fook yeh

Imagine having sex with Harry and he’s been teasing you the entire night. He’s finally got his cock out and just as you think he’s gonna push into you, he slides the head of his cock up and down your entrance. 

“F-fuck.. Harry. Please." 

"Patience is a virtue, baby. O-oh fook, yeh so wet for me bug.”

He prods your entrance just a bit before softly tapping the head of his cock against your sensitive clit. “Shit..:” he’d moan out.

Your hands gripping the sheets underneath you as he does it a second time before finally, finally slipping inside of you. He’d lace his fingers with yours while his other hand is between the both of you, rubbing figure eights onto your clit.

His thrusts would be so painfully slow at first before he loses self control and begins to pound into you like it’s the last time he’ll ever be able to fuck you into oblivion.

And then when you’ve finally cum, his thrusts start to get extremely sloppy and he’s practically seeing stars from how intense the pleasure is. He’d explode inside of you, his warm cum shooting up deep inside of you. One spurt, two spurts, three, and then finally a small fourth spurt.

You feel filled to the brim. He all but collapses on top of you, breathing heavy. After a minute or two, he’d push himself up.

“’m gonna pull out now, okay baby?”

You’d give him a little nod, your eyes glazed over.

He’d slowly pull out of you, and then you feel it. His cum. Slowly dripping out of you.

“Fook baby, that looks so sexy, I could take a picture of it.” he’d say.

You give him a little smirk, “So why don’t you?”

His eyes bug out of his head and he swears to god he can feel himself getting hard again. Grabbing his cell phone, he’d aim the camera towards your center where he’s still dripping out of you.

The shutter of the camera goes off and you hear him whisper huskily, “Fuckkkk.”