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Today stream and the process!

Thank you very much for passing by, I really had a great time, I’ll try to make other streams again~~

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Random photos sometimes are the best ones.
These two are completely random, especially the first one. And I love them, cause these two brings me all the good memories from that day in the forest ♥

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so. so michael takes pictures right. and jeremy has it bad so he's trying to be involved in michael's interests bc that's like Flirting 101 right? his friends told him so!! SO. so he gets curious and asks michael if he can take a look at some of his shots and michaels like "uhh sure" and hes clearly nervous bc what if jeremy thinks theyre lame?? unfortunately michael forgot he had mostly been taking pictures of jeremy all afternoon. just a dozen or so photos of pretty boy staring up at the trees


like michael hands him his camera and busies himself with logging in today’s field notes across the table from jeremy so that he won’t anxiously look at jeremy’s every expression. meanwhile, jeremy looks through a few bird pictures in true awe because he’s never given birds any thought, (too much sentience and not enough chlorophyll, for jeremy’s taste), but in these pictures, the birds look stunning. michael takes really good pictures. he frames the subject in such a way that they’re the center of attention, showcasing their beauty in every detail the camera captures. in these pictures, it’s really easy to see how much love and passion michael has for the birds.

then jeremy gets to pictures of him and the exact same care and and detail are still present. he’s pretty sure he isn’t breathing as he looks through shots of him, nerdy awkward forestry scientist jeremy heere, doing mundane things like taking bark samples or checking the pH of some dirt. jeremy always hates pictures of himself because he always ends up making a weird face or he instinctively throws a up peace sign, but these pictures are exactly like the earlier ones. careful and deliberate in capturing beauty. capturing jeremy.

he puts the camera down and is about to ask michael just uhhhhh why there were so many pictures of him don’t you actually have a job, michael. but then he loses his confidence the moment he sees michael typing away on his laptop, eyes focused. he bites his lip in concentration, and jeremy’s pretty overwhelmed with how handsome michael is. with how he’s a great guy who’s funny and doesn’t think jeremy is lame, but how he’s totally out of jeremy’s league.

“You done?” Michael looks up from his laptop, probably having felt Jeremy’s heavy gaze.

“Yeah,” Jeremy coughs, setting the camera down. He wants to ask, but he doesn’t. Instead, his brain just conjures up an explanation–those pictures were just for practice, a warm up. Yeah, just a few test shots. Come on, Jeremy, would somebody like Michael really be into somebody like you?–and says “They’re really nice. You’re a good photographer.”

“Thanks!” Michael smiles. Jeremy excuses himself to venture out into the forest, mumbling something about moss. He doesn’t need to go check on the moss right now, but he does go to his favorite moss covered rock to like, weep or something idk.

(later, when michael is transferring the pictures into his laptop, he is abruptly reminded of just how many pictures he took that day that werent birds because the shots in question stare right back him mockingly. he makes a choked noise and runs off into the forest to have a good scream. a couple of birds screech back at him, you poor fucking fool.)

A Small Flame || Jungkook || Pt. 2

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Word Count: 5930

Genre: dystopian/utopian!au, angst, drama

Summary: In this colorless world, her vision was painted with streaks of the rainbow whenever she saw him and that was enough to start a rebellion.

“Good job, kid.”

Jungkook laughed as Yoongi’s hand made contact with his head, ruffling his hair, and as Jimin tackled him in a large hug, forcing a kiss upon his cheek. Jungkook clutched his diploma tightly in his hands as the other boys pushed themselves onto Jungkook, ignoring the strange whispers and murmurs as the higher-class judged them. Jungkook heard a quick whisper of “he’s an orphan” because the boys detached themselves from his back but continued the praises.

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she is saturn. her soul is a thousand years wise, but she lives in the body of an eighteen year old. she hates the world the way it is. she sees only brokenness and cruelty. she doesn’t see improvement and innovation, she sees destruction of brain cells and loss of knowledge. she believes there is nothing more natural than to learn something from a book you hold in your hands. she’s lonely most of the time. she feels like it’s just her against the corrupt world. she has an answer for everything and there isn’t anyone who can outsmart her. she is the hamlet of modern history; a lady of wit and satire. she’s the smart lone wolf in this forest of fools. she never cared much for parties or friends or boyfriends. she was always with her nose in her books and her heart in her ideas. from the outside, one would feel sorry for her, but when she speaks, you’ll only wish you could be her.

ruler of capricorn and aquarius, goddess of cultivation // sjf

planet series v

Sloth!lock for atikiapparently, based on this post:

sloth!lock AU: sherlock is a tiny sloth that lives in john’s moustache

The Prince of the Woodlands had struggled and pleaded before his end. He had been a fool, thinking all forests were the same. “Little elfling wanted to be sneeeaky” Uglur sniggered to himself, “Little elfling thought he was so smaaart”. He licked his lips, this'n was gonna be mighty tasty. “Well, little elfling, now you’s my lunch. Not so clever now…”