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Help I just turned 18 yesterday when i got home my father had my luggage at the door he gave me $300 and told me to leave what do i do?

Hey I am so sorry to hear this! Hang in there, I have a few ideas.

1. Start by finding somewhere temporarily to stay. Maybe with other relatives, friends, or even family friends. You’re looking for somewhere where you can crash for an unspecified amount of time for no fee.

2. If you have to, you can find a motel to stay in while you find a place to live. Motels are historically more cheaper than hotels. Try to rent a room close to the office for safety. Barring that, there are always shelters that you can stay in, there are ALWAYS options.

3. Find a job if you don’t have one already. If you already have a job, talk to your employer about a raise. Explain the situation you’re in. Maybe you can even pick up more hours.

4. If you’re interested in college, continue pursuing applications. Apply for financial aid as independent. Contact colleges and speak to counselors and financial aid employees about your financial options. Is there an independent student program at your college? A program like EOP or TRIO that will fund your education? Start making those inquiries now.

5. In terms of housing- search for rooms to rent in your area. I don’t recommend you trying to rent an entire apartment at this stage, because it sounds like you don’t have any savings. A room for yourself is space enough! You can always get a larger accommodations when you have more money.

6. Think about those expenses that you need to tackle immediately. Transportation to and from work is one of these. Paying for your own food and basic supplies. You’ll probably be fine without a cell phone for a little while. Unless you are on medications that you can’t afford out of pocket then you can probably also ignore insurance for a month or two. Start small.

7. Start establishing a routine for yourself. Even if that means just getting up, searching for housing, and coming back. Keep it simple.

8. Learn some basic “Adult” skills. Look at simple recipes online (check our index for some simple cooking posts). Learn how to do your own shopping, laundry, cleaning. If the person you’re staying with doesn’t mind giving you some pointers, ask them for assistance with these skills.

9. Once you find your own place, buy furnishings slowly over time. Utilize thrift stores, dollar stores, bulk bargain stores. Ask your contacts if they have any supplies they don’t need. I guarantee you they all do, you can gets lots of solid second hand supplies that way. You can basically buy all of your food and kitchen supplies at Dollar Stores. It’s not gourmet, but you can make do. All you really need to start is a mattress and some blankets. Most rooms have lights already. Start there, and each paycheck devote some money to buying more items.

10. Take it a day at a time. You can get through this! You can and should apply for government assistance. Apply food stamps, HEAP (energy assistance), even temporary assistance for a stipend. If you call and bother your local social services every day you will get pushed to the head of the line application wise. Call your local county government office and complain, that gets your application expedited.

Please message me and keep me updated. Lots of love ❤️

The person at the store with food stamps isn’t the problem. A corrupt tax code that allowed 8 dudes to accumulate as much wealth as 4 billion people is the problem.

there are people right now to this day who still believe food stamps are still a thing and not just a colloquial term for an ebt card ………. people are literally saying they’re “selling off some of their food stamps to get money for drugs” lmao … and it wasn’t even just one person it was multiple people. … people have literally no clue how snap benefits work.

its not fucking stamps…. snap benefits come on a card that look like a credit card type thing, you swipe it just like you would a credit card type thing, and it only pays for food your state allows snap benefits to cover. You cannot possibly sell part of this money back because even when buying and returning food items using snap benefits the money has to go directly back to your card.

There is absolutely no way to get money off of an ebt card to give people for drugs. notwithstanding the fact that drug addicts deserve food, but the point being you can’t fucking get money off of an ebt card for non-food related things, ever, period, and it DEFINITELY ISNT stamps, lmao….

Poor Person: I need food stamps so I don’t starve.

Conservative: That’s lazy. Get a job.

Poor Person: Fine. I got a job, but it doesn’t pay enough. The minimum wage needs to be raised.

Conservative: Still lazy. Go to college so you can get a better job.

Poor Person: Fine. But I’ll need financial assistance to afford college.

Conservative: Still lazy.

Poor Person: Fine. I went to college, put myself in debt, and got a degree. But the only jobs I can get without experience are unpaid internships. Businesses should be required to pay their interns.


Conservative: Still lazy.

Poor Person: How the hell do you expect me to get out of debt?

Conservative: It’s your own fault. You choose to go to college even though you couldn’t afford it.

Poor Person: But you’re the one who keeps telling poor people to go to college. Are you saying that I’m lazy if I don’t go to college, and lazy if I do?

Conservative: Yes.

Poor Person: Then what the hell should I do?

Conservative: Be born rich.

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If EBT could be used to buy anything, then what is the incentive to buy food with your own money? Why should the tax payers have to pay for welfare receivers to get luxury food???

Many people do not know this about me, but I have been on Snap benefits. I lost a job in 2009, shortly after the Great Recession, and I had nothing. I had to wait in lines at a food bank to get two small grocery bags of canned food, some toilet paper and a bar of soap a week and I applied for and received SNAP benefits. 

