2/20/15 - Day 38

I left campus two times today!  HUGE success after the last week and a half of house arrest.

I went with my friend Kenzie this afternoon to a local pharmacy in search of an ankle brace.  While we left empty handed (except for an overpriced toothbrush…I mean, €4.62 for a normal toothbrush?), it was a great mini-excursion nonetheless.  Also, they had some great Norah Jones playing in the background: “Don’t Know Why” (

My second adventure, this time fully on foot (the other was via taxi), was to a wine bar/restaurant this evening called Foodoo.  Given my inability to do such things recently, it was my request for my first night back.  Kenzie, Ali and I split a bottle of wine and enjoyed some BBQ nachos as well as a phenomenal Banana Nutella Tiramisu 😍.  I could faintly here “Northern Sky” by Nick Drake playing in the background, calling to mind this scene from one of my family’s favorite movies, Serendipity

I must also say a huge thank you to all of my family and friends who have assisted me in the past week and a half.  From SLA’s Jess and Mitch taking me to Villa Stuart, to my “mom’s” Ali and Emma for assisting me with my Mensa trays, to Cindy coordinating my insurance issues with the clinic and our good friend Adam advising me on rehabbing my ankle, and to all of the individuals that have asked me about how I’m doing and kept me in their thoughts and prayers, I have been humbly reminded in the last couple days about how fortunate I am to have such incredible people in my life that care so much about me.  

An added bonus for the day: sleeping in until 11:15 this morning.

Lastly, I ask your thoughts and prayers for my grandmother who’s undergoing surgery today on her broken femur.

God Bless and Good Night,