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food hypocrisy?

I’m not sure we can call it food hypocrisy, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Food Bank distribution of foods.  I have always been upset/annoyed/irritated/confused (some combination of those feelings) about the procedures/methods that food banks employ when getting food to people. Now this isn’t a rant on the food banks’ themselves because the service they offer is amazing, wonderful, highly-needed and incredible, but this is an observation.  So to the point if you can’t guess what I’m thinking about already; the fact that most of the food given away is highly processed, full of hydrogenated oil, salt, sugar and fat.  When most of the these food banks also have programs that are trying to promote healthy life styles…seems like a bit of a conundrum.  Not to mention that the donors or big corporate companies that support these food banks are also big pushers of junk food and junk food marketing to kids and adults a like.  Why is it that we have to live in a world like this? Where the same people that are supporting a good cause are also working against the public to promote bad choices and make money?  It isn’t the food bank’s fault, no I think we have a bigger issue here. I don’t even think we can solely blame the government; all though they could make it more feasible for people to get healthier foods and fresh produce by making these products more affordable and therefore ensuring the health and prosperity of this nation. And don’t get me started on food waste; for example organization A will have an employee luncheon or party or what not and then the food that doesn’t get eaten is wasted, meanwhile the constituency or the audience they serve are starving people; WHAT THE F?  I think we have, collectively, some issues to deal with and also our distribution methods are so askew.  There is enough food to feed the world and there is so much money floating around out there that is used improperly, lavishly or incorrectly and if it was funneled into the right channels and used at its full capacity for good, then we might see a better tomorrow. 

So sorry, I had to rant. Working through a food bank and seeing these things just got me thinking and I want to see if there are other people out there pondering the same.

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