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ELBI FOODTRIP: 10 Must-Try Food Experiences Around UPLB


When you’re traveling to a new place, one thing to make your visit worthwhile is experiencing the best food that you could find there. As a ten-year resident, I gave my friends a tour in Los Baños, Laguna. We visited some famous landmarks inside the University of the Philippines – Los Baños (UPLB), and of course, we fed ourselves throughout the day. If you’re planning to have a food trip when you visited UPLB, I came up a list of affordable food that you could try in one day while touring around the university.

First on the list, for breakfast, you should visit Go Bald located besides Coffee Blends along Lopez Avenue and order their Pankeyks Na ‘To worth P200 (good for 2-3 persons).

This is a 6-layer pancake with bacon strips and scrambled eggs.  

Next, you must visit Seoul Kitchen, a Korean restaurant along F.O. Santos Street.

They have many specialties, but one of the best-sellers we ordered to satisfy our cravings was the Cheese Rappokki, a popular Korean dish with spicy rice cakes and instant ramyun noodles. For the price of P90, it is really worth it.

You should never ever miss the best siomai in town from Siomai Fudhaus that costs P4 each.  

If you want affordable lunch, you should try Mang Toto’s Grilled Porkchop and Liempo worth P45 and P65, respectively. Our group also decided to buy Eatsumo Teri Haus’ Kani Salad worth P60 for our side dish.

For your dessert after lunch, we recommend the Baked Cheesecakes of Café La Bonne Vie (meaning: Good Life) located in front of Anest Tower near Los Baños Doctors Hospital and Medical Center.

Their cheesecakes are different from other coffee shops and restos nearby because they are rich, creamy, light, fluffy and delicious! Morover, their graham crusts are always well-baked.

 Café La Bonne Vie offers three flavors of cheesecakes: Cherry, Oreo and Blueberry (the best one for me). Each costs P90-110.


There’s a place in UPLB where you could find not only dormitories and apartments but also food establishments. Raymundo Gate is the street food haven of UPLB. The famous and best ones you could eat there are Proven and Isaw.

Proven consists essentially of the proventriculus of a chicken, dipped in cornstarch and deep-fried. Mhel’s Proven, which costs P25, has the best vinegar sauce in town; maybe this is the reason that their proven has become a “box-office hit” for Elbizens

In front of Mhel’s Proven, you could find an Isawan or food stall of street food. Isaw is made from grilled intestines of pig or chicken. In Los Baños, three sticks of Pork Isaw cost P10.

For your early dinner, you could visit Bonitos Bar and Restaurant, one of the best food stops around UPLB. It offers delicious rice meals, appetizers, pastas, but you should never miss their Everything-On-It Pizza. This is the best pizza in town because you could taste all the flavors, and it shows incredible attention to detail and quality.

Last on the list, if you crave for sweets, you must try Mini-Moo Ice Cream, a little shop located at corner of F.O. Santos Street. Based on the texture and taste of their ice cream, I think they have the same supplier of Yellowcab’s ice cream. However, Mini-Moo is cheaper. Two scoops of ice cream costs P35-45, depending on the flavor and cone. There are a lot of flavors to choose from such as Dark Choco, Mint Choco Chips, Salted Caramel, Avocado, Strawberry Fields, Pistachio, Bubble Gum, Midnight Cookies N’ Cream, and many more.

This is just a suggested list of making your one-day stay around UPLB by eating affordable and commendable food. There are a lot of must-try restaurants in Los Baños not included in this article that you could find amazing and worth the visit.  


We planned this date a week ago and cancelled it a day before because of our conflicting schedules but love wins, baby. We met at Trinoma around 3:30 in the afternoon together with his family. His parents were waiting for Jara, his little sister, because she watched Suicide Squad with her friends. Cross and I roamed around, bought my green tea froyo at Red Mango, yes, I am fully aware that I’m eating green-tea-flavored anything, excessively. 

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Fed up of your usual cafe spot? Wanted to try something new? Here’s a quick tour for you to my newly discovered cafe, the Beatrix Cafe. 

It was a sudden decision to hang out last Valentine’s Day because we’re away from each other. Thankfully, I was able to come home in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, and spent the day with him! Honestly, we had no plans for the day. Of course, the boyfriend and girlfriend always asking each other: “Where to eat?” So after strolling and after seeing Beatrix Cafe for quite some time, we knew we had to give it a try considering how hungry we were! 

There are so many restaurants opening left and right. Some are foreign franchises while some are homegrown concepts. But this rising café really capture my heart! Continue reading to know why. (*wink*)

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