Caramel nut brownie triple threat powerbar 🍯🌰🍫
The bar sure is threatening, threatening with an explosion of superfluous saccharine aroma and flavor that is.
But this bar is on the aesthetic side with it’s cool layers of different textures! The outer layer of chocolate is smooth, the layer of caramel is liquidy, and the biggest middle layer is made of a thick brownie with a little crunch thanks to the almonds and soy crisps. There are almonds scattered through this bar under the outer chocolate layer.
The molecules in this bar also have a low melting point, so the caramel is basically dense liquid (just before that gel stage) despite how solid/creamy is looks on the picture.
This has a long list of ingredients with the main ones being chocolate, caramel, cane invert syrup (similar molecular structure to high fructose corn syrup), cream, fructose, palm oil, soy/whey protein, oligofructose, almonds, soycrisps, whole oats, caeseinate, dextrose, fructose syrup, caramel color, vanilla flavor, soy lecithin, and “natural flavor.”
I got this on sale for 0.99$ at safe way. (Normally $1.50-$2). I would not buy this again because it’s too sweet, taste unnatural, and is made of unnatural ingredients.


Whit? Hooked!

Where Aboots? 1027 Cathcart Road, Mount Floridaaaa (near the hospital)! 

Wallet Damage? Cheap as chips (hahaha), literally, you’d be hard pushed to spend more than £10!



Holy shite, you guys. I mean, wow. This place is OFF THA HOOK (terrible puns are why you keep reading this, right)? I was first attracted to this place as I have recently decided to try being veggie, but I love a good ol’ greasy chippy and felt my heart was having too easy a time (lol).  Hooked provide vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options *insert happy tears of herbivores everywhere here*. 

“I know what fuckin’ gluten is… Calories, that’s a gluten. Fat, that’s a gluten. Gluten means bad shit and I ain’t eatin’ it” - Seth Rogen, This is the End.


‘Scuse my French, but this isn’t your average chip shop - they don’t serve your average menu options and they certainly don’t serve your average chups (that’s ‘chips’ in Glasweigan). Like Pomme Frites (see review below) you can pimp your chips! I’m talkiiiiin’ seasonings like chilli garlic. I’m talkiiiiin’ sauces like Mexican chipotle (oh maa gaaaaadd, I love chipotle, chipotle is my liiifeeee). 


If you focus your eyes to the second photo up there, you will see the Holy Grail that is macaroni cheese deep-fried mounds of glory. I could eat a mountain of them. In addition, Hooked sell sweet potato fries (the yam is the power that be), battered halloumi, salt & pepper squid, prawn tempura etc. 


Who doesn’t love frozen yoghurt? If you buy a supper, for £1 extra, they’ll give you some delicious dairy whilst you wait, now that’s customer service. 

I can’t wait to go back to try everything on the menu! 


The many times I visited Kuching, I’ve savored bowls and bowls of Sarawak laksa but contrary to the raves regaled to me, I couldn’t quite find the words to share my rather mediocre laksa experience. I was close to ending my Sarawak laksa hunt (drama queen!) until my good friend Danielle took me to Uncle Ben’s Delicious Sarawak Laksa at Green Heights Mall. Ahmaigadddd my first sip got me delirious!

Before I get all frenzied over this bowl of delight, let me first warn you that Sarawak laksa is different from curry laksa. As a matter of fact, curry is not even part of the ingredient at all. Some of the key ingredients to make a charming bowl of Sarawak laksa include coconut milk, lemon grass, asam jawa (tamarind), cumin seeds, galangal and a few other selected herbs and spices to season the rice vermicelli, omelet strips, shredded chicken meat and prawn. Ooh and fresh lime and sambal lada (chili paste) on the side for an added zing! Deep fried tofu and bean sprouts are also often added for variety, though the latter is not my favorite at all.

How would I rate my Uncle Ben’s Delicious Sarawak Laksa experience? Outstanding! Dude, I’m not even exaggerating here. It was full of flavor, best credited to Uncle Ben’s clever mixture of natural flavors (from the herbs and spices). Perfect complement to the broth zesty tang! I finished mine of course, and here is proof!

I obviously need to go back to Kuching sometime soon to curb my craving gaah!

Uncle Ben’s Delicious Sarawak Laksa is located at Green Heights Mall, Kuching (stall 3 at The Pan Tree Food Court, level 1). You may call Lydia Chin at 019 - 818 8688 to reserve your laksa. A bowl of regular Sarawak laksa is priced at MYR6 and a bowl of special Sarawak laksa is MYR8.

