Here is my super easy and speedy cereal recipe, which lasts about a month in a sealed container. It’s low fat, high protein, low sugar and super delicious… If you’re anything like me you’ll want your cereal to pack a crunch, be tasty but not chockablock with sugar; this is the best of all of these worlds. The great thing about it is you can customise the base recipe based on what you have in the cupboard and what your preferences are! 

Homemade low sugar cereal

Serves (roughly) 30 breakfasts

In a bowl combine: 

100g of puffed brown rice 

100g of corn flakes 

100g of rye oats 

1 cup of chopped almonds

½ cup of chopped hazelnut

1 ½ Tbsp of agave nectar

That’s it… no baking just keep in ur cupboard and add to yoghurt, milk or grab and go as a snack (you’ll find me with my hands in the box quite a bit with this stuff).

So ever since finding out I was lactose intolerant I’ve been trying to come up with a creamy pasta sauce that won’t give me horrible stomach cramps. I think I may have cracked it. I add balsamic vinegar to this as I like the acidity (it makes it taste lighter) but you don’t need it. If you’re a meat lover as well then by all means add bacon to this, and if you are lucky enough to be able to eat dairy without wanting to cry then go ahead and replace the vegan cheese with standard cheddar. Finally if you are a vegan please feel free to substitute the Parmesan with ¼ cup of almond milk to make it vegan but keep that creamy texture which is so often missed. I would also recommend using avocado pesto for this as it’s also creamy (there’s a click through link to my recipe for that down there (it’s so easy and very versatile, can be used for sandwiches, salads, pasta etc.). As always, enjoy and please do let me know if you do decide to make this as I love to hear about your cooking adventures! 

Dreamy ‘Creamy’ Mushroom Spaghetti (without the Cream)

1. In a large pan add dry spaghetti to water and put on a high heat. As this begins to boil finely chop one garlic clove, ½ a white onion and two handfuls of mushrooms (I like to finely slice mine as they weave like ribbons between the pasta). 

2. In a large frying pan add olive oil and fry your onions and garlic on a low heat for about three minutes. One they have softened add 1 large tbsp of pesto  and a melty vegetable stock cube (or fresh vegetable stock if you have any lying around, i didn’t) to the pan and add your mushrooms. Give this a good stir.

3. Season the pesto mixture with salt and pepper and add 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar (the smell here is intense). Add some parmesan and I added 1 cup of vegan ‘violife’ cheddar cheese here but normal cheddar will also work. Stir and keep on a low heat as the mushrooms shrink. 

4. Drain off your cooked spaghetti (save ¼ cup of the boiled water and add to the pan). Add your spaghetti and give it a good stir


Just wanted to keep you guys up to date with what I have been eating and hope to help some people with new ideas.

This morning I had oatmeal and coconut water.

Oatmeal: In a small bowl add, ¾ of a cup of oatmeal, ½ cup low fat milk (or greek yogurt), strawberries (diced or whole), a handful of blueberries, and some trail mix (that includes, dried raisins and a variety of nuts). The coconut water I bought at the store, I was very sweet for my taste so I diluted it with water and put it in the fridge overnight to drink cold. 

LUNCH TIP: It’s always hard for me to decide what to make for lunch, I want something fulfilling and yummy, but most of the time I don’t even have the time to make it.

I bought my groceries on Sunday for the week. Take your veggies and separate them into portions and put them in baggies for the week as I did here. Put them in the freezer and when your are ready to make lunch you have your veggies all portioned out and ready to cook. 

In my baggies I put: 5 asparagus sticks, 3 baby tomatoes, 6-8 baby carrots, and broccoli (you can add anything you want, like spinach or cucumbers, you decide what you like). So when you go to make your lunch just take your bag of veggies out and cook them with portions of lean meat, chicken or seafood. I am most likely just sautéing them with chicken and just adding a side of avocado and a small portion of fruit.


Chilli or Chilli Flakes help speed up your Metabolism which pushes the body to use stored body fat as fuel. Read the 10 Benefits of Chilli below. 1- Increases Metabolism

2 - Depress Appetite

3 - Launch The Digestive

4 - Helps The Processing of Carbohydrates

5 - Increases Fat Oxidation

6 - Improves Stamina

7 - Protects Cells From Damage

8 - Supply Of Vitamins

9 - Prevents Overeating

10 - Increases Energy & Alertness

Cassidy D's (gluten and dairy free) Food Idea's

Breakfast (OR Snack - make sure the portion is enough or pair with something when it’s breakfast, it’s always best to have a few different things and include non dairy milk or juice to drink) ;
- Gluten free bun with dairy free butter (Becel vegan or Earth Balance) 
- Chex cereal with peanut butter (and banana?) on top and favourite non-dairy milk 
- Glutino Poptart
- Gluten free toast with fig jam
- Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, agave, matcha powder, chocolate, nut butters, peaches, blueberries, flax seed, marshmallows, fig jam, fruit, protein powder, etc… get creative!
- ‘Bakery On Main’ gluten free granola with non-dairy milk and banana/fruit 
- Omelette with beans and cooked veggies (try adding ketchup, pepper, salt, seasonings, and other dressing!)

- Glutino pretzels and carrots with hummus
- Nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes
- Unbuttered prepackaged popcorn with seasonings 
- Packaged goodies (nuts, seeds, chips, popcorn, etc)
- Peanut butter and banana (try heated/melted!)
- Luna bars
- Other protein / nut bars (Simply, Kind, Taste of Nature, etc)
- Gluten free crackers with your choice topping (salsa, bruschetta, non dairy cheese, hummus, etc)

Dinner / Lunch;
- Gluten free wrap with grilled chicken, hummus, and veggies (I love hot peppers!)
- Gluten free veggie burger (Sol, Dr Praeger) with beans, corn, veggies, fries etc!
- Chili with nachos
- Poutine made with fries, non-dairy cheese and gluten/dairy free gravy
- Sandwich with eggs and beans and veggies on the side (also good with ketchup, pepper, seasonings, etc!)
- Burrito bowl made with rice, beans, salsa, protein, veggies, etc
- Gluten free pasta with tomato saice and choice of toppings
- Grilled chicken with rice and veggies
- Homemade pizza using gluten free bread or crust with pizza sauce, non-dairy cheese (Daiya) and veggies
- Nachos with non-dairy cheese (Daiya), try pairing with salsa, hummus, etc

- Candy (most are gluten free)
- Dark chocolate (try different flavours!)
- Non-dairy milks
- Non-dairy hot chocolates (prepackaged or create your own - try adding coffee syrups for extra flavour!)
- Juice 
- Gluten free cookies (I love ‘Lucy’s, K-Too’s, gluten free oreos, etc)

More ideas to come! Of course these do not have to be gluten and dairy free to eat these! Just create your own from these ideas :)

- CD

Healthy breakfast after an early morning session at the gym. No butter - egg yolk may be fatty, but is good in moderation as it has essential fatty acids that your body cannot create, and once spread over the toast there is no need for butter. Strawberries are just gorgeous in the morning, in any form, and the asparagus adds a nice finishing touch - boiled in the same water/white wine vinegar mix used for the egg.