fool 's gold


“I’ve re-checked the figures, sir, and it’s a mistake.”
“You’re not overdrawn by £50. I’m afraid you’re overdrawn by £60.”

(it’s been so long, it’s been so long.. sorry!)


Fool’s Gold  , by @tvshows-addict : Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up. 

Larry AU (55k, E)  : best idea ever than this adaptation of this french movie :D It’s fun, it’s angsty (promise, no cheating though), and also fluffy and full of banter and you’re gonna love the side characters ;)

★ got the sunshine on my shoulders , by @hattalove : five years ago, harry styles left his tiny home town to make it big as a recording artist. he didn’t have much regard for what he left behind - a life, a family, and a husband, who woke up one morning to find him, harry has everything he could possibly want: he’s rich, famous, and adored by everyone he meets, including his boyfriend. but when said boyfriend proposes to him, he’s forced to face the uncomfortable facts of his past - and louis, who’s spent the last five years returning every set of divorce papers harry sent him.(or, an au based on the movie sweet home alabama.)

Larry Ex to lovers AU (124k, E) : ooooh the pain. And the angst. And the pain. Holy shit it’s so good. (b!Harrry for the smut, awesome)

but tonight (you’re on my mind) , by @allwaswell16 : Nick’s friendship with the lead singer of Seventy Eight has come with a new circle of people including an entrancing, blue eyed drummer. But what brings them together can also tear them apart.

Tomlinshaw AU (36k, E) : Thank you Anitra to feed me with some suality Tomlinshaw :D (famous Louis, closeting and long distance relationship, angsty and smutty )

★ Sweeter Than Wine , by @letsjustsee : When Wizard!Louis goes to a muggle club for a change of pace, his one night stand ends up being much more than he bargained for. 

Larry HP AU (15k) : awesome !!!  funny and hot, perfect for a ood time ;) (b!Louis for the smut)

Carry This Feeling , by @a-writerwrites and @dimpled-halo : Harry knows, objectively, that he shouldn’t try to get his ghostwriter into bed.  He knows.  But…he finds it hard to resist temptation when Louis waltzes into his home and his life and turns everything upside down.  And, as it turns out, Louis might just need a little turning upside down too. 

Larry famous/not Famous AU (50k) : pining and lust at first sight :D Add some angst and (as usual with Lisa) some hot smut (kind of share that really) !

Your Mess Is Mine , by amory : Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.They fall in love.

LArry single dad Louis and famous Harry AU (176k, M) : very good mix of angst (hello bad past) and fluff, barely smutty.

finding our way back through the flame  , by sewmyname  : In which Louis and Harry manage to lose each other, somehow, when the pressure and the scrutiny and the pretence all become too much; and it’s a long time before they find each other again. A (mostly) future fic, set between December 2013 and December 2016. 

Larry Canon fic and Ex to lovers (24k, M) : angst angst angst and sexuality crisis, nicely done !

Little White Liesby  xxSterre :  “I lied when I got my job. I told them I had a kid so I could leave early ‘to pick him up from day care’, to take him to doctors appointments and occasionally miss a day 'when he’s sick’. Long story short – I’m in too deep. I didn’t think this through. Looking to rent a kid for bring your child to work day. Must be a boy aged 4 to 6 with curly hair who plays soccer, essentially he has to look like the stock photo in the frame on my desk. Also must be artistic as the macaroni noodle drawings I made seem a little advanced for someone his age. He also needs to respond to 'my Little Picasso’ as that’s what my spouse and I call him. Also I will pay extra for someone willing to play the role of my spouse when dropping him off. His name is James, he’s named after his grandpa and he’s a defense attorney who often brings his work home. You know what, just message me for the details, serious inquiries only. H.”    Or, the AU based off of that one Craigslist post - how a little white lie takes on an enormous snowball effect, that might accidentally include a Tomlinson too.

Larry fake relationship Au (13k, NR) : funny and cute, no smut , perfect for a bad day :)

Weekly Fic Rec 25th June 2017

Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict
Harry is scheduled to marry Liam in 10 days, Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Carry This Feeling by @a-writerwrites and @dimpled-halo
Louis is taken on as Actor Harry’s ghostwriter for his autobiography and turns Harry’s world upside down.

Though Eerie Chaos by MediaWhore @mediawhorefics
Harry moves to his parents new house after uni. He becomes interested in Old Hillsbridge Manor and its history. There is more to the manor than meets the eye and a simple photography project becomes a full blown ghost hunting investigation.

Little White Lies by xxSterre @goodmorningtoyouuniverse
Harry has been telling a few white lies to his colleagues, namely that he has a husband and a son. So what does he do on bring your child to work day? Post an ad on Craigslist of course!

Waiting On You by emma1234 @lads-laddylads
Vampire Harry is a local detective investigating a string of disappearances. Louis wants to stay as far away from vampires as possible.