Continuing my Beat Burger in Taipei mission, today I headed to Evan Burger in Shida. The atmosphere is welcoming, cosy with attentive and pleasant staff. I went for Mushroom Swiss Cheese , although a soft drink is included I decided on a Vanilla shake instead. As you can see the burger arrived in a semi deconstructed state, allowing you to add your lettuce, tomato, pickles and red onion as you desired, along with ketchup and mustard supplied on the table.
The bun was well toasted, the burger succulent and both seasoned and cooked well. The fries were a touch soft, but anyone who spends time in Taiwan knows that potatoes are hard to come by, home cut triple fried chips would be a rare and beautiful thing. Beggars sadly can’t be choosers, they are coated fries to offer some crunch, they were ok.
I have to say it was a better burger than KGB offered and I would come again for sure. Scores on the doors…8/10.
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Icebreakers green apple 🍏 watermelon 🍉 and tangerine 🍊 sours!
I remember begging my mother for these in elementary schools because all the “cool kids” had them. They taste pretty good. Each flavor tasted a bit different, and I love melting mints/sours in my mouth with the help of the enzyme, amylase in my saliva to break down glucose polymers! I really enjoy the tangy, tropical flavor the amylase helps enhance in my mouth, as if I’m on a tropical vacation in Hawaii 🌴
I got this for around $1.50 at target and I’ve loved these since I was a little child.


No. 246 (Location: Decatur)

Got together with a group of friends to come try this place out a few days ago. We went on a Sunday evening, so parking was free on the street. I called ahead to make sure we could sit as soon as we got there, but honestly there wasn’t a need for it at that time of day, since there weren’t many people there yet.

The service there gets 5 stars. We were immediately seated, and the staff always sounded pleasant, whether it was over the phone, when we walked in, or when we were seated. Our waitress was knowledgeable and patient, easily explaining every item on the menu, while also giving recommendations.

The food came out in a timely, dare I say quick, manner. I ordered the Ricotta Agnolotti, and split an order of the Fried Squash Blossoms. I have never had either, but I enjoyed both. The Squash Blossoms had a nice texture to them, though a distinct taste does not come to mind. It was good, but not memorable except for that it was my first time trying it. For $14, I feel like there should be a bit more impact.

The Agnolotti was delicious. I know it was delicious because it was covered with mushrooms, which I hate, and I ate them all. There were numerous layers of flavor within those small pouches of pasta, with hints of flavors I could only guess at. I could truly feel the chef’s touch in making this dish. I also had their peach or strawberry lemonade, which was absolutely tasty.

Our waitress had no problem separating our bills, and the overall experience was great. The things that prevent me from bumping this to 5 stars are:

- The prices are high for a moderate to small amount of food
- They don’t have their own parking lot
- I left the meal feeling that the food was good, but not at all worth the stab to my wallet. (I also felt apologetic for suggesting it to my coworkers whose wallets were also left bleeding out that night)


Try and experience the caffe goodness at caffe bene .  This caffe truly has a variety that can soothe and pamper your taste buds.

Yesterday me and my loving girlfriend finally found  a way to visit Caffe Bene at SM City Clark . Located at the back of SM Clark outside the foodcourt. We ordered large red bean bingsu and choco honey banana bread. Red bean bingsu taste like the pinoy counterpart called halohalo . Every bite becomes a delightful medley of crunchy, chewy and crispy sensation. Choco Honey Banana Bread is a  huge thick slice of warm and toasty bread topped with whipped cream, almond and banana slices, chocolate chips, granulated sugar and served with choco swirls . It was a bit too overwhelming to eat, maybe because of its super crunchy and thick crust. Both are delicious. a must try food! and about the location, it was  a very cute spot! The ambience inside was great. There’s a large range of seating options and the decor inside is quite homey. Their decor is really cute and the way they present their sweets are very cute. It makes you want to try everything on the menu and buy all of them. 


Whit? Black Dove!

Where Aboots? 67 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands (soufsyyyddd), across from Future Fitness (the irony). 

Wallet Damage? Since we went for breakfast, it was about £10 each including drinks. Expect upwards of £20 for dinner!



Black Dove is the brain-child of Chef of the Year (2014) Chris Rouse (formerly of Celino’s in the East End)! According to the website, Chris’ aim is to put Shawlands back on the map with great drink and better food! As as a Southside resident, this pleases me greatly! 


Trying to find decent local places for breakfast is very difficult, unless you fancy an egg McMuffin or some guff from Wetherspoons (get your shit together). When bae informed me that a brand new place had opened up on our doorstep, I flung the covers off and sleepily waddled up the road for some promising scran!  Between the hours of 8am and 12pm, Black Dove serves up a feast for the Ron Swanson’s among us. The menu includes pancakes with fresh fruit and whipped cream, a full Scottish breakfast and smoked salmon but what really got my attention was “French toast layers with bacon and Mozzarella finished with maple syrup”. 

Hawd the bloody bus, what did you just say?!  

See article 2 above for a pre-hoovered version of my breakfast. It was delicious and they certainly weren’t stingy with the maple syrup either (pet hate). It’s a combination everyone needs to try at least once in their life.

On the website it states “Our menu is designed to suit all dietary needs and if you do require a special diet, please speak to one of our servers who will show you the wide and varied range of gluten and dairy free products we have on our menu.” I’ll be asking for veggie bacon next time then!

