foods of the world lady

Anyone know any of her lines?

I want to come up with a list of lines from the Foods of the World Lady. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

-“Feta, the cheese that tastes betta.”

-“Couscous, the food so nice they named it twice.”

-“Escargot, something squishy from Vischy.”

-“Kalakukko, something fishy from Finland.”

-“Akutak, something yummy from the Yukon.”

-“Mare’s milk, something dandy from the Andes.”

-“Once you try yak, you’ll never go back.”

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Top 2015 Couples 2

Raku x Chitoge (Nisekoi season 2)

they are too cute in the second season,

In the mini arc with Chitoge’s mother, Raku was working for her and tries to help Chitoge out but connecting her and her mother again and her ribbon she always wear we find out its special ribbon her mother gave her thats why she never takes it off and at at the end of the season 2 her ribbon got lost and Raku even bought a replacement saying to Chitoge that its her lost one but later one found the one she lost and shes happy and hes happy too but in the manga chapter 199 took him nearly 200 chapters but chapter 199 of the manga Raku FINALLY REALIZES HES IN LOVE WITH CHITOGE XD 

Ikki x Stella - Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

a non dense badass MC and a tsundere female how can this show get any better xD

Ikki is an F Rank knight with no magic abilities and Stella is a second princess of the crimson of the Vermillion kingdom and they become roommates but since his first encounter with her he saw her in her underwear he wanted to make it even by stripping too but she got the wrong idea but decided to battle it out and the loser has to serve the winner for life and Ikki ended up winning so Stella has to serve him for life but he only asked one thing from her and that is to be his roommate but soon Stella begins to fall for Ikki and shes surprised that hes an F Rank knight and gets jealous whenever Shizuku his little sister is with him and after one match thanks to Stella’s encouragement he won he woke up with her next to him in the hosptial and Ikki confessed his feelings and he knows she likes him too and began dating after that, they try to keep their relationship a secret and Ikki wanted to tell everyone how much he loves her and after they were exposed he was locked up but he has one match to win against the school council president if he loses he will be expelled from the academy but if he wins he will remain and he will participate in the sword art festival along with Stella and did promise each other to fight again, he won and Stella went to him and thats when Ikki proposed to Stella and she accepted so now they are engaged.

Natsu x Lucy - Fairy Tail 2014 (Filler and Tartarus Arc)

In the filler arc the effects of the eclipse gate made the celestial spirits turn bad and Lucy got upset so with Fairy Tail, Yukino and Hisui’s help Natsu and the others help the celestial spirits turn back to normal he was doing all this to make Lucy smile again and not cry anymore.

Tartarus Arc after Natsu got captured Fairy Tail invaded Tartarus and soon Lucy and Happy reunite with Natsu as Lucy was fighting a demon that can snatch souls and took 2 of her spirits but as usual Natsu’s speech telling them not to give up, Natsu won’t till he sees Igneel again and Lucy with getting her spirits back and Lucy’s smartness she fooled the demon like saying natsu’s gate closed thinking hes a celestial spirit but no lol it was a trick to catch him off guard and for a chance for Natsu to strike with that defeating the demon.

Everyone was getting sucked into Alegria and Natsu reached out for Lucy but he was sucked in and she remained out due to her magic and with Natsu’s inspiration Lucy cannot give up till she sets her friends free with that summoning a third spirit Aquarius which took alot out of her but she had to sacrifice her to summon the CSK and with the kings help everyone was free from the spell and 4 members came to Lucy’s aid, Gajeel, Gray, Juvia and Natsu and Natsu thanks Lucy for saving them he can sense she did and with that those 4 members took out the remaining demons.

Igneel came back Natsu is reunited with him but only soon to die on him and after the whole incident with Tartarus Natsu and Happy decided to leave for a year to get stronger and leaves Lucy only a letter saying he’ll come back in a year but Natsu not knowing about Aquarius or the guild disbanding :(.

Tomoe x Nanami (Kamisama Kiss season 2)

this season when Tomoe realizes hes in love with Nanami XD thats all i need to say for it

Rinne x Sakura - Kyoukai no Rinne

Like any other Rumiko’s creations Main guy falls for Main girl

Rinne didn’t start off as a jerk like Inuyasha or Ranma, and main girl Sakura is able to see things supernatural thanks to some food she ate in the other world thanks to Rinne’s grandmother or young lady I should say,

Rinne was raised by his grandparents only till his grandfather died than he started living on his own hes a half shinigami half human he despises his father for being a damashigami plus for stealing money off him as a kid and putting him into alot of debt.

Sakura is his classmate and yea able to see him when he puts his robe on thats him in his shinigami form.

even though love rivals come further like Ageha and Tsubasa, Rinne started to have feelings for Sakura and in ep 11 confirmed hes in love with her even though Sakura seem abit emotionless in the anime she shows more in the manga.

cannot wait for season 2 next year XD


New Valentine’s Day Cupcakes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you’re stopping by Starring Rolls Cafe or the brand new Trolley Car Cafe (not to mention other Quick Service locations around the park such as Backlot Express and ABC Commissary), you’ll be able to spot the latest cupcake creation celebrating Valentine’s Day with a tribute to a much-loved Disney couple: Lady and the Tramp. Cinderella has received her own tribute of baked goodness as well. And while she’s certainly no stranger to romance herself, this cupcake has as much to do with the upcoming March 13th release of the live-action Cinderella film as it does Valentine’s Day.

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