Popiah also known as spring rolls are quite popular through out Malaysia. When we are hunting for food along the Jonker Night Market, we found a stall that selling popiah and we decided to stop and try for it.
Popiah originated from the Fujian province in China and brought to Malaysia by the migrating Chinese back in the day.

Popiah is made by a thin paper like crepe and stuffed with various of ingredients which included some vegetables, cooked meat, eggs and peanut powder. You can choose to have a spicy flavour popiah or an original flavour popiah.

We ordered just one single original flavour popiah for RM 3.00. The popiah tasted so fresh and delicious as the combination of the vegetables and sauces are perfectly match!

This popiah stall always crowded with customers. People keep coming and ordering nonstop. However a downsides of being famous falls on its customers, they had to patiently wait. And since there is only one person is making popiah, the production rate is rather limited.

If you never tried a popiah, I definitely recommed you give it a try. You can choose the original flavour if you cannot take spicy foods. It is well worth the experience while in Jonker Night Market.