4). FISHY (inc. sushi)!

I’m not a huge fish fan, but my partner and mother most definitely are and the options on the menu are amazing for the pescatarians out there! They have everything from scallops to prawns to haddock to lobster to sea bass! From a quick glance on their Facebook page, I’ve also just seen that they do daily special sushi boxes for £4.95 as part of their takeaway menu which is about to be launched! Exciting!


Exposed brick, minimalist light fixtures, lots of natural sunlight, sleek tables and chairs - this place is just downright braw. Apart from the waitresses who seemed to be cutting about like farts in a trance (the place is only new, so I won’t hold it against them), this place is lovely and I’ll definitely be visiting again! 

Well-fed on Welbeck Street - A Meat Liquor Review

There is no doubt that Meat Liquor is a temple to cooked meat and upon entering the restaurant on a cold Saturday afternoon, I was hit immediately by the intense smell of smoke and spice, as if this place has been charring meat for hundreds of years non-stop. Inside, the decor is shouting, ‘We’re funky and slightly weird!’ with basic wooden furniture and drinks served in jam jars. Images of skulls perch on human necks while wild animals dressed in dinner suits stare menacingly down from the ceiling. The lighting is dim, which explains my lack of photos.

The menu is simple and is dominated by a range of burgers, most of which have double patties. You have the option of sides, which are purchased separately and lovingly called Rabbit Food.  I opted for the buffalo chicken burger without the buns and southern style slaw, while my boyfriend chose the cheeseburger. This isn’t a fast food joint and our wait was about 20 minutes, which is not unreasonable.

My chicken breast was large; larger than I could imagine sitting inside a bun. Perched atop a small salad of shredded lettuce and onions, the moist chicken was embedded within a battered coating of breadcrumbs and peanuts, peppered with various spices. The peanuts gave the meat a satisfying crunchiness, as well as that hint of 'satay’ flavour. The slaw was creamy, cool and sweet, complimenting the fiery batter on my chicken.

Upon his first bite, I could see my boyfriend visibly melt and it was evident that the meat on his side was both tasty and moist as a burger should be. However, he did say he preferred the crumbly texture of the patties at Honest Burgers in Brixton, one of our regular burger haunts. A portion of fries each was more than enough, and the menu does not mess around- “We serves fries, not chips”.

Go to Meat Liquor to have a natter with friends and enjoy good tasty meat. As we left, there was a queue sneaking around the building despite the biting cold; seems like the meat worshippers have found a new place to go.

74 Welbeck Street




I came here a while back, around Mother’s Day. I remember, because I took my mother. I had scouted this place, because it became a priority that I try a donut burger (Once I learned of its existence). According the various reviews, Cypress had the best to off out of Atlanta’s donut burgers.

We parked on the street, and we ended up having to walk around the building to find the entrance. Once inside however, we were told to sit wherever we wanted. That was cool, but it still took a good 5 to 10 minutes before anyone came to our table to get us started. (On a side note, the bathroom was decent)

The waitress came around and got our orders (which you should know to be the donut burger). Around this time I cashed in on my free high-five for doing a check-in while I was there. (Bonus points) The food took a little bit to come out, but I was super excited, so whatever. The burger was glorious. Two sexy donut rings with carmelized onions, beef, and cheese squished between. There was also a house sauce which added the most delicate touch of ILOVETHIS to what was already an amazing burger. I especially like that the burger came with pickles(which I hate) but the pickles were perched on a toothpick stabbed through the center hole of the donut, which means YAY NO PICKLEJUICE ON MY BURGER!

I have no complaints about the burger. I do however have a complaint about the french fries. If ordered the sweet potato french fries, but as soon as they were brought out, I was disappointed. The fries were wilted, and good few of them looked undone. I shoved them in my mouth anyway, because they were the only things standing between me and my donut burger ( and I wasn’t prepared to wait around for another half an hour just for fries). I’ll just say they were not worth the extra charge, and I won’t be getting them in the future. Those fries, street parking, and the slow service are the reasons I give this place 4 stars instead of 5.

Crunchy cashew almond rise breakfast bar 🌰☀️🍫
The aftertaste tasted a little like shrimp/seafood. This bar is entirely crunchy. All the ingredients were packed tightly, but easily separable. It also smelled like stale honey and cereal.
I like how this bar tasted natural, not too sweet. It only had a few ingredients. It’s a uniform blend of almonds, cashews, honey, dates, amaranth, crisp rice, and salt.
I got this on sale for $0.99 at sprouts (regular $1.99) I’m excited to try other flavors when they come on sale! It also has an early expiration date!

And I like how the new photogrid app by Instagram makes it look like they’re both floating in one photo :D

When you enjoy our Classic Beef stew “Besampi mebase” nyat-nyat. We hope you will taste the difference right way, tender meat, fresh herbs and MSG free. Because we only use fresh ingredients.
Visit Nona Bali at Karpal Singh Drive-Penang
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