far by the way he looks. Not only he had a lot to drink, but he didn’t look like he was in a great shape either.
You kiss goodbye James and Lily as they disappear behind the door.
Sirius takes your hand.
'You staying tonight?’ he asks with a smirk on his face.
You know exactly what this expression means. You’ve seen it a hundred times.
You put your hand on his chest.
'Nah, I’m going to go home, I’m tired.’
He pouts again and it makes you chuckle.
'You are impossible! Remus is just next to your room, what if he hears us?’
'He’s passed out, love’ Sirius answers, tickling his cheek against yours.
Sirius never wanted people to know you two were seeing each other. And you were kind of okay with it because you didn’t want anybody to judge you because you were sleeping with the worst playboy Hogwarts had known.
You take Sirius’ hand and lead him silently into his bedroom, after you glance one last time to see Remus sound asleep, tucked into the couch like a baby.
You close the door behind you as you fall into Sirius’ arms, swearing, as usual, that it’s the last time. You’re too old for these foolish games. At first it was fun. Sirius is a great lover, you have to admit it. But you want more and it’s impossible with him. You kind of made peace with this fact.


There’s a sound that wakes you up, making you jump in fear in the bed. It takes you a few seconds to realize where you are. You look at your right and see Sirius sleeping next to you, his arm resting on your naked stomach. You try to get up of the bed but he squeezes you gently next to him.
'Sirius? There was a noise’ you say.
But he doesn’t answer. He’s sleeping deeply.
You get on the tip of your toes and take your wand on the night table. It’s always ready, these days are dangerous. You grab Sirius’ t-shirt and put back your underwear. You open silently the door of the bedroom and walk to the provenance of the strange noise. You feel silly.

You see the bathroom’s light turned on as Remus isn’t on the couch anymore. You sigh, relieved. You walk to the door and the scene before your eyes makes you panicked.
'Remus, are you okay?’ you ask as you reach for a clean towel.
His left rib is completely scratched, deeply and there’s a lot of blood around it. At the sound of your voice, he steps back in fear and try to hide his body with the shirt he was holding.
'What the hell happened?’ you say as you reach for the shirt, but he steps back.
'Remus? Let me take care of it.’
'Go away Y/N, I’m okay’ he says, but his voice seems off, like he is really hurting right now.
'You’re clearly not, show me your wound’ you reply angrily.
He rolls his eyes and he drops the shirt on the ceramic floor.
'Merlin, Remus. How did you end up like this? Why didn’t you tell anyone? Is that why you were drinking that much?’
You clench your teeth together as you look at the flesh-wound cut. It looks like it hurts like hell.
You wet the fresh towel and wring it.
'This is going to hurt’ you tell him, before applying the linen on his wound.
He hisses silently but you can read the distress on his face.
You look at the cut again, trying to wipe the blood away.
'Sit down’ you tell Remus, pointing at the counter.
He nods and sit painfully on it, while you’re searching into the cabinets. You find some bandage.
Remus is following you with his gaze as you wet another clean towel with freezing water. You push it gently on his forehead, then down on his neck.
'You’re burning’ you sigh. 'Keep it still if you can.’
He holds the towel on his face as you start to rip some bandage to cover his wound up. You then look for a bottle of disinfectant. You grab it and you freeze in front of him.
'I’m sorry. This is not going to be fun’ you say, with an awkward smile.
He scoff.
'Don’t worry Y/N. I’m used to.’
You frown your eyebrows. You then notice the other scars all over his body. He has a large one on his chest but it looks quite old. It makes the other little scars nothing compared to it. You look again in his eyes and without thinking about it, you look at the aged scar crossing his face. You always thought it was adorable, actually.
'How could you hurt yourself so bad…’ you say, more to yourself than to him.
He looks at you intensely.
'I think you know what it’s about’ he says. 'You’ve been around quite enough…’
You don’t reply. You always thought that he was a werewolf. It started with his sudden disappearances when there was a full moon. Then the scars that were adding up on his body each time he’d come back.
You never said anything, nor asked questions.
Not because you were scared, but because you knew how Remus was discreet and reserved. You didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. Anyway, his condition never mattered to you. He was your friend, a dear one and you wanted him to be happy.
You start soaking some cotton with the disinfectant.
'Take a deep breath’ you say as you apply the cotton on the wound.
He growls and hisses. He punches the counter so heavily that he makes his knuckles bleed.
'Really Remus? Didn’t lose enough blood already?’ you say.
'It hurts like hell Y/N!’
'I didn’t even get to the worst part of your wound!’
He sighs heavily.
'You need to get a grip on something…’ you say, looking at some random object he could grab while you’re dealing with his wound. Nothing looks like it’s going to do it.
'Squeeze my arm’ you finally say.
'What? No! I don’t want to hurt you!’ he says with round eyes.
'I don’t mind, Remus! Just squeeze it and we are going to get over with this!’
You put his hand on your right arm as you reach for another imbibed cotton.
'I’m going to take care all of it, one shot, okay? Be ready…’
He doesn’t look reassured but he closes his eyes, waiting for the pain to seize him.
As you apply the cotton on the wound again, you feel his whole body becoming stiff. He’s squeezing your arm too gently. His breathing becomes jerky and irregular.
'Squeeze my arm!’ you shout at him.
You feel him grab you more tightly. You look at his face, his eyes still closes, his teeth still clenched. Sweat pearls at the birth of his hairline.
'A little bit more’ you say as you reach for the most profound part of his wound.
He looks like he’s going to pass out.
'Grab my arm, Remus! Stay the fuck with me!’ you say as you feel his nails clenching into your skin. It hurts a lot but never like the pain Remus seems to endure right now.
'It’s over’ you say, throwing the cotton soaked with blood in the trash next to you.
You wash your hands and see the water turning red down the sink. You feel Remus’ hand reaching for your burning arm.
'Shit, Y/N’ he says, looking at the red marks he did to you.
'It’s nothing’ you say, trying to smile to reassure him.
'It’s not, I didn’t realize, I’m sorry’ he says, distraught.
'Remus, I’m okay, really’ you add.
You feel his warm breath on your face.
There’s a strange feeling in your stomach.
You grab the bandages on the counter as you start to apply one on the tip of the wound.
Both saying nothing, there’s only the sound of the warm night that keeps you alert. You continue to put the bandages on his cut, and you’re almost finished.
You apply yourself very gently as you finally covered every teared skin.
Slowly, you slide your finger on his ribcage, like this only gesture is going to heal him. You know it’s not, but it’s stronger than you.
'There you go’ you whisper, still staring at the now dressed wound.
You can’t pull your finger off his skin.
'Thank you, Y/N. Really… but you didn’t have to…’ Remus says, running his index on your burning arm. He looks like he feels sorry a lot.
'I wanted to’ you answer, running your finger on the old scar that crosses his chest.
'Don’t look at that’ he says, pulling his finger off from your arm.
He gets off the counter and reaches slowly to his shirt. He tries to put it but it looks like this only move is hurting him.
'Let me help you’ you propose.
'I’m fine’ he says, trying to hide.
'Remus, I saw all of them. I don’t mind, let me help’ you say as you reach him.
You take the shirt in your hands and you help him putting it back.
'Nobody should have to look at that.’
You roll your eyes.
'It’s just scars!’
'Well, if you know why I get so many of them, I don’t know why you’re still standing in front of me. You should run, you should be disgusted!’ he says, running a hand in his hair, impatient.
You feel sad.
'Remus’ you say, stepping in front of him.
He sighs.
'You are not, in any way, disgusting. And these scars, it’s part of you. You shouldn’t be ashamed.’
He closes his eyes as you run your hand underneath his shirt. He steps away but you insist.
'See? There is nothing revolting there. Your skin, it’s so soft, actually’ you say, closing your eyes too.
You hit a bumpy relief.
'And those, it’s just… really it’s just like a map’ you say, running your finger slowly up and up until you reach his heart.
Both eyes closed, you feel your lips touching.
You hear Remus sighs heavily as he grabs your hair and gets lost in the kiss.
On the tip of your toes, you squeeze your body more unto him. Suddenly, your mouths are both opened and you let your tongue slide on the tip of his soft lips and he answers with his. You feel his long fingers searching for your skin as he lift up gently your shirt.

He stops abruptly, noticing Sirius’ t-shirt on your body.

'I shouldn’t be doing this’ he says, pushing you gently from him. 'I’m sorry.’
Confused, you look at him.
'Remus, I-’
'I’m sorry, I should go’ he says, leaving the bathroom.
You look at him grab his bag and he opens the door.
'Thanks for the bandages’ he says before disappearing behind the closed door.

