An update: A few minutes after I wrote this post, the other mom pulled her baby out of her stroller, and she was even more tiny than the first! Maybe four or five weeks. I was about to go over and tell them both how wonderful they were doing, but out of nowhere the cafe got super busy and they packed up and left. I was really bummed.

And now, onto the adventures of training a seven-month old how to bottle feed. The bottle we are using is this one from Comotomo (associate link). He seems to like it. It is very boob-like and squishy all around. He enjoys holding it, which seems to be the key for him, in terms of wanting to eat from it. 

In terms of strategy, we’re just waiting him out. I go away, and either my husband or his nanny tries to feed him. Yesterday was day three, and our amazing nanny (who–when I got home Tuesday–was standing up and holding him on her knee, Captain Morgan style, in an attempt to get him to eat) left feeling really positive about the situation.

But here’s the weird thing. Both times she has tried to feed him, Tuesday and Wednesday, he has fallen asleep, not once, but twice, during his snack sessions. This is insane because as you might remember, this boy doesn’t sleep. His naps are at best 30-minutes two or three times a day. Yesterday, during her first attempt, he slept for 45 minutes. And then after her second attempt, he slept for another 30. I have two theories. My first is that he is attempting to use the naps as a way to get out of a stressful situation. My second is that the nipple is allowing the milk to come out too fast and that it is causing him a little sugar coma, like it did when I was struggling with oversupply.

Which leads me to my next problem: I can no longer pump. Almost nothing comes out. Has anyone ever retrained their boobs to pump after five months of no pumping? If it carries on, I think we might have to switch him over to formula, or maybe goat’s milk? I have no idea. If all goes according to plan he’ll be nearly nine-months old when I start this position. I can’t imagine he’ll take to formula easily at that point! Advice is, as always, welcome!

And I hope you get some time to yourself lady. I know how that goes. Good luck!