Smart sweets gummy bears 🍬

These vegan gummy bears taste like a sweet fruit bowl! Each color represents a different flavor including lemon, raspberry, peach, and green apple.

The texture is very chewy, a lot more chewy than normal gummy candies. That makes them a good study snack because they last a long time in your mouth.

Overall I love these! They taste good and provide an enjoyable eating experience.

Everything Lit at Espressini

With the newly opened Cagayan Town Center, the city is now a go-to-place for people who frequent in diners and coffee shops. Adding to this trend of Instagram-worthy niches is Espressini Café. The place opened its doors last July 28, being one of the firsts in the lifestyle hub, Cagayan Town Center. And, the gastronome in me was thrilled and immediately set a date to try in what it has to offer.

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Coconut and Olive oil Amazi Plantain Chips 🌴🍌

Both flavors of Amazi plantain chips taste like tropical bananas with a texture of potato chips, without the oil. The top one (blue) has a hint of coconut, while the bottom one has a slightly saltier taste.

Overall I really enjoy these. Amazi is my favorite brand of plantain chips so far!

Peach apricot fig bar! 🍑

This taste like a jam sandwich! The jam interior nice balance of both peach and apricot with a hint of apple. It also has a smell of apple pie with cinnamon!

The outside is a soft, pastry-like crust while the inside supplied most of the moisture!

Overall I like the flavor combination of both peach and apricot, and I wish there are more foods of this flavor!


Last Sunday, I got to travel to Marikina for a lunch spectacle at RUSTIC MORNINGS by Isabelo. Here’s a quick review of the place:

FOOD: As the name says, most of their house specialties are good for breakfast. Since Marikina is a bit far from my place, I had to settle with lunch. I tried their Cheesy Chicken Fricassee  and it didn’t fail. That alone was enough to satisfy my hungry and revolting tummy. It was delightfully cheesy at the right amount. Because I have developed an attached relationship with salads and greens, I also had Waffles, Buffalo Chicken and Salad. The chicken is best served and consumed while hot. Unfortunately, ours wasn’t, so it wasn’t in its best self. For drinks, I first ordered Tropical Teaser, a mix of mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberries and kiwi; but they said they didn’t have pineapples anymore and someone had just gone to the grocery to get some. When you want something, they make sure you get it! I was already too eager to start digging in so I just chose Mango Surprise instead. This time, it’s a mix of carrot, kiwi, and surprisingly not surprising, mango. I also tried the Cool Tiramisu. I don’t think there’s ever a bad tasting tiramisu. This isn’t any exception. Over-all, they don’t have a wide variety of food choices but they’ve got enough to silence grumbling stomachs!

VALUE FOR MONEY: Considering that they serve in big plates, I believe their prices are fairly right and reasonable. For our entire meal which I sumptuously took with a friend, we paid around 1000+ (not exceeding 1500). Prices and menu here:

PLACE: The place is a very big bonus here! I guess it’s one of the reasons why a lot of people are trying out the place. It’s located at the heart of Marikina. It’s at the street where the Shoe Museum is at J.P. Rizal Ave. so you won’t get lost. It’s very much accessible through any kind of public transportation as well, ranging from jeepneys, trains, to cabs. (Plus plus tricycles- only in the Philippines!) 

The restaurant has a vintage kind of feel and very ideal for family gatherings. The inner part of the house is the best place to be (I think you need reservations for tables there.) but the house was too full of families happily chatting and eating and I didn’t want to be rude taking photos and be like, “Hey! Sorry. Smile for Tumblr!” that’s why I don’t have any photos of it here. :(

On a good note, there are other good tables to choose from in the garden. It started raining in the middle of our meal so we had to transfer to a different place because some of their tables are just sheltered by vines and all that garden feels. We spent hours just enjoying the relaxing ambiance of the place. It’s definitely worth the time!

While in Marikina, I also suggest that you try other restaurants in J.P. Rizal like Kapitan Moy at the opposite side of the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church. I’ll be posting about it the next time I visit. 

Thank you for patiently reading up to this point. I’m just starting out with all these long posts so please don’t give up on me. (That was a cheesy… fricassee? NO.) Okay, I should totally stop now.

Until our next gastronomical story,

Emerald xx


Mighty nut vanilla powdered peanut butter!

This taste like a nice blend of both vanilla and peanut butter, with the peanuts being the stronger flavor!

All you have to do to make this into spreadable peanut butter is add water! The texture becomes smooth, and you can adjust to however smooth you want it to be by adjusting the amount of water!

Overall like the taste and texture of powdered peanut butter more than regular peanut butter because it’s less oily! It’s also perfect to make into an icing bag for food art!


Daiya Deluxe Cheezy Mac Review When I saw this at my local Giant. I was like OMG OMG I MUST HAVE THIS. I eat the frozen Vegan Mac and cheese from Amy’s but the idea of one I could make from a box fascinated me. The directions were super easy to follow and the Mac tasted relatively cheesy however it was not very warm and I had to reheat it , so I suggest putting the cheese in for like 10 seconds before putting it on the pasta. The taste was ok it could be more savory and cheesy tasting and the pasta was very chewy. 2.5/5 stars the frozen Amy’s vegan Mac and cheese is better. There also could be more sauce and the parts with the most sauce were the best.

( the sauce was a liquid in a silver package , sadly I have no photo of it)


Blueberry flax wildway hot cereal 🍇🍲

This taste like coconut oatmeal with a hint of blueberry. It taste good sprinkled on top of fruit/oatmeal, and also cooked with hot water (which makes the flavor stronger)

The texture is both chewy and flour-y, perfect for sprinkling. With hot water, it becomes thinner and smoother.

Overall I enjoy this unique combination of flavor, but I wish the blueberry is stronger. The ingredients are also all non processed- ground flaxseed, walnuts, cashews, coconut flour, dried dates, freeze-dried blueberries, and vanilla bean!


Candy Kit Review #1

Yummy Nummies: Fruity Ribbons Maker

When first hearing about the Yummy Nummies candy kit brands, I was overjoyed to discover an American version of the infamous Popin Cookin brand from Japan. There are some kits I like from the Japanese version like the Cake set, and some that do not exactly fit my taste buds like the sushi set. I also find looking up YouTube videos on how to make the kit tedious due to the directions being in pure Japanese. Yummy Nummies appeared to be the American equivalent to the brand and I had originally thought that the taste would cater to American taste buds ( You know the artificial flavorings of strong cherry and blue raspberry) with the icing on the cake being English directions. Once I began the kit, I realized that it had very little similarities to the original Popin Cookin. In terms of the packages, they were very similar. The biggest difference being that Yummy Nummies had extra sections on the tray that did were not used in the kit. Another difference was the taste. The gummy Tsureta kit in the japanese kit had a different flavor. The american brand actually tasted very bitter. The sugar crystals that were used to cover the blue ribbon candy did not give the candy a good sweet and sour contrast. Overall, the Yummy Nummies kit really did not meet my expectations. The kit did not give the satisfaction of diy candy kits that one usually gets with Popin Cookin. If Yummy Nummies wanted to try an american version, there should be more effort into the quality of the treat. 

PIPINO: Vegetarian food by Pino

There’s this themed restaurant that we tried last December that specializes and serves only Vegetarian foods. Located at 39 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City, this restaurant makes your ordinary Filipino favorites turn into creative dishes surprisingly combining flavors to bring you a vegetarian restaurant that bridges Healthy and Delicious. 

Though I am not really into these kind of  foods, it was really worth trying because they have a different concept and their dishes are uhm unique. To all those vegetarians out there, this is a must try.

P.S If you are not a fan of these kind of foods like me, I highly recommend their Kare-Kare served with brown rice, I am pretty sure your taste buds will love it (I should’ve ordered that)!

I love coffee, and I know that a lot of you love coffee as much as I do.

It was my first time to try Figaro’s coffee. I was able to do so because of the vouchers I bought from MetroDeal. Originally 130 php each, I was able to save 40 (x3) pesos because of their promo (Thank God for promos!). So there.

The experience was overall great. The ambiance was perfect - the acoustics, the lighting of the room; God! I can stay there all day! The baristas were very accommodating also. The very moment my brother and I came in, we were greeted with a smile ‘til the moment we were leaving. The coffee? Not to sweet, not too bitter, suits my taste buds really well (Figaroccino Cookie Crumble and White Chocolate Mocha frappe). If you’re to ask me whether or not I’ll come back again for some drinks, the answer is definitely a yes.

Thank you, Figaro SM North EDSA Sky Garden! We had a great time today.

Lamesa Grill Review

Food tripping once again! We got this thing for Grill and Restaurants lately, because we think Filipino Cuisine is the best still! And what’s better than trying different tastes of food?

Well, I’ve seen this Lamesa Grill over the internet with really good reviews. Yes, most of the time we search for restaurants on where to eat before we go out. haha!

The place has a really good native feel which I personally liked. I actually felt at home.

They have so many food choices that we had a hard time thinking on what to order. :)

The service was really slow this day maybe because there are a lot of customers since this is also a favorite place for drinks.

Crackers for appetizers. Really tasty!

My boyfriend ordered some Tawilis which I know I haven’t tasted all my life, but it’s just like sardines. 

The pork barbecue is also a must try!

My pick is bistek bangus belly. Yummm.

Pork Sinigang was also really good.

Their Sizzling sisig is crunchy and tasteful.

And yes, we were so full after. We like to order this lot but we never eat all the food, so we always have lots of takeouts to bring home :)

The food at Lamesa Grill is really good and delicious. The price is a bit cheaper than other grill and restaurants in the area with the same menu. So we were satisfied.


Ocho Vegan Coconut Chocolate Bar
The other day I was browsing the organic section of my local Giant grocery store and I found this great vegan chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is a perfect mix of dark chocolate and sweet coconut , I would definitely buy it again.

Buy again: YES


Try and experience the caffe goodness at caffe bene .  This caffe truly has a variety that can soothe and pamper your taste buds.

Yesterday me and my loving girlfriend finally found  a way to visit Caffe Bene at SM City Clark . Located at the back of SM Clark outside the foodcourt. We ordered large red bean bingsu and choco honey banana bread. Red bean bingsu taste like the pinoy counterpart called halohalo . Every bite becomes a delightful medley of crunchy, chewy and crispy sensation. Choco Honey Banana Bread is a  huge thick slice of warm and toasty bread topped with whipped cream, almond and banana slices, chocolate chips, granulated sugar and served with choco swirls . It was a bit too overwhelming to eat, maybe because of its super crunchy and thick crust. Both are delicious. a must try food! and about the location, it was  a very cute spot! The ambience inside was great. There’s a large range of seating options and the decor inside is quite homey. Their decor is really cute and the way they present their sweets are very cute. It makes you want to try everything on the menu and buy all of them.