Signs as H.I.M Lyrics
  • Aries: "World was on fire, no one could save me but you/It's strange what desire will make foolish people do" -- Wicked Game
  • Taurus: "A drop of her blood tastes like wine/I answer her call with a rhyme" -- Serpent Ride
  • Gemini: "Side by side: darkness and light/Play their game so unafraid, their heartbeats synchronized" -- Into The Night
  • Cancer: "I admit my defeat and want back home/In your heart under the rose" -- Under the Rose
  • Leo: "Today tomorrow seems so far away/And the wait in vain, yeah/So safe, in the blinding light of love unchained/In yesterday's grave, yeah" -- Sweet Pandemonium
  • Virgo: "It's poetry carved in flesh/This beautiful hell of ours/To the deadliest sin we confess" -- Passion's Killing Floor
  • Libra: "She'll be the light to guide you back home/Just give her a kiss worth dying for" -- Venus Doom
  • Scorpio: "We steal the fire from a sacred heart/And bleed the wine unholy/We fall in love with the serpent's song/And fear nothing" -- In the Night Side of Eden
  • Sagittarius: "We will be so free from all that has been./So free from all that we’ve seen." -- I Will be the End of You
  • Capricorn: "Death served wine for lovers/Brought from the world where devils reign/And intoxicated angels with sorrow/They witnessed in the eyes of their slaves" -- Behind the Crimson Door
  • Aquarius: "My church is not of silver and gold,/It's glory lies beyond judgement of souls/The commandments are of consolation and warmth" -- The Sacrament
  • Pisces: "Labyrinth in a shape of a heart/Love's secret architecture/I find myself to be lost in the/Arms of your fate" -- Face of God

“Foolish Thing” Darren Criss & Computer Games at the Teragram Ballroom.


When they handed her the babe, and she saw that he was not a girl, the first thing Lyanna said was, “Rhaegar would have been disappointed.”

Arthur Dayne looked up with surprise. “Prince Rhaegar would have been overjoyed with the birth of his son, my lady.”  

You know nothing. You know nothing about your prince, you stupid, stupid fool.

She had known nothing too, when she took Rhaegar’s hand and fled with him. She had mistaken need for love, obsession for desire.  

He wanted me!

He wanted a broodmare to bear him a daughter, another Visenya to complete the holy trinity and fulfill his precious prophecy.

I wanted him.

She wanted to break free from the shackles of a life received; a life determined and bound from cradle to grave, a prison she could never escape. She had believed him to be a kindred spirit, a fellow prisoner, desperately yearning for the freedom that often seemed tantalizingly close, but always, always, out of reach.

And now here she was, in a true prison, a prisoner to Rhaegar’s Kingsguard, men loyal still to their dead prince.

And there he was, dead and bloodied at the Trident, without a Visenya to make a third head for his dragon.

She wondered if that had been his last thought, or perhaps even his last words. Visenya. My precious Visenya.

Wages of sin, some would call it. Payment for all the bloodshed and the deaths. They deserved worse, some would say, the both of them.

Our child deserves better. An innocent, who could no more choose his father and mother than he could choose the moment of his birth.

“Let me go to my brother,” Lyanna demanded of Arthur Dayne, before her child was born, when she had strength still to stay on her feet.

“Your brother fights for Robert Baratheon. What do you think they would do to a child of Prince Rhaegar?”

“Ned fights for our murdered father and our murdered brother!”

“Even so, my lady.“

“Then find me a ship. I will go to the Free Cities. No one will need be troubled by me or by my child ever again.”

The Free Cities. That was where she had been led to believe they were heading, she and Rhaegar, when she took his hand and relinquished everything else. A new life, a new beginning, away from those who would seek to imprison them in a gilded cage.

Fool! I was a fool. She had thought herself brave and resourceful, but in truth, she had been a foolish child playing a foolish game, steered by a dark prince playing a darker game.

“We swore an oath to Prince Rhaegar, to stay at Tower of Joy and protect you and the child you are carrying. Do you think my sworn brothers and I would not rather be by Prince Rhaegar’s side, fighting this war?”

“I’m sure you would. And you should do so, immediately. Let me go, and then you can go to your precious prince.”

“No, my lady. I will not betray my oath. I cannot!”

“What do you think King Aerys would do to my child? A child with Stark blood, traitor’s blood in his eyes.”

Arthur Dayne looked uneasy. “The king would welcome his grandchild.”

A lie, and Arthur Dayne knew it too, Lyanna surmised from the way he quickly turned his head away, unable to sustain the weight of her accusing gaze.

Seven Minutes In Heaven (With Seventeen)

Summary: A simple little party in someone’s basement while their parents weren’t home. A simple little game meant for horny preteens trying to get to second base. It’s not supposed to be make or break for your heart, right? Right? Fluff. Multi-chap. 

