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Frat Boy Pt 5

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Thanks so much for your patience guys.  Enjoy some fratty bratty harry with fratty niall and art student zayn ;)

The kiss stayed with you through to the morning, instantly awakening you with the thought of how his lips had felt heatedly pressed against yours - hungry, savory, soft.  He’d been gentle with you, but dominating.  Dominating in the most comforting of ways.  And as cheesy as it seemed to be, you had been putty in his strong, capable hands.  With cheeks flushed from drifting thoughts, you ghosted your hand where his once cupped your cheek and you could almost imagine it was his instead, but when your fingertips traveled to touch your lips, the tingle he’d left and the burn in your stomach he’d ignited was just out of reach.  And when your hand fell to touch your throat where he had pressed a luscious kiss, you felt the crusty trickle of blood that had caused him to retreat.  A frown befell your face and an onslaught of sensations took over as the memories from the alley came back to you full-force, the grubby hands pressing you against one’s bony chest, the glint of the sharp blade, the sickly sweet cologne and the moisture from his breath that had hit your neck.  There was a cold chill and you shivered even though just two minutes ago you’d woken up sweating under the blankets.  When you rolled over to see Renny’s bed empty there was a sudden slam in the bedroom that made you jump and your adrenaline skyrocketed as you froze beneath the sheets.  It was the blinds, only the blinds, you told yourself.  They’d just slammed against the window from a draft.  The beating of your heart was still pounding and your eyebrows knitted together as it hit you that you were very much alone.

She’d left for class already.  An obnoxiously bright orange note card was taped to the side of your desk and you stretched your arm as far as it could while staying buried beneath the protection of the covers.


btw it’s back-to-school theme for the sorority party tonight so…prepare the slutty outfit and what you’re going to say to make me look good ;)

Your eyes shot to the clock and you froze.  It was 7:45.  When the shutters slammed against the window again and your heart dropped for the second time this morning, you knew you couldn’t stay here.  You may fail the stupid test and Harry may be annoyed that you didn’t stay, but you wouldn’t be able to sleep again.  As silly as it sounded you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep even if you checked under your bed and swept the closet five times over to make sure no one was there.  You felt so vulnerable alone, and your mind kept drifting to that night.

You wouldn’t be able to fight the memory.

You had fifteen minutes.

With no regard to yesterday’s makeup you threw on jeans and a sweatshirt, even though the clouds from yesterday were long gone.  You may be sweating on your way over to class, but you didn’t want the world to see you today.  You’d just thrown up your hood and the door was closing behind you when you froze- the blood.  It was still on your neck.  And with a sinking feeling in your gut, the thud of the closing door sealed your sentence.  You’d left your keys in the pocket of your sweats from last night and there was no way you could get back in to wash it off.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you cursed, wiggling the doorknob to no avail.  You weren’t one to cuss, hardly ever, and you weren’t sure what you were hoping for in jiggling the locked door, but- fuck.

In a panicked fast-walk to class, you tried rubbing your neck to try and get the evidence to fade but all it left you with was irritated skin probably reddening from the burn you were creating.  People seemed to be staring at you more today as you picked up your fast walk to an awkward fast jog and as disgusting as it was, you licked your hand and started desperately rubbing again.  You winced a bit as you felt the sting from the cut, the slight injury reacting with the dampness in bristling rejection.

Your head was a dark cloud of anxiety, stress, and fear and when you burst through the doors of lecture hall with a minute to spare, your thoughts turned impossibly darker.

Harry was leant back looking effortlessly alluring in a snapback and partially unbuttoned flannel, with a girl stood between his legs.  His hands were casually gripping the edge of the extended table while her hip was popped out in the way that made her butt look bigger and her waist, smaller.  You knew that pose, you did it too.  She said something to him that caused him to smirk and he nodded his head with a shrug of his broad shoulders while she giggled in excitement.  The same shoulders that had been hovering over you, bare, just hours before…

The instant bitter spark of anger erupted and your natural reaction was outrage at this blatant betrayal, but then, you realized, what was he betraying?  The anger was no match for the larger flood of disappointment that followed not even two seconds after.  You thought he’d be worried about you, you realized.  After last night, you’d thought he’d stay the same warm, gentle person when the sun showed its face again.  You’d forgotten who he was.  What he was.   He wasn’t going to change, nor was he going to just flip a switch and become solely focused on you of all people because he’d stopped those men from taking advantage of you.  Any decent person would’ve done that.

Wasn’t that what your mother always told you when a check bounced?  Don’t fall in love with a man you think you can change, because no one will change fundamentally.  Unless, of course, he had money.  Then, she’d told you, it didn’t really matter if he changed or not because money could afford you all sorts of distractions.  Security first, love secondary.  You’d listened with open ears when your father wasn’t around, letting it come in one ear and out the other.  That was just your mother though.

She’d never read the love stories you had.

A part of you was reminded of Harry’s intensity, how each time his fist met the other man it had been so calculated and filled with unchecked rage.  Something was telling you that not any person would’ve done what Harry did.  That a person mentally couldn’t have done most of it.

