foodie friday

Here in North Carolina, barbecue is something you eat, not something you do. What makes barbecue even more confusing for the non-North Carolinian is that there are two distinct versions of NC BBQ : Eastern and Western. Turns out that May is #NationalBarbecueMonth, so the #FoodieFriday team brings you this recipe for Eastern-style BBQ: 

Methodist Episcopal Church (Warrenton, N.C.). Our Favorite Recipes. Warrenton, N.C.: Business Women’s Circle of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Warrenton, N.C., 1930.   Jackson Library Special Collections-Home Economics Pamphlets TX715 .O91650 1930Z   

Don’t forget the red pepper and vinegar! 

Foodie Friday: YD House

8979 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95826 

(Sorry about the hiatus but I’m just super busy lately!)

YD House has got to be the best Korean restaurant I’ve ever been to in Sacramento. The location is kind of random and it’s right next to a convenience store. Inside the restaurant seems kind of small and it’s not too fancy looking. But the service is amazing ☺

They seat you as soon as possible and they’re friendly ahjummas (아줌마) so there’s nothing to be concerned about. 

The best thing there is definitely the side dishes (반찬) ♥


They have the typical side dishes you see at other Korean restaurants and a little more. Such as mushroom, broccoli, non-spicy kimchi and even spicy baby crabs. Everything was amazing. This is actually the first restaurant I’ve been to where they offer refills. At other places I had to ask.

As for the food, I ordered Seafood Pancake and Dolsot Bibimbap.

For me, the food was very good. The bibimbap tasted like a typical one you’d get at any other place. As for the pancake, it was pretty crispy and the sauce was so yummy.

My boyfriend ordered Spicy ice cake (떡볶이) and a pizza beef bibimbap.

The pizza bibimap was just pizza toppings, cheese, rice and beef.It was different but good. As for the tteokbokki, it smelled so good but I can’t take spicy so I didn’t try it. 

Overall I give this place a 10/10 rice cakes.

When we were leaving, the waitress even offered us the rest of the japchae–for free! And she was very interesting to talk to. Definitely coming back.

Vocabulary for this review:

먹다 (mok-da) - to eat
아줌마 (ah-jum-ma) - older Korean women
반찬 (ban-chan) - Korean side dishes
해물파전 (hae-mul pa-jeon) - seafood pancake
돌솥 비빔밥 (dol-sot bi-bim-bap) “stone pot mixed rice”
떡볶이 (tteok-bokk-i) - spicy rice cake
피자 (pi-ja) - pizza

#FoodieFriday team found this recipe for #NationalSouthernFoodDay - enjoy!

Lustig, Lillie S., S. Claire Sondheim, and Sarah Rensel. The Southern Cook Book of Fine Old Recipes. Reading, Pa: Culinary Arts Press, 1935.  Special Collections Home Economics Pamphlets Collection  TX715 .L95  

Foodie Friday #2: YakiniQ

*Photo credit to original owners*

YakiniQ is an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant also my most favorite place to eat Korean food. 

1640 Post St
2nd Fl
San Francisco, CA 94115 (Japantown/right next to the mall)

They have your typical meats that you eat at Korean BBQ such as bulgogi, samgyupsal and so much more!

They close at midnight every night excluding Sunday night (11PM) and Friday/Saturday (1AM).

They always have kpop playing in the background and kpop music videos playing on tv. 

As for the customer service, it’s usually pretty good. But they are often rushed because it gets super busy so it’s understandable. And since it gets so busy, they will have a waiting list that is about 20 - 30 minutes. But with all that time, you can either go to the mall or just walk around and enjoy the beauty of Japantown. The manager of the restaurant is also very friendly. I’ve only been there a few times and he remembers me and my friends ☺

If you ever go there, the bulgogi and the salad that’s part of the banchan is simply the best. Actually, everything on the menu is amazing. 

I give this place 5/5 rice cakes! I really do recommend going here if you guys are in the area! 

What is your favorite place to eat Korean BBQ?