im tired of this culture that we have online where you’re not allowed to like harmless things because theyre “edgy” or “cringy”, etc. im tired of people (especially children) being mocked by others for simply having fun. im tired of the fact that so many of us have to say we “ironically” like things just to avoid being judged for no goddamn reason.

i love the shit out of sparkledogs. i listen to monster by skillet and i enjoy it. i adore seeing kid’s OCs who have dark sides and tragic pasts and special powers. and yes, i fucking love foodfight.

im done giving a shit about this weird stigma against things. we all should be.

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LOL why hate on Sausage Party its an animated movie that makes us laugh and shows how religion Blinds most of us into hating each other. Its not that bad lol

  • religion is a vector and an excuse for beliefs, not a source of them. trust me, atheists and agnostics and the unaffiliated faithful are very capable of perpetuating hatred, and pointing to religion as The Reason People Hate Each Other is a very useful smokescreen for them.
  • this:
  • there is basically zero reason to believe that the themes you’re referring to will be handled with any nuance or sensitivity, or provide any real insight, especially since someone thought it would be a good idea to include a running joke about the goddamn israel-palestine conflict between a bagel and a pita.
  • Food Orgy Sequence.

that being said, Seth Rogen, if you’re gonna send me anons about this then feel free to hire me as a writer or composer or guest VA or something, I would happily compromise my principles to get that sweet sweet hollywood cash


@glumguts u dare question why anyone would steal foodfight ? watch this trailer that features the ORIGINAL animation. splended. perfect. honestly stunning. who WOULDNT want this in their possession

If any of you were thinking of saving Sausage Party for a bad movie night: honestly? don’t even bother. it’s so much more entertaining to make fun of from a distance, when you’re actually There it’s just a mind-numbing experience that you’ll most likely regret sitting through? it’s not the next Foodfight, the absurdity of Foodfight is actually fun. just watch Foodfