Japanese candy sushi gummy! It came with sticky gummies that you were supposed to manually stick together!

The pink taste like sweet japanese peach. The taste also reminds me of the peach in Mu Lung from maplestory, even though I’ve never tasted a video game.

The yellow taste like tropical pineapple and the white taste like lychee!

It was very sticky and hard to remove. But it was also thick so it didn’t lose it’s shape! I really enjoyed the texture since it was very chewy and nice to melt on my mouth since it last a long time!


The many times I visited Kuching, I’ve savored bowls and bowls of Sarawak laksa but contrary to the raves regaled to me, I couldn’t quite find the words to share my rather mediocre laksa experience. I was close to ending my Sarawak laksa hunt (drama queen!) until my good friend Danielle took me to Uncle Ben’s Delicious Sarawak Laksa at Green Heights Mall. Ahmaigadddd my first sip got me delirious!

Before I get all frenzied over this bowl of delight, let me first warn you that Sarawak laksa is different from curry laksa. As a matter of fact, curry is not even part of the ingredient at all. Some of the key ingredients to make a charming bowl of Sarawak laksa include coconut milk, lemon grass, asam jawa (tamarind), cumin seeds, galangal and a few other selected herbs and spices to season the rice vermicelli, omelet strips, shredded chicken meat and prawn. Ooh and fresh lime and sambal lada (chili paste) on the side for an added zing! Deep fried tofu and bean sprouts are also often added for variety, though the latter is not my favorite at all.

How would I rate my Uncle Ben’s Delicious Sarawak Laksa experience? Outstanding! Dude, I’m not even exaggerating here. It was full of flavor, best credited to Uncle Ben’s clever mixture of natural flavors (from the herbs and spices). Perfect complement to the broth zesty tang! I finished mine of course, and here is proof!

I obviously need to go back to Kuching sometime soon to curb my craving gaah!

Uncle Ben’s Delicious Sarawak Laksa is located at Green Heights Mall, Kuching (stall 3 at The Pan Tree Food Court, level 1). You may call Lydia Chin at 019 - 818 8688 to reserve your laksa. A bowl of regular Sarawak laksa is priced at MYR6 and a bowl of special Sarawak laksa is MYR8.

Continuing my Beat Burger in Taipei mission, today I headed to Evan Burger in Shida. The atmosphere is welcoming, cosy with attentive and pleasant staff. I went for Mushroom Swiss Cheese , although a soft drink is included I decided on a Vanilla shake instead. As you can see the burger arrived in a semi deconstructed state, allowing you to add your lettuce, tomato, pickles and red onion as you desired, along with ketchup and mustard supplied on the table.
The bun was well toasted, the burger succulent and both seasoned and cooked well. The fries were a touch soft, but anyone who spends time in Taiwan knows that potatoes are hard to come by, home cut triple fried chips would be a rare and beautiful thing. Beggars sadly can’t be choosers, they are coated fries to offer some crunch, they were ok.
I have to say it was a better burger than KGB offered and I would come again for sure. Scores on the doors…8/10.
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You know whats heaven? Heaven is a sushi buffet 😍
Best buffet I have ever been to! It’s not only limited to sushi but there is Chinese and American foods and a wide set is amazing desserts! The perfect place to go in Miami. #food #foodie #foodporn #foodgasm #foodpics #foodblogger #foodblog #review #foodreview #miami #miamifoods #summerinmiami #miamilife #musttry #foodies #afoodaholicinmiami (at POC American Fusion Buffet & Sushi)

Cookies and cream nugo stronger bar 🍪🍦
This is most comparable to Larry and Lenny’s muscle brownie. It taste exactly like a thick brownie/cake and has marshmallow pieces scattered thoughout. But This one has a little crunch to it.
All the ingredients are tightly packed together, making it less chewy. The top coating is slightly more chewy (like thick chocolate syrup) than the inside cake part.
It smells exactly like brownie and marshmallows, and taste exactly like one. This taste very sweet just like a candy bar.



