Super Simple Scrumptious Brownie (for one)!

Alone on a Saturday night? Then we have the perfect thing for you! No ladies we didn’t create the perfect man (we’re still working on it though) we did come up with the perfect companion to sit with you and snuggle while watching House Hunters and this date, won’t fall asleep on you! In fact, he’s easy, sweet, and warm! He’ll satisfy any sweet tooth (or for some of us teeth) and he won’t make you feel guilty! So when you have a commercial break, hurry up and make yourself this simple scrumptious brownie for you, you deserve it!

What you need:

Microwavable mug or ramekin (I used a ramekin this time)

2 tbls butter

2 tbls of sugar

1 tbls of brown sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract

pinch of salt (I used kosher salt)

1 egg yolk

4 tbls all purpose flour

1 tbls cocoa powder (I used Nestle)

2 tbls semi sweet chocolate chips (or as much/little as you like – depending on your sweet tooth!)

What you do:

Mix together the sugars and salt.

Melt the butter in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

Add the butter and vanilla extract to the sugars and salt.

Once combined, add the egg yolk and stir.

Then you will need to add the flour and cocoa powder and keep stirring until well combined. It will start to seem pretty dry at first, but keep mixing – it will come together.

Add the chocolate chips and stir again.

Add the mix to the ramekin or mug and add a marshmallow to the top.

Microwave for 1 minute.

You can alternatively add a nice scoop of ice cream to the top, nuts, fruit, whipped cream, chocolate or caramel sauce… whatever your heart desires! :-) Let your sweet mind wander because we know you’ll be making this again and again just to find the perfect topping for you!

Finally… sit back, eat and enjoy!!

Thanks for reading! 

**Quick tip: Add 2-3 marshmallows to your brown sugar container when storing - this will stop the sugar from going hard and will keep it nice and soft!