Rajigaze 2.9


Uruha is the one with the most expensive taste in the band

Kai always starts with salad (if it’s Teishoku)/ Kai thinks a meal with 3 parts is the best- a balanced one- like rice,miso soup and salad or smtH

K: hide-sans daisu Ru: daisuuu? K: daisu *grins* Ru: dice right? K: daisu

K: shokushokushoku (foodfoodfood)

Ruki and Kai always eat the same things- if they try something else they always think, that it’s not quite that good (as they things they usually eat) Kai has always Coffee in his fridge. Ruki always has something carbonated (especially coke) in his fridge- he also would like to have a water dispenser for his coke

Kai doesn’t like eggplant- it has nothing special, just the color is special, but that’s also strange K: I don’t like avocado… greenthings itself are… Ru: well you can’t go to Italia then K: eh? yeah well I won’t go to italy

Ruki makes playlists with songs he really likes from different albums /if Rukis in a romantic mood he listen to Utada Hikaru - in my room/Ruki hates to give advices related to bands bc he thinks they should just do it the way they think it’s best

Kai doesn’t like thi diet where you won’t eat for 3 days, just drink water- K: this destroys your body!/ Kai tried a diet once where he decided for a time and if this time passed he din’t eat anything anymore (for example 6 pm)

Ru: there’s also a way to count calories right? Sakai-kun lost weight with it, didn’t he? K: he lost some right? we made a promise- that if he got under 70 kg I would buy him suit- but after we came back from the world tour he still had around 90kg lol

they’re thinking about a menue Ruki had the idea that one day it'sJapanese, the next day Italian, then Chinese and the next weeks it’s starts again with different food but related to the country

Seems like Aoi and Reita have a sweet tooth, Reita is worst- he really loves this ‘bread’ with cream inside, In the end they said that Aoi is the one with the worst sweet tooths but they didn’t say any more and went on with the next song