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I dream of an update to MM where it adds additional content such as:
1. V route
2. Unknown route
3. Honeymoon post game extra  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
4. Day long April Fools Elizabeth the 3rd route (yes you can call her. Yes all she does is meow. If you’re lucky and call at exactly midnight of April 2nd, you hear Jumin in the background going “Elizabeth the 3rd. What are you doing with my phone? ………MC?”)


fun fact I have wtnv references around my room
so like, the times I’ve been written up by the SSP at cons as Carlos, my sign, kohshekh and pink flamingos (even the pig full of stars bc I associate so many things to wtnv), strex pet
my Cecil and Carlos mugs (octopus and beaker bc I mean I love them?) and banksy and Gershwin
banksy the shark is literally a piggy bank and I got him bc I associate sharks w/ Cecil bc his jaws slash fic, and Gershwin my purple octopus plush whom is my favorite

This Cat Became A Museum Employee After Their April Fools’ Prank Backfired

A museum who thought it would be hilarious to prank everyone on April Fools’ Day ended up accidentally employing a cat.

Staff at the Serpukhov Museum of History and Art in Serpukhov, Russia, wrote out a fake application letter for stray cat Marav, who has been hanging out inside the building for the past two years.

Named after the cat-loving former museum owner Anna Maraeva, he has acted as the unofficial greeter for visitors since he started roaming the building.

Workers sent a prank job application out in a press release to local media and said that they had accepted it, giving him a job.

April Fools’: The museum tried to prank the media with Maray’s job application (Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum)

The application, that was even signed with a paw print, read: “As I am a direct relative of [Anna] Maraeva, I ask you to give me a job in ​ your museum. Maray The Cat.”

However, the prank was taken a bit too seriously by journalists, who had contacted the museum to find out more about him.

As a result, staff actually gave Maray a job for real - and he is now officially a part of the team, working a 9-5 shift and having a regular lunch break like everyone else.

Employee: The cat is now officially a part of the team (Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum)

His colleague Nina Strelkova said: “All people who work in our museum love Maray.

“Many bring him food from home and take pictures with him. So he gets a little fat now.

“And visitors love the cat too - lots of them taking selfies with him.”

He doesn’t slack too much, however, as he would probably face disciplinary action.

Top pic: Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum