Wednesday = Cooking day … tzzz
Yesterday was the last cookery exam in my group and I swear even tho I was just the commis, it was still so stressful lol.
Btw I am sorry, I forgot to make a photo from the soup haha i had to peel the carrots during my ‘break’ hahah but I still managed to eat everything except for the dessert (but I managed to make a photo of the dessert hahah) 😝😝😍


Wafer by Slava Galaka


I had blueberries for breakfast. On my break in class I ate a sprouted whole grain peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For lunch I ate roasted broccoli and a sliced up orange.

For a snack I had my favorite rx bar.

When home from the library, I had a bowl of shiitake mushroom and chicken stir fry over brown rice.

For a midnight snack I had a homemade blueberry pancake. Made with oat flour, banana, coconut sugar, vanilla, vegan butter, and blueberries.