Rent Me For Valentines by lxrrytbh
Louis is fed up with his family’s constant questioning about his love life so he pretends to have a boyfriend. He comes unstuck when he and his ‘boyfriend’ are invited for a family dinner.

Barefoot in Blue Jeans by @indiaalphawhiskey
Footballer Louis is trying very hard not to fall for his son’s au pair Harry.

Vuoi fumare una cicca? Non puoi, fa male.
Vuoi farti una canna? Non puoi, è illegale.
Vuoi scopare come non ci fosse un domani? Non puoi, è immortale.
Vuoi strafogarti di Nutella, pizza ed ogni genere di cibo fritto? Non puoi, ingrassano.
Vuoi riempirti di tatuaggi e piercing? Non puoi, è da criminali
Vuoi farti i capelli rossi, verdi, blu o viola? Non puoi, è da pazzi.
Vuoi amare una persona del tuo stesso sesso? Non puoi, è contro natura.
—  fool-s-gold
Fool’s Gold

Surprise! I’m almost back to being a fully functioning human being instead of a sinus infection, bed-ridden lump.

So here’s the Epilogue of Fool’s Gold. A whole week early!

In which Hanzo is trying to find himself while he attempts to find his brother and Jesse is having a rough time keeping his life together.

Somehow, they figure it out.

The dreamer yearns for temporal things
fortune, fame, power, acclaim
tis fool’s gold we seek in this world’s game
all nice wishes I’m sure though meaningless
like ice cream melting in A Sunday Child’s Summer Hands
our treasure is far more simple yet harder to find
a kindred spirit to hold as our stories unfold
someone to keep safe our hearts and smiles
someone to be there, someone to care
our greatest need is to know that someone understands
—  A Sunday Child’s Summer Hands

Inspired a friend’s deeply touching post.  READ HERE 

anonymous asked:

so i finally read fool's gold and it broke me I was borderline sobbing, honestly jas that was amazing

aw thanks so much i’m glad i.. broke you?

Dan Trashton won’t stop me from making cute videos about L&H like this one :

or reading amazing fanfics from talented Larries (in no particular order) :

Fool’s Gold - @tvshows-addict

Paint Me in a Million Dreams - @greenfeelings

The Wonderlands - @alienproof

Mutability - @haloeverlasting

When We Were Younger - @dinosaursmate

Them Butterflies - @gaycousinlarry

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know any writings where Harry isn't famous? Thanks!

hi hello i know there are loads of AUs out there like that and i’m excited to start contributing to that soon-ish with some of my planned series 

i’ve not been able to read many on tumblr yet, but there’s two on wattpad that i’m reading that are great and on my reading list.

i know @cuddlemusclestyles has a boss harry series along with a uni AU.

i’m still enjoying Salute by @bioluminescentwriting (which is totally Emma’s fault btw) 

@islareeveswriting has a Fool’s Gold which i’m really looking forward to diving into during my vacation

i know @heart-attack-harry just finished an AU about office harry…

anyone else got AU suggestions for this anon?? 


Ahhh So I am a bit behind on everything. 

I’ve been down for the last….three days with a really, really bad sinus infection. Two of those days I could barely function. 

And since next week is summer finals weeks, I’m gonna have to postpone all updates until the week after. 

I’m hoping to have things up in this order:

Fool’s gold: Epilogue
In the language of flowers: Bonus chapter
(Surprise piece for a surprise thingy)
Illuminate: (Probably earlier than I’m intending, but once I clear out all my other fics, I can dedicate all my time to this one.)
These aching bones: Final chapter
I’ll take whats left of you: Chapter 2

I want to thank all of you for being so patient and supportive. I planned on have two fics up this weekend and well, I wasn’t expecting to be down for almost four days and I’m still feeling bad. 

So thank you for everything

Here is Jokester! He is the Holiday Virus Version of Arial, and he stands for April first or how others say, April Fool’s Day, Things about him is first he wear’s a gag miner’s hat with the word Fool on it, he also carries around certain items, one of the many being Fool’s Gold or Pyrite, he gives it to random people he passes, which is a pretty mean joke- He also carries fake blood with him for the more “Scary” pranks like puking up blood and faking a horrible injury, he always wears an April First shirt, he has like thirty pairs of them, he always wears a cloth wrap, a good old joke of I sprained my ankle, and he also has this book that helps him with certain jokes, one last thing is he always has his Horn he honks once he knows he’s fooled someone!
(Ps the e in Jokester is there, just really small XD))

The Holiday Virus AU belongs to @crowfry / @the-holiday-viruses

stellablue120  asked:

do you have any slow burn fics to rec? thank youuu!

hi love, here are some slow burns for you! this list is real short bc I’m on my phone putting this together for you, but I hope these fics fill your need! if you want a huge full masterpost, come back some day soon! x

Pour Your Heart Out (92k soulmates)
Shake Me Down (208k uni au, internalized homophobia)
For Now (and Forever) (83k military fake/pretend relationship)
Fool’s Gold (55k arnacoeur au)