Chopped Judges Edition

1 Drink if:
-Amanda and Aaron only speak to each other.
-Alex says “Wow”
-Geoffery is wearing enough clothes to keep an Eskimo village warm all winter
-Scott smiles evily
-Ted looks longingly at the food
-Chris says “How do you feel about that?”
-Marc says “Um”
-Marcus’ tie is not matching any of his clothes
- Maneet is incredibly kind and an all around cinnamon roll
2 Drinks if:
-A guest judge is present
-A guest judge is excluded from all conversations
-You can catch Scott smiling at Alex before he sees the camera on him and looks away
- Amanda makes more than 3 strange faces
-Aaron shows off expert culinary knowledge to impress others
-Geoffery does not fit in with anyone
-Ted says “Be well”

Down the Whole drink if:
-Scott hugs a competitor
-Geoffery cries
-Aaron cries
-Ted eats
-The whole episode is taken over by the FNS judges

A True Family Network Pt1

Bobby Flay on FNS, 2105: This is a pretty family friendly network, it’s for families

Me: Hmmmm…*thinks*

Drunken Judges..

Competitors out for blood…


Blatant Fear…

Kinkshame Kitchen…

Kinkshame Gartening…

Kinkshame Kitchen (Again)…

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Secret Crushes (Usually Drunken)

What Will The Family Network Do Next???

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