These paternity test articles feel very setup.

So after weeks of no baby news, we get a fresh story yesterday from Hollywood Life.  Louis Tomlinson Bombshell: He May Not Be The Father Of Briana Jungwirth’s Child. In this article we have an insider who claims that Briana was having sex with another man at the same time and thus she will have no choice but to take a paternity test. 

Now, Hollywood Life is probably one of the least reliable sources out there, however, they are probably also one of the most accessible and easily baited if someone was looking to get a story out there. The interesting thing about this is that they claim it came from In Touch Weekly, yet their article is up before InTouch’s.

So a few other sites pick up the story, including J-14 which deleted their article.

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anonymous asked:

I bet they do bicker just like that. And Harry probably responds with "I'm just saying." like he did in the video. "Louis the bed is still not made." Nag sign "I'm just saying." "I believe you already said that three times now babe." "Yeah, I wouldn't be saying it if the bed were made." Nag sign. "Fine I will make the bed if you won't." "Really?" "Absolutely, as long as you know you won't be sleeping in it tonight." Louis just stares, Harry just stares. "Oh for fook sake, I will make the bed."

LOL i bet louis wins so many arguments just by staring sassily and/or whipping out his dick.

AU where harry is a fucking magician okay (but not a cheesy cliche one… a clever/witty one with really unique tricks that cracks dumb jokes but people adore him anyway because he’s cool and charming) and he’s doing his act at a dingy club and louis is a skeptical audience member sitting at one of the front tables because he was dragged there and he doesn’t even believe in magic so he keeps rudely heckling harry after every trick crap like “fake!” and “fook that! nope” and harry politely just ignores him and keeps performing until finally he reaches his last straw and asks louis to come up and assist with his last big trick if he thinks he’s so smart. so louis does and is rolling his eyes as he goes up, but harry keeps his patience as he shuffles a deck of cards and he’s smirking the whole time because the more he touches louis’ hands as he passes him specific playing cards to hold while explaining the trick to the crowd, he can sense louis softening and paying closer attention to the trick and harry knows exactly what he’s doing, so when he uses reverse psychology to eventually make louis choose cards that combine into his own fucking phone number (because he told him to think of a chain of numbers that he can easily remember and most skeptical people always choose the most obvious one for them), louis is flabbergasted and a bit annoyed when harry excuses him off the stage with “thanks for the help! i’ll call you!” with a wink while the crowd of people in the club laugh and applaud and whistle but you know what, a few hours later louis ends up whimpering how real magic is into that flirty magician’s ear as he falls apart under him on warm bedsheets

Liam and Niall: *are sitting together*

Harry: *is in another room*

Louis: *is mysteriously gone*

Harry: Baby! Yeah that’s my baby!

Liam: *looks at Niall* Aww he’s hanging out with Lux again. He’s such a great uncle :)

Niall: Um Liam-

Louis: *sounding from the other room* Fook yes I’m your baby!

Niall: Lux left with Tom 20 minutes ago

Liam: ?

Harry: Oh baby yeah!

Liam: ….

Liam: ….

Liam: ….

Liam: OH