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What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.

Only Fools Rush In 

by @dreamsmp3 / withthethieves on AO3

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Chapters: 1/12; 3.7k words (so far)

Rating: Explicit

Louis smiles dryly. “So I’m just special, then?”

Harry’s breath catches at that, and he swallows uncomfortably, unsure of how to respond, their quick exchange coming to an abrupt stop. It’s far too hot in the room all of a sudden, the air too thin. 

Louis’ gaze has shifted away, sharp profile lit up in the low light, the angle of his jaw working tensely. He’s avoiding Harry’s stare, seems to have realised what he’s said at the same time as Harry; the connotations behind it, how weighted of a question it has the potential to be.

Harry finally manages to force out an easy chuckle, light and only slightly on edge.

“Yeah,” he agrees loftily, as if it means nothing, as if saying it doesn’t dredge up every single potent feeling that he’s tried his hardest to bury over the past few years. “Guess you are just special.”


AU in which Louis Tomlinson is definitely not a fashion photographer, but he’s hired to work on a special issue of Another Man Magazine anyway. Harry Styles, on the other hand, is a model-turned-actor, who is the cover boy for said issue, and when they’re introduced on the first day of the shoot, it’s not exactly the first time they’ve met. Despite this, a convenient, casual, friends with benefits agreement ensues, which is all fine… until it isn’t.

(thank you to my wonderful friend kayla @styleandsin for the edit and manip!)

  • Iwa and Oikawa's child: Dad, why did you get married on April 1st?
  • Matsuhana: Because your parents' marriage is a joke.
  • Oikawa: WILL YOU TWO STOP IT ALREADY?! Hajime!!!
  • Iwaizumi *lining the inside of matsuhana's shoes with legos*: On it, dear.



- Midoriya is autistic ok I don’t make the rules. His special interest is hero’s and quirks, he’ll hyperfocus and infodump about this for H O U R S. This kid absentmindedly infodumping in a never ending cascade of mumbling. Tiny Izuku rocking back and forth HARDCORE waiting for momma to boot up The Video, which he can recite from memory it was the only thing he’d quote for w e e k s the echolalia was Strong

- Iida is also autistic, non-negotiable, this is Fact. Boy has no volume control, he’s gotta have routine and rules or else its !!!!!!!!!. black and white morals/worldview for days. His hands…..they stim. Scripts a lot because he will make All The Friends and this is How You People right

- These two boys are both chasing so so hard after a legacy, trying to live up to and be worthy of those who came before them and both have to deal with the fall of their hero, face the fact that Their Hero isn’t/soon won’t be able to do Hero-ing and it’s up to them to take up where they left off, I mean you gUYS

- How can you not?? Love these two besties????? They and Ochako make up the Trifecta. The Golden Trio. The Original Flavor Squad. They admire and inspire each other and support each otherrrrrr

- BONUS ROUND: ENTER THIRD BOI STAGE LEFT pursued by endeavor. THIS boy trying to RUN from HIS legacy. trying to. shall we say. bend fate????? Like a certain other kid with a hero dad yes??? I don’t need to go into this everyone and their moms heard of tododeku and its a Good

- Todoiideku is the Legacy Trifecta. the Fate Trio. stain arc is a gift and it Opened My EYes to iida and midoriyas fukigns. good vibes. why no one talking about these two, and three, these lovely lovely boys out to grab destiny and make it their bitch

- unrelated: present mic is also autistic but more importantly both he and bakugou have some degree of hearing loss, that’s a whole other story. theres dadmight and dadzawa but has anyone talked about dadmic? I think we could get some dadmic up in here


“Here he is, the master apologist himself.”
“Told ya she was gonna be mad.”
“So you ignore me for two weeks and then kidnap my child. We’re off to a great start.”
“Just to be clear, I was the one who was kidnapped. Right out of my bed. Your daughter is a criminal mastermind. You should probably be concerned.”
“Somehow my concerns lie elsewhere lately.”
“A pizza’s not gonna fix this, is it?”

OH m god


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(designated hooligan #1:)

Top 5 Buffy Episodes

1. Once More With Feeling - a musical episode in a vampire-related teen drama television series. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Turns out to be one of my favourite TV episodes of all time

2. Hush - almost a silent episode, Hush is such a well-done, creepy episode. Also, shout-out to Doug Jones as one of the Gentlemen

3. Tabula Rasa - Randy “Horny, Desperate for a Shag” Giles. Need I say more?

4. Fool for Love - I love this episode as a whole but I’ve put this on the list mainly because of that scene when it cuts between the past and present, Spike talking to/addressing Buffy.

5. Grave - in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, I’m not going to spoil major details But that final scene with Willow and Xander is one of the most powerful scenes of the series, in my opinion

I really freaking love this show, okay? XD

Sole Party 2.0

Day 4- How’s your Sole Survivor on the dance floor? Do they prefer to dance with a partner or alone. What kind of music would they dance to?

Gene isn’t much for dancing, never was that great at it. She also never dances with a group cause she doesn’t want to look like a fool XD Gene will though have a dance with a partner, and she’ll gladly take one with Piper of course!

Also she’ll slow dance or have a little fun dance with her whether it’s music playing on the radio or any music playing from all those holotapes she brought to the party haha


so I finished the fan chosen playlists for songs that make us think of each of the boys, and here they are! 

in order from top to bottom: BONDY // BENJI // BOB // VAN

special thanks to: @swappednames, @wreckmyassjohnnybond, @priceskneecaps, @you-made-me-love-the-rain, @mccangetinmypants, @apxcalypse-dreams, @lacyannlam, and all the anons!