For an irrational reason, anger struck up again.  Harry didn’t have to do any of it.

And he definitely didn’t need to spend the night.

But that’s why he’d honestly asked you to “tutor” him wasn’t it?  He’d gotten what he’d wanted, hadn’t he?  He’d gotten to kiss you and you’d given in.  His sweet words were just a cherry on top.  Blatantly meaningless as he continued to charm the girl who he clearly already had under his thumb.

You’d pushed the door harder than expected and it slammed shut, causing all heads to turn towards you.

Including his.

Including hers.

The make-out chick Harry had been with the night of the party was staring at you with crystal blue eyes, doing a once over at the weird hooded girl glaring at the entrance before turning back to look at Harry.  But he was still looking at you.

Harry’s brows immediately drew together and he gave an irritated shake of his head that screamed “what the fook are yeh doing here?”  It made your skin crawl how you could already picture his voice so perfectly in your head, and you hated knowing it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  You only had the energy to fake a smile when the professor cheekily said “So nice of you to join us Y/N.”  The girl standing in front of Harry started walking away at his sudden disinterest and you almost wanted to comfort her, hell, you could make a lot of money off a Harry support group.  You’re sure many girls needed it after dealing with the ever-shifting enigma that is Harry Styles.

You heard Harry call your name as you passed him, but you ignored it, for once gracefully walking a little faster when you saw him unsuccessfully reach for you in the corner of your eye.  

Niall was the one who sat at the end of the aisle and reached a hand out to stop you before you could descend and get away.

“Hey, what’s wrong with your neck?”  His voice held traces of concern, but it was a question asked out of selfish curiosity.  

“Allergic reaction,” you lied.

“Yikes, you allergic t’a good make out then?” he teased before breaking out into a snicker at your furrowed brows.  He hadn’t.  He…he wouldn’t have -

You immediately looked to Harry and his eyes had darkened, all the proof you needed, and you hoped your death glare transferred through the sizzling line of energy that seemed to pop up whenever you looked at each other.  That cocky, bragging, arrogant son of a…

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the boys reacting to you kissing them out of nowhere.

Ian: you lean back looking into his eyes only to see him showing all his teeth and breathing heavily. “edubs did noat geev consent” he says as he crawls into your broom closet

Joji: Joji immediately condenses into his celestial orb form. His powers are too strong right now - if he were to reciprocate any emotion, you would likely be vaporized and launched into another dimension due to the sheer, pure form his angelic emotions were in. He often shows only a sliver of his true form, and even then he comes off as overly emotional. He exists on a different plane and therefore his true range and potency of emotions is incomprehensible. Despite this, he harvests the love birthed from your kiss and distributes it to every human on the planet. All they needed was a little compassion. Every act of hate is not reversed, but another one does not occur. Instead, they look back on their old ways and learn instead of sulk. They forgive themselves. No animal roams the street hungry. No family cannot afford to cloth their child. Every school has the budget they need. The earth is at peace. Joji closes his eyes. A white mist forms around him and he condenses back into his human form, the form you have come to know and love. He gives you a squinty smile and kisses your forehead, “everything is okay.” He whispers. A single tear rolls down his face. The clouds part to reveal a rainbow and yet it is still lightly raining on the two of you.


Imagine having sex with Harry and he’s been teasing you the entire night. He’s finally got his cock out and just as you think he’s gonna push into you, he slides the head of his cock up and down your entrance. 

“F-fuck.. Harry. Please." 

"Patience is a virtue, baby. O-oh fook, yeh so wet for me bug.”

He prods your entrance just a bit before softly tapping the head of his cock against your sensitive clit. “Shit..:” he’d moan out.

Your hands gripping the sheets underneath you as he does it a second time before finally, finally slipping inside of you. He’d lace his fingers with yours while his other hand is between the both of you, rubbing figure eights onto your clit.

His thrusts would be so painfully slow at first before he loses self control and begins to pound into you like it’s the last time he’ll ever be able to fuck you into oblivion.

And then when you’ve finally cum, his thrusts start to get extremely sloppy and he’s practically seeing stars from how intense the pleasure is. He’d explode inside of you, his warm cum shooting up deep inside of you. One spurt, two spurts, three, and then finally a small fourth spurt.

You feel filled to the brim. He all but collapses on top of you, breathing heavy. After a minute or two, he’d push himself up.

“’m gonna pull out now, okay baby?”

You’d give him a little nod, your eyes glazed over.

He’d slowly pull out of you, and then you feel it. His cum. Slowly dripping out of you.

“Fook baby, that looks so sexy, I could take a picture of it.” he’d say.

You give him a little smirk, “So why don’t you?”

His eyes bug out of his head and he swears to god he can feel himself getting hard again. Grabbing his cell phone, he’d aim the camera towards your center where he’s still dripping out of you.

The shutter of the camera goes off and you hear him whisper huskily, “Fuckkkk.”

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da boys reacting to u unironically using memes from 2009

Ian: plot twist: he still looks at 2009 memes in secret

Joji: He walks into your room without knocking, silently making his away across the carpet on socked feet. You sit, unaware of his presence, at your computer desk. You giggle silently at a cat meme that says “this is office cat.” Joji’s eyes widen as he focuses on your monitor. You scroll, reaching a rage meme. He covers his mouth in a gasp, his eyes fluttering from you and back to the screen. You turn your head, eyes widening as he stares at you. You immediately close out of your browser and laugh nervously, “uhh, hey joj, what’s up?”
He shakes his head, a tear slipping out of the corner of his eye. He fixes you with a sad gaze, “When did they reach you? Why didn’t you tell me?”
You shake your head. “Joji, what do you mean?”
He furrows his brows, becoming angry. “You should’ve told me, I could’ve healed you. It’s too late now. The virus has spread too far - just please, tell me when they reached you.”
You gulp deeply. “Rafi Fine first approached me a week ago. He brought me to the Shadow Realm… Joji, it was horrible. And they told me,” you choke on your words. “They said they’d kill you if I didn’t accept their offering.”
Joji stomps on the ground in frustration. This virus - a nasty, out dated meme sickness - had been spreading to people of Earth at an alarming rate. It was The Fine Bros’ master plan. They were going to bring back nyan cat and me gusta and the troll face because that’s the easiest way to bring in revenue… and they could copyright them all. Joji stares down at you as sobs rack your body.
“I could’ve helped you,” he whispers. “They can’t touch me. I’m gonna fix this,” he plants a kiss on your forehead. “It’s okay. I’m gonna fix you. Just stay here. Destroy your computer and phone. Lock the doors.” Joji bids farewell before vaporizing into a white, silky orb. It was time for revenge. The Fine Bros would play for this… never before had Joji felt such power coursing through his veins. He let out a long, drawn out scream before launching himself into The Shadow Realm.


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reaction to u asking if u wanna live together

Ian: declines, but only because he’s saving his soul for joji

Joji: he would be pleased, but saddened. It has been his greatest mistake to grow close to a human, as he will one day out live you and anybody else he may grow close to. It is not yet within his powers to grant you celestial immortality. He ponders on your request for a couple chromosomes, though for you it is merely a day. He once again takes a trip to the Shadow Realm. His allies there have been friendlier than usual. They offer spiritual guidance. He meets an elder who tells him of a great sanctuary in the mountains on India, where he travels in his lonesome. He trains for 8 years, and achieves highest authority. With his newly achieved prosperity, he travels back 8 years in time, a new wisdom becoming of him. He accepts your offer, trusting in his abilities to find a way to eternalize you, and if that is against your wishes, to make the most of the time he has with you. He knew it was a tricky game, befriending and even more, falling in love with a mortal, but it’s a risk and a privilege he made himself.

Max: Oi crikey mate…. yew’ve realleh caught me… crikey… the fook are yeh, gay?? the fook yeh think yer doin, im not fookin gay mate this is FOOKED THIS VIDEYO IS FOOKED!! IM OUT MATE OI CRIKEY FOK SHITE

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Do you think Harry would mind it if his gf would be unexperienced when it comes to sex? I think he would like the idea of teaching everything to ths partner. What do you think?

Of cOURSE he wouldn’t mind!!! Oh wow, @youvegotttime and I definitely think Harry would love it - he’d get an ego boost from knowing he was the only one getting to touch you and he was the first guy you’d truly been with on this intimate a level.  But he’d also take with it a responsibility and truly he’d look at it as a privilege.  Like he’d definitely make sure to take it slow in the beginning and warm you up to everything, gauging your reactions to how he’d touch you. He’d want you to feel special and desired every second, and take a lot of time to just really explore your body, run his hands (or mouth) down every inch of you.  He’d teach you how to give a hand job, a blowjob, he’d eat you out even though you were totally embarrassed and he’d be moaning into you not only because he wanted you to know that you were destroying him on the inside but because he actually couldn’t help but moan because i mean fook look at yeh And then right before he was actually going to have sex with you, he’d prefer to call it making love wouldn’t he?  because that’s what it’d be to him, what he’d want it to be for you.  Before that he’d ease you into it, always with foreplay, but he’d gently run his tip across your entrance, feeling you for the first time and wanting to make sure you were ready, that you were wet enough (and by god i mean it’s harry of course you were) and then he’d ease in, little by little with clenched teeth because fook you were so tight and wet and when you whined and gripped his hand, his brows would be so furrowed from concern and restraint and he’d constantly be asking you if you were okay, telling you at anytime to just tell him to stop and he would, but he’d also be saying how good you felt, how good you were to him…..

in short, harry would love his girl no matter if she were experienced or not.  But if she was?  Hell.  He’d love every minute of it and you’d be his.

And you just know these dweebs were talking to each other like “eh behb lets fook up yeh fahnz” and “oh my god yes do it post the video they’ll hate us and threaten to fight us again”