Artist and photographer Carl Warner creates awesome landscape photos that are almost entirely made of actual food. He calls them… wait for it… Foodscapes

While there is post-production work done to enhance these wonderfully surreal scenes, most of the work is painstakingly (and mouthwateringly) done using real food. Here you see the Candy CottageThe Great Wall of Pineapple, the Chocolate Express, the Meat Factory, and the Salmon Sea. Each Foodscape looks like a dream come true. We’re getting hungry just looking at them. 

Visit Twisted Sifter and then Carl Warner’s website to view more.

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For an ongoing project entitled Minimiam (as in “Mini Yum”) photographers Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida transform pieces of food into wonderful landscapes populated by miniature people. No food is out of bounds and no activity is too mundane or fantastic.

“This scale is really interesting as it allows you to work in the very small,” says Javelle. “The size of the figurines is perfect for creating surprising scenes with very ordinary elements.”

Sometimes it’s the food that inspires the scenes created by the husband-and-wife team and sometimes it’s the tiny figurines. Batman is summoned by the Bat Signal projected by half a lemon onto a lemon cookie. Golfers tee off using sprinkles atop donuts while workers inflate raisins to construct a bunch of grapes. Astronauts explore the alien interior of a gourd and a HazMat team treads carefully across the molten surface of a dish of Crème brûlée.

Visit Wired learn more about Pierre and Akiko. Then head over to the Minimiam website to check out many more examples of their delightful artwork.

[via Wired and Bored Panda]

Biodegradable Bowls Made From Food Waste:

The FOODSCAPES project tackles the problem of food waste in a completely different way. Rather than expending efforts to decrease food waste, they are utilizing food waste to be a functional piece of tableware.

FOODSCAPES is created by WHOMADE.IT and Michela Milani. It uses edible leftover materials and reconstructs a seed-shaped bowl that can hold dry foods. It is free of any additives, preservatives, colorants, thickeners, correctors, and artificial agents. Once you’re done with it, it can be dissolved in water and act as soil fertilizer.

More here

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>tfw rice AND taters

but I’ve been trying to cook my own meals and I made some rice today for the first time and it was a gr8 success

some things I learned: 

  1. one cup of rice is entirely too much for one person
  2. don’t put so much water in the pot omg
  3. my mom told me this before I started, but put some salt and olive oil in the water as it boils so the rice isn’t bland af!!