This is called “Foodscaping”

In Geneva, Switzerland each yard is a food garden and neighbors consult and plan what each will grow so they can trade. Imagine if we did this in the US…

Though unfortunately Socialist, the Swiss are great examples of three things that history has proven can and has been accomplished by the most successful nations ever to exist whether or not they were Capitalist: they achieve a truly self-defensive agrarian society that is protected by a well-regulated militia rather than massive standing armies, and a great economy results from the first two.

An attractive fourth to many; successful national healthcare comes as a result of voluntary or paid militia service, not forced government health insurance.

In a future United States, even conscientious objectors could volunteer or do paid militia work growing nutritionally superior organic food, or work in the fields of manufacturing, medicine, information technology, etc. for the Constitutional militia and receive healthcare as just one beneficial result of their service. This would significantly help U.S. unemployment, poverty, hunger, health, and national security.

If the U.S. followed its own Constitution and returned to an agrarian society with a Militia of the Several States composed of local people who follow local authority as prescribed and whose chain of command goes from County Sheriff, to State Governor, to U.S. President (Navy persists with the Marines, with Air Force and all Special Forces being integrated into it–federal Naval forces balanced by the local Militia of the Several States) then we would be many times stronger as a nation, not as weak as we are today with our strength continuing to deteriorate in every way.