(A/N: Okay, so I don’t know if any of my followers remember Quizilla. But Quizilla was my first ever fanfiction website. And long before I was writing fanfiction and posting it there, I was reading. And obviously, with a name like Quizilla, the primary formatting of their website was quizzes. This meant that the fanfic writers there actually came up with something very creative - a choose your own adventure style fanfic, usually seven minutes in heaven. I saw these everywhere. If you were in a fandom at the time then there was a 99% chance that a seven minutes in heaven quiz existed for that fandom. Most of the ones I read at the time were about Harry Potter. So anyway I’ll probably explain more about this concept if asked, but I think you’ll get it as you go along. If you have read the Quizilla ones then you’ll get it right off the bat. I’ve always always always wanted to do one of these and I thought Seventeen was the perfect fandom to do it for. I’m gonna have so much fun with this. I think the only warnings are under aged drinking and light promiscuity?? Whatever have fun reading. This is just the prelude before all the individual members parts, but I do recommend reading for set up. -Tanisha<3)

You got invited to parties like this more often than you went to them. You found it more boring going out like this than anything. Your friend group had an odd mixture of people who were of the drinking age and just under, leaving you all with an odd conundrum - the older ones buying alcohol (never anything too heavy) and simply watching in amusement of how the younger ones couldn’t hold their illegal booze. This always gave these parties a distinctly ‘teenage’ vibe. Usually in someone’s basement, or in a dark backyard when parents weren’t home, with Top 40 music blasting in the background for people to embarrass themselves to.

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Symmetra and D&D

Jesse introduces her to the idea. She at first thinks it a foolish childish game, but Jesse explains it’s magical nature: The grand story telling, the laughter, the adventure, etc. And it intrigues her. She asks him tentatively if he can teach her.

He brings her to the next session. The players are Pharah the Aasimar paladin, Mercy the half elf cleric, Genji the elf rogue, Lucio the gnome bard, and Reinhardt as the noble human fighter. She is welcomed readily. She made a tiefling sorcerer (never mind me, still enthralled by her amazing Dragon skin) that they meet at the nearest town’s court. She is shy and stammers a bit, trying to figure out how to speak in character. But the others are kind and patient, helping by providing examples. Within minutes, she is in character fully and having a blast. Jesse, the DM, helps her with questions she has and continues the story.

A 90′s Music Education


I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list of MUST LISTEN 90s tunes to further your education. Consider these non-negotiable.

  • “Don’t Turn Around” - Ace of Base
  • “Walking on Broken Glass” - Annie Lennox
  • “Loser” - Beck
  • “Baby I Love Your Way” - Big Mountain
  • “No Rain” - Blind Melon
  • “Motownphilly” - Boyz II Men
  • “Anytime” - Brian McKnight
  • “How To Love A Woman” - Brian Adams
  • “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” - Busta Rhymes
  • “Wicked Games” - Chris Isaak
  • “The World I Know” - Collective Soul
  • “Gangsta’s Paradise” - Coolio
  • “Mr. Jones” - Counting Crows
  • “Crash” - Dave Matthews Band
  • “Babylon” - David Grey
  • “Groove is in the Heart” - Dee-Lite
  • “Roll to Me” Del Amitri
  • “You Gotta Be” - Des’ree
  • “I Love You Always Forever” - Donna Lewis
  • “I’ll Be” - Edwin McCain
  • “Don’t Let Go” - En Vogue
  • “Missing” - Everything But The Girl
  • “Criminal” - Fiona Apple
  • “Freedom” - George Michael
  • “Now That We Found Love” - Heavy D & The Boys
  • “Let Her Cry” - Hootie and the Blowfish
  • “Virtual Insanity” - Jamiroquai
  • “If” - Janet Jackson
  • “Foolish Games” - Jewel
  • “One of Us” - Joan Osborne
  • “Be My Lover” - La Bouche
  • “Stay (I Missed You)” - Lisa Loeb
  • “Sex and Candy” - Marcy’s Playground
  • “I’m A Bitch” - Meredith Brooks
  • “Bring Sally Up” - Moby
  • “Heart Shaped Box” - Nirvana
  • “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone” - Paula Cole
  • “Losing My Religion” - REM
  • “Show Me Love” - Robyn
  • “Two Princes” - Spin Doctors
  • “Give Me One Reason” - Tracey Chapman
  • “Lucky Man” - The Verve
  • “The Freshman” - The Verve Pipe
  • “Blister in the Sun” - Violent Femmes
  • “Buddy Holly” - Weezer
  • “What’s Up” - 4 Non Blondes