Let me tell you, there was no luxurious eating. Unless, you think a diet of pasta, rice, beans, canned veggies, canned tuna, peanut butter and bread IS opulent. If you think going down to the Wonder Bread factory and buying their expired products is lavish, being on SNAP is the life for you.

But even if I did buy as much expensive food as I could, who cares what anyone else eats? It is a set amount of money each month. If someone wants to blow all $126 they get a month on one meal, who am I to say no. They are the ones that are going to have to figure out how to eat for the remaining 89 meals that month.

Should we require that “Welfare” Recipients eat garbage so that you can feel better than them?

On average they get about $1.40 a meal in SNAP benefits. Basically, we are requiring them to eat garbage, but still, that seems like too much for you. 

- @theliberaltony

Just to stave off the stupid responses a bit: 

  • I spent less than a year on SNAP. 
  • Yes, I have a job now.

The sort of strict bans on “unhealthy food” that some people push regarding food stamps could literally kill me.  I need a high sodium, moderate-high caffeine, red meat containing diet with a lot of pre-prepared foods, due to my odd combination of health conditions.  Dietary needs aren’t some simplified fucking chart for first graders, they’re complexly different for lots of different people, especially disabled people.

Paternalism towards poor people is not only repulsive and cruel, it’s literally fatal.  It’s violent.  People will starve because of it.  People will become malnourished because of it.  And people are already dying and being malnourished already.

A desire to micromanage every tiny aspect of poor people’s lives doesn’t indicate a concern for our wellbeing, it indicates a concern for control and power over us.
Trump wants to start charging stores to accept food stamps
The Office of Management and Budget said the fee would be assessed when stores sign up and would require renewal after five years.
By Ylan Mui

They voted for Trump because he said he would run our country like a business. Which obviously entails callously making money off of poverty, completely disregarding small businesses and devastating poor communities & deepening food deserts. Top 1% playbook.

Like I stated, the main goal of this is to profit off of poverty. But additionally, large retailers wont see that much of a hit off their bottom line due to this new fee. It is the smaller stores that will be affected and might possibly just choose to stop accepting SNAP. So either smaller stores in low income areas will lose money that they can’t afford OR low income areas that are already food desserts will lose yet another necessary resource.

Depressing, because I doubt many will speak out about this because everyone loves to hate poor people

certain states try to restrict what a food card can buy so much, and it really fucks disabled people over, for instance some states either don’t allow for microwaved meals to be bought or are trying to make it so a food card cant cover them, which is absurd because … if you’re disabled it’s kind of fucking hard to cook a full meal for yourself, if not impossible.

Restrictions on poor people’s diets is violence. Just because someones poor doesn’t mean you should police how they should eat. Would you fucking want to live on nothing but rice and beans for the rest of your life because you’re disabled and thats all you can afford?

would you want to never have any sweets or easy to eat snacks because you’re too poor and too disabled to afford such things even for your birthday or special occasions. Or would you want to only be able to afford frozen/canned vegetables never being able to taste a fresh salad or even a fucking apple?

Because lawmakers think poor people, and especially poor disabled people don’t deserve fresh fruits and vegetables, snack foods, cake, and the list goes on. 

We are people who cannot work because we’re disabled and you are punishing us for it. Some of us need easy food to eat, some of us need fattening food to eat because we’re underweight, some of us need special diets due to allergies, and restricting what all people on food cards can eat can get people killed.

I know I’ve posted numerous times about how welfare fraud is in fact very, very rare and welfare programs have lower fraud loss rates than things like businesses.  Which is true, but it’s also true that most actual technical welfare fraud doesn’t look much like the stereotype either.  Pretty much the only people who “get rich” off fraud are service end things like stores, hospitals, etc.  Nobody else really gets rich from lying on their food stamp paperwork.

Welfare fraud looks less like “cadillac and mansion” and more like:

  • a disabled person lies about their level of mobility because medicaid will often only cover wheelchairs if you need them in the house, not if you need them to go out or do anything outside of the house
  • a poor woman claims her boyfriend lives separately from her because the amount he contributes to her and their kids counts against her less if it’s listed as childsupport instead of part of the household income and that small difference can be enough to keep the children from going hungry
  • a poor person sells part of their food stamps and lives on things like instant ramen because almost nobody gets cash assistance anymore and they need things like toilet paper or tooth paste
  • a disabled person who could not hold down a regular job sells $100 a month in homemade crafts and doesn’t report it because they might have to spend months or even years re-fighting their social security case if they reported it
  • a homeless person makes more than $20 a month begging but lists their income as zero because that’s less confusing
  • other things like that

A lot of that is just survival.  It’s not a system set up in a way that makes it easy to even live unless you “cheat”.  People aren’t doing it to get rich, they do it to cling to the very basics and just manage to live.  I don’t blame people who violate the laws to keep their heads above water, I blame the people who set up a horrific system like this and who benefit from harming and exploiting poor people.