anonymous asked:

Not suicidal or anything but can you give me a list of reasons to keep going

  1. Animals
  2. Amazing food
  3. Star filled nights
  4. Snowy nights
  5. Rainy nights
  6. Sunny days
  7. Adventures to unknown places
  8. Love
  9. Laughter
  10. Sadness
  11. The thrill of figuring out what’s going to happen next
  12. Studying the mysteries of the world and the universe
  13. Living to see change and new innovations 
  14. Birthdays
  15. Holidays
  16. Long walks on a chilly night while listening to your favorite song 
  17. Staring at the night sky
  18. Movies
  19. Reading amazing, thought provoking books that make you think outside of your beliefs
  20. And so much more that would take me hours to list fully.