foolish foolish dreams

“it’s love- yeah all they’re looking for is love, from someone else…” - la la land, 2016

jamkoi  asked:

Hey Fran? Ever felt a little sad about how you're known as a scary lady, one that people would rather not approach? I know it has its benefits and all, but haven't you ever felt lonely, especially since there aren't that many people who would interact with you outside of business reasons?

“So what if they think that? A Von Karma can weather foolish words; they don’t matter.” They matter a lot. She can still remember how much Pearl’s vitriol stung far more than the icy wind. How it hurts when rumors fly about being just as severe and terrifying as her father.

“And I don’t need anybody. I’m far better off alone without foolish interference.” But she does feel lonely; she’s always felt lonely. Isolated. Her mother left first. Then she had Miles, but never really, he left too. Again and again. 

And it’s hard to say her father was ever there when she seemed to be little more than a footnote in his life. Then again, he’d been her world and she’d loved him so much ( and sometimes she thinks she still loves him, even now ) and then he left too.

And as she can see her little brother’s circle of friends expand, she carefully skirts the edges. Careful to cultivate an image of never belonging because she won’t risk getting attached. She can’t. She’ll get tangled up and then they’ll all leave because she isn’t worth the trouble; she never has been and she never will be.

anonymous asked:

What are your comfort clothes like?

“I assume you mean lounge wear and the like? Then,” pink dusts his cheeks as he thinks about the answer. “I, ah, bought a Steel Samurai t-shirt a number of years back and it and a pair of pajama pants are rather cozy.”

“All of my nightgowns are incredibly nice and I own a sizable and fluffy robe as well.”

anonymous asked:

So what was your *worst* subject in school?

“Asking that is like asking for a short redwood, you must remember what environment we were raised in. That being said, I hated chemistry.”

“Physics can rot in a hole.”