fooling you all into thinking i'm not american

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So there's a post going around about how The Jews™ are responsible for the American civil war and I made a snarky reply. Someone reblogged it with basically "you're a fool and you should be afraid". I'm... just straight up laughing. They're assuming I don't have a job or whatever and "have my head in the sand"

I… “you’re a fool and you should be afraid.” My sides.

You know, it’s incredible how We Jews™ are simultaneously inferior vermin that are a drag on society etc, yet are also the most intelligent, conniving masters of the universe.

You’d think, if We Jews™ really had all those dastardly powers, the Nazis and white supremacists would be just desperate to be our slaves. I mean, if We Jews™ have been in control of everything for hundreds of years, surely the Nazis and white supremacists would believe that any fight against us is futile, right?

Or, or, if We Jews™ are behind everything, are we also behind the Nazis and white supremacists, too, for some reason? 

If you even attempt to reason like them, you’re very quickly mind-fucked.

But, you know, Nazis and white supremacists and minds don’t exactly work together, I suppose.

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Pls stop saying anti black all the time. If an African points out your bullshit, don't pull out the antiblackness nonsense. I'm criticizing you for being shitty not because you are black. I'm black too. As an African, I have no European or Native American in me. So I'm even black than you. You guys always think blackness revolves around you. You fools don't even account for up a third of the global black population. I guess it's western privilege and hyper visibility Idiots.

You’re right. You’re not criticizing me because I’m black. You’re criticizing me for being African-American. It’s funny many claim they don’t want to be “black” but pull this shit when it’s to pretend they’re not anti-black. Which one is it? When you said, “As an African,” that let me know right then and there how you view blackness.

 I don’t give a damn how “black” you are. If you are not African American, you don’t get to jump on a post criticizing your complicity in anti-blackness towards us. Funny because if we think blackness revolves around us, why is it mostly people like you bringing out how “black” you are to mainly dark-skinned and brown-skinned monoracial black Americans? Just because you were born in the continent of Africa? Or maybe it’s because you think you’re not mixed with anything else, which is highly inaccurate and a misconception that native Africans are “less” mixed than African-Americans. I guess it’s anti-blackness and bitterness over not being hyper-visible which has been stated by many times by not just African Americans, but others, that it is not a privilege. Maybe you should stop following us and using African Americans as your #BlackLivesMatter mules and stay in your lane about particular issues concerning ethnicity. You call us “jealous” of you but most people in my mentions make it seem vice versa by the way you pretend people “revolve” around us in spite of being called nigger/bastard Africans who literally built shit from dirt.