foods that are round

🌺I Like The Feeling of Eating More When I'm Already Full🌺

👏I finally started binge eating👏 I had a big plate of food it was more than what I can usually eat and it took me awhile to finish it. But after I eat I suck in my stomach just a little bit, it’s a bad habit but because I knew what I was getting myself into I put on a big hoodie and I pulled my sweat pants down to my waist and when I finally finished all of it I didn’t suck in my stomach, I let it stick out a bit and because of that I wasn’t all that full. So I drank a lot of ginger ale to fill up all that extra room and I finished off the rest of my ice cream from the day before just to see how much I could hold, but the ice cream made my stomach tighten and just like that I felt a lot of pressure and discomfort so I went to the bathroom (to hide my bloating) and just to look at my belly and see how far I was jutting out because I felt pretty round and I was jutting out just a bit farther than I usually do. Nothing hurt I just felt a lot of pressure and tightness around my belly. It felt pretty exciting going over my capacity. So after I stood in the bathroom rubbing and admiring my work I got another plate of food this time I got more rice than meat and I ate it slowly and I like when I’m ate so much that I can feel how the more I eat my stomach starts to expand. So I kind of sat cross legged in the chair and arched my back a bit to get more comfortable and while I was eating I was distracted watching YouTube videos on scary games coming in 2017 lol and I had no full feeling what so ever I just kept going. When I finished that, I drank more ginger ale and I couldn’t get the gas out my stomach so not only was I completely stuffed but I had a good amount of gas bubbles in between all that food. My belly stuck out so nicely and I could easily rest my hand on top without holding it there. 🌺Are these even good enough? Let me know I’ll stop🌺

A poem I wrote about Chopped, in the style of The Raven by Poe

Once upon a Friday night I sat gazing at the tv light

“Who will win the ten thousand dollar prize and who will be chopped”

The appetizers were not so great as they went and showed their plates

Scott Conant spat out onions in hate and the kitchen was hot

A main ingredient was missing and the judges were shocked

Now talk about food for thought

Alas, the entree round is on, they have to make it with pecans

Don’t forget the parmesan, eggplant and the lobster pot

Used basket item as a garnish, chef left with their face scarlet

Dessert round have to use garlic and a purple apricot

“I sure hope that I do not burn my plan B caramel sauce”

Melted ice cream, you’ve been chopped

  • Cutthroat Kitchen Season 1: You can't taste your food for the entire round, make your utensils with tin foil
Cute Things the Signs Do

Aries: They get excited about something and then start talking faster and faster until they can hardly keep up with themself

Taurus: They use a ‘baby voice’ whenever they talk to their pets (some would do this in front of the president, and others would take the secret to their grave)

Gemini: Anticipates cliché pickup lines before they’re said but still flattered by them

Cancer: Laughs at their own jokes

Leo: Scared of the tiniest bugs

Virgo: Is sad when the sushi isn’t round

Libra: Ticklish asf

Scorpio: Still likes foods like chicken nuggets, goldfish crackers, and fruit roll-ups made for children

Sagittarius: They absolutely melt if/when you play with their hair

Capricorn: Won’t look you in the eye after they’ve rejected you for anything because they can’t stand to see you sad

Aquarius: They claim to hate being fawned over but actually enjoy it

Pisces: Would sacrifice themself to save the polar bears


Fun Fact Friday: A Natural Winter Windbreak in Sagebrush

Story By Nancy Patterson, Public Affairs Specialist, Greater Sage-Grouse Rocky Mountain Region; Photos by Nancy Patterson (BLM), Lisa Marks (BLM), and Tom Koerner (USFWS)

It’s blizzarding in sagebrush country! Negative temperatures, snowfall, and winds pull together for a threatening whiteout. What are wildlife to do out in the Big Empty to protect themselves from winter weather conditions? Let sagebrush come to the rescue!

While black-tailed prairie dogs hide out in their burrows during snowstorms and horned lizards move into hibernation, many of sagebrush country’s more than 350 species depend on lucky breaks among the shrubs for food and shelter.

Sagebrush have a long tap root, which helps secure it to the ground and draw water and nutrients from the soil. These nutrients enter the plant and some transpose to wildlife that eat their ever-verdant leaves. Mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and Greater sage-grouse all depend on this food source in winter months.

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Sneak peek as we prep for MPA’s Orbit. Starting at midnight tonight, three artists will enter the enclosed environment between the windowpanes of our theater (complete with composting toilet, food and water supply, and plants) for a ten-day, round-the-clock performance inspired by the simulation projects conducted by universities and space agencies to test human life on spacecrafts and Mars.


Imagine Dean getting excited over Christmas 

Dean hated Christmas.

He despised the decorations, he claimed the music made his ears bleed and he didn’t see the point of people stuffing their faces with such food once a year when they could just do it all year round. Dean Winchester had always sworn that the holiday period was just one big con to convince people to spend money on stupid stuff.

Until this year.

Ten months ago you’d given birth to an adorable baby girl, Johannah Mary Winchester, and Dean had vowed both to you and his daughter that he would give her everything in life that he never had. That included an amazing Christmas, and her first was to be one of the best ever.

You couldn’t help but smile every time you saw him whizzing about the bunker, his excitement growing big as the countdown drew closer. Dean had completely transformed the place, bright lights lit up every hall way, decorations hung in all the main rooms, you stopped counting Christmas trees after he’d hit three and you’d never seen so many presents in your life. Of course he’d cooked too, sugar cookies, ginger bread houses and even the odd festive pie. It was a complete change in his attitude and Johannah had loved every minute so far.

“Okay, so I know you said I shouldn’t get Jo anymore more gifts…” His voice trailed off as he poked his head around the door way, a goofy grin plastered on his lips.

“What did you get now.” You rolled your eyes but giggled despite your words, his festive spirit easily rubbing off on you. Your heart melted when he fully stepped into the room, Jo in his arms wearing a little elf suit looking cuter than ever.

“I couldn’t resist!” He beamed down at his daughter, bouncing her slightly in his arms and she responded by reaching for his face babbling the word dada over and over again. You sighed contently as you made your way over to them, joining in on making a fuss over your daughter.

Dean wasn’t the only one looking forward to this Christmas.

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