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Earth to Human

How can you begin to make peace with the earth when you have no real grasp as to why you should be doing so, other then the messages distributed to you by a television with a voice yet you lack your own. To see is blinding- what’s around you and what’s happening is sometimes so scary we shut our eyes for fear that the lies and what we hear are dichotomous to a compromise. They tell you it’s your fault for gassing up your lawn mower or driving your car to your 45 minute away job, crying out “hey citizen, you’re killing the sky”. Yet the products we’re given and the means through which we’re living has affected our ability to seek another option. So we consume and we follow in hopes that their regulations will swallow all of the holes in our atmosphere and the massive downfall between human consumption and a dying ocean will just, end. But it’s not that way, they’ve convinced you into a neoliberalistic ideology where your actions are the cause for atrocity when really we’re also just trying to survive. So how do we change and what can we do and where do we go to rid ourselves of our own disguise? The first step is to not take on the weight of the world as an anxiety of your own fault. It starts with understanding the roots of the earth, the water which flows beneath the crest we “conquer” upon, and to feel the dirt as it presses against the soles of our feet, as a reminder, that we too are the nature. Seeing with an intuition, one which focuses on the sense and the consciousness of what is around us is the third element apart from me and you. The third element, it is about us.