8Bit serves one of the finest burgers, hotdogs, milkshakes and fries in Melbourne hidden away in the back streets of Footscray.

As a testamont to the quality of the burgers at 8Bit, the line was out the door at 1 on an average Friday. The vibe was relaxed unless you were after a table, inwhich case it was cut throat (they do have takeaway options as well).The food is also really cheap and affordable which you will be surprised about considering how good the food is.

We ordered the 8Bit with cheese, the After Burner and a side of beer battered fries. The burgers were both served on an amazing brioche bun and every ingredient was cooked to perfection. While the 8Bit with cheese was the standard burger you would get, it is still a great burger to try. The After Burner has a bit more spice to it with jalepenos, chilli sauce and chipotle mayo. The fries were golden and crispy with the right amount of seasoning.

The service is highly rated with the people being friendly and polite with a good knowledge in the food they provide.


Happy Chocolate chip clif bar! ☺️🍪🗻🍫
Both the taste and smell are exactly the same as a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie with a hint of coocnut flakes!
The texture is denser than the average cookie. It’s an intermediate between crunchy and chewy, but more towards the chewy end! It’s also a little sticky, so I ate it with a fork!
I got this on sale for 0.99 at sprouts. I’m trying to try all the flavors and I always eat clif bars before races! 🏃😁

Let’s Eat : Spoon & Stable

It makes perfect sense that Bon Appetit nominated Spoon & Stable as one of the Top 50 restaurants in the country and also received recognition when nominated this year for the James Beard Award as one of the Best New Restaurants of 2015. The beauty of Spoon & Stable is a sight to see. I’ve never been taken back by the gorgeousness of a space. The elegance and chicness of the interior was torn out of a magazine.  The high ceilings and sky lights felt as if we were dining on a cloud. Walking through the front doors, you would not expect what sophistication was in store. Spoon and Stable ensures that there’s nothing getting in-between the incredible farm to the table experience you’re in store for. While working as the protégé to world renowned chef Daniel Boulud, Owner/Chef Gavin Kaysen received the 2008 James Beard Rising Star Award while working at Café Boulud. Spoon and Stable takes pride when working with local farmers to deliver exquisite dishes using the freshest locally sourced ingredients to provide diners with a dining experience that cannot be explained. To fully experience, you must stop in to see the works of art coming off of the flames with your own eyes.

On our visit we were seated directly in front of the kitchen and could see ALL of the magic happen. Watching the grace of Gavin Kaysen and Chef de Cuisine Chris Nye putting their final touches on each dish was a foodie fantasy which transformed my dreams into my reality. I couldn’t stop saying Ooohh & Ahh from my table view. The service was spectacular, actually beyond words. Our glasses never went dry and our plates were whisked away promptly.  The back of the house was completely exposed. The kitchen was completely open, you never heard the drop of a knife or saw a flame reaching the sky.  Our glasses never went empty and our food was divine. For a few hours, we felt like city queens in the heart of Minneapolis.

If you have a morning to spare, a Brunch reservation is a must!! Once seated your waitress will deliver a piece of paper with a list of treats made in house by renowned Pastry Chef Diane Yang. Walking over to the Patisserie, the delights in front of your eyes make everything look too beautiful to eat. Until this moment, I hadn’t realized the expertise that’s required to create confectionery masterpieces.  A table filled feast brimming with tortes, tarts, croissants, brioche and pan de chocolate just to name are few are presented in the finest of ways. Nothing is behind Plexiglas with cheap wax paper and bags. For a moment, you’re whisked to a morning in Versailles. Envision flutes of champagne overflowing while decadent sweet fill floral plates and glass pedestals with the most delectable baked goods you’ll ever set your eyes on. All that’s missing is Marie Antoinette. Chocolate for breakfast, I’ll take it any day! Layers upon Layers of delicate chocolate pastry wearing a crown of hazelnut chocolate, hazelnut jewels and candied cherry rubies tucked inside. To balance our sweet beginning we opted for the Goat Cheese Caramelized onions laying on a bed of pastry dough with edges crimped edges to keep the ingredients tucked inside. Creamy, savory and beyond heavenly.

As we slowly came down from our cloud of enchantment, it began to rise again when our main courses were presented. Set down before our eyes were two glorious plates. A perfect cooked egg was hiding 3 gorgeous bourbon and maple glazed bacon steaks underneath; seared perfectly to encase the tender, sweet warmth inside. For the curious minds, a bacon steak is literally a full quarter inch thick, which makes for a sexy savory piece of deliciousness. With a cut of the knife, the egg yolk melts into a golden river and your tongue is the boat to guide you.  The second plate was a slice of Spinach and Caramelized Onion Quiche. For the record, this was the most luscious egg based meal I’ve ever had. The eggs were fluffy and succulent yet light as air while melting in your mouth. The pleasure that was dancing on my palate is indescribable. The crust was buttery and flaky but far from crumbly. During this time, I’m pretty sure the only words coming out of our mouths were “Mmmm”, “ohh my, and this is sooo good”.

As we finished up our last bites, on a whim we decided that we must try the Crepe Cake. While visiting the patisserie we noticed a luscious cake that appeared to be made with layers of lace. As our slice was set on the table, we both giggled with glee.  Each scrumptious layer was lined with an elixir from the sugar fairies and topped fresh, juicy blackberries  and strawberries.
Euphoric feelings engulfed us. Maybe it was the perfectly blended ultra smooth Airmail cocktail I enjoyed upon our arrival from the bar or maybe it was the magic of being at one of the best restaurants in the country. Every now and then you have to treat yourself and when you do make sure it’s at Spoon and Stable. It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed, especially since it’s in our Midwest backyard.

Happy Eating!

Check out all of the delicious photos:

It was so amazing I have two pages of pics to feast your eyes on:

Spoon & Stable
211 First Street North
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Let’s take an adventure!
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Today we share with you a review from @ispyfelix of a vegan mexican restaurant in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood: “"LA is know for great Mexican food and Gracias Madre didn’t let me down. Beautiful interior, friendly waitresses, quick service and an endless menu of amazing traditional Mexican dishes - but all vegan! To start we shared Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo Tempeh! I got my first ever taco for the main which came with three different fillings: Cauliflower, Mushroom and Courgette served with Black Bean sauce and a side of the creamy Guacamole accompanied by a classic Margarita sweetened with Agave. We shared a Mexican Hot Chocolate for pudding which was perfect after the saltiness of the margarita👌.”

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My fav five hot dogs of Sydney are featured on Sydney Scoop . Link can be found on my profile. Cheers to @merivale @hongsta_gram @harryscafedw @chanomacafe @themorrisonsydney @chefseanconnolly @thesodafactory #clovarphotography #sydneyscoop #hotdogs #hotdogssydney #sydney #food #foodstagram #foodheaven #foodphotography #merivale #elloco #harrydewheels #chanomacafe #themorrison #thesodafactory #americanfood #hipstamatic #vscocam #foodreview


Thai peanut bowl from Aqui’s (Mexican restaurant).

I love it when restaurants have vegan options. This has green rice (actually just white rice with pesto, so it’s not another species like I hoped), Thai peanut sauce (I enjoyed it except it was a bit too salty. It taste like Singaporean/Asian peanut butter!), edamame, cabbage (referred to as “daily vegetable” on the menu), mango, papaya, string beans (tasted buttery) and ginger slaw (I don’t remember tasting that).

I enjoyed this! The only part that needs to be improved is that it needs to be bigger because it wasn’t very filling for me. It was $9.25 (after tax). I could easily make the same myself for much cheaper, but I still enjoy talking to friends at restaurants.

I also love how Aqui’s has an unlimited salsa bar, so I got some tomato/basil salsa! I love how it didn’t taste oily!