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Big brother!Taeyong

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Request: Anonymous said:hii i saw your wrting with boyfriend chanle and thought is it possible to make something like that but with big brother Taeyong instead? thanks !!

A/N: ajgjlrhg idk if this is what u meant or like a bf chenle w taeyong as ur big bro but either way i hope u enjoy and if this wasn’t what u wanted, feel free to request again!!<3

  • uhm one of the best big bros ever???
  • srsly he’s so great
  • he’s always taking care of u and like all he wants is for u to be happy
  • if u still go to school, he’d always want to bring u to school 
  • man he’d even make breakfast for u and wake u up and all that shit
  • most of the time he can’t bring u to school tho bc of his schedule :(((
  • so he sends u a message 
  • ‘hello y/n i hope u have fun at school, don’t forget to eat and learn a lot!!’
  • w loads of emojis
  • zelghjrhgj i feel like when u two were a bit younger you’d always fite tbh
  • probably fight over chocolate ngl
  • it’s okay tho bc in the end he always gives u a piece of his chocolate so :”)))))
  • taeyong is a protective brother tho
  • he rlly doesn’t want u to get hurt
  • he’s protective but like not too much bc like he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to u but at the same time he wants u to be able to learn from ur mistakes??
  • azjfrhgjrhgjh anyways
  • whenever u come to visit taeyong at the dorms he always makes food for u and it makes the rest of the members hungry ajleghjhgjeg
  • taeyong gives them a bit too ok but like ofc they have to leave some food for u bc u need to eat too
  • he made it clear to his members tho that he doesnt rlly want any of them to date u bc that would be v weird to him
  • it’s not like he would rlly mind that much but it’d just be a tad bit weird for him ljeghjrhg
  • sometimes he invites u over too to watch horror movies w him
  • it’s ok if ur scared he’s gonna protect u
  • taeyong is always giving u tight hugs when he sees u and he’s always like “wow you’ve grown!!!” even when he just saw u a few days ago aljghhzguhr
  • constantly asking u how it’s going w school and w ur friends
  • man u could talk shit about ppl to him and he’d listen to every detail and ofc give u advice on how to handle some situations
  • man whenever u have a bad day he’s always ready to listen to everything and to cheer u up
  • he always brings ice cream and chocolate and anything else ur craving w him
  • sometimes he can’t come and see u tho so he just facecalls u and he shows u what the other members r doing aka fooling around
  • ejrhgjrhg which automatically makes u smile
  • and when he smiles he’s happy bc he doesn’t like it to see any of his siblings sad ok
  • omg sometimes u,taeyong and ofc u and ty’s older sister go out together just to catch up and aljjrhg sometimes taeyong ends up crying bc he remembers all of the stuff yall used to do together but now everyone’s growing up :”)))
  • taeyong is the type to buy u loads of gifts for ur bday tbh
  • especially things that you’ve always wanted or things that u saw at the mall but u couldn’t buy it
  • ajegljrhgjhj he probably make u a cake too if he has time
  • hmmm
  • what else can i say
  • the type to bring u to the dance practice room so u can see him dancing tbh
  • and when u cheer on him he’s v happy and he’d always high five u
  • ok but like w every sibling
  • ofc there r fights too
  • and i feel like most of them would be about his protectiveness
  • which kind of makes him a bit sad, bc he knows he shouldn’t be that protective but at the same time he rlly doesn’t want anything bad to happen to u and it’s just alheljghruhg
  • he’d probably call u and then apologise to u and sometimes he cries when he aplogises jeaghjrhgj ofc u apologise too for being a bit rude to him but everything turns out okay so
  • taeyong likes shopping w u
  • and he’s always asking “does this look good on me”
  • “what about this”
  • and ofc he helps u w choosing out clothes too
  • “no not that one, take another colour”
  • “oooooo yes that’s v pretty”
  • in conclusion
  • taeyong is a really great brother
  • :”))

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