fool of the mel

She’d gotten the letter from her brother awhile ago, time seemed nebulous lately, but a few weeks’ notice at least when she really thought about it though it seemed like yesterday, some random busy, gray day after a long shift. Jared was coming back. He’d gotten hired at Hogwarts after the original wandlore professor had been let go a month and a half into term–she knew a little of the circumstances herself but she’d been vague as Jared had  when she confirmed she’d heard and hadn’t  gossiped–and she was thrilled for him. She’d sent a letter back and gotten other updates, marked down the date he was coming, and told him if he needed a place to stay for awhile her home was always open to him, he never needed to ask. 

He’d asked all the same when the school needed him to start as soon as possible and it was clear it was easier to just get there since he had that option of an automatic home base and then move slowly and worry about finding the perfect permanent home and not just have to accept the first listing that came up.  She’d confirmed that it was always a yes and shot down a comment about crashing on her couch a few days and not taking up much space by telling him she had a spare bedroom that belonged to him for all the time he needed like once upon a time she was the one who was just taking up a spare room until she put down roots again. 

So that brought her to today, tidying up a little, making sure the recycling wasn’t in the house, consolidating the bottles that were spread in different places–cupboard behind the dishes, top of the fridge, nowhere really odd–into the bar cart, hidden away politely (it wasn’t hiding anything. It was just being conscientious) , but mostly cleaning out the spare room which wasn’t technically spare but always could be spared. Nerissa was at Hogwarts and Charlie didn’t use it much when he could anyway. She’d told Charlie what she was doing and had him start the process over the past few days. She was just making sure everything was set and anything that had been stored or left in there was stuck in her room.

She was still flitting around,  when the anticipated knock came. “Come in!” she called, disabling the wards with a flick of her wand so he could do so, not considering the long shot of it being someone other than her brother. “Jare!” she squealed like a teenager and ran to him for a hug as soon as the door opened. “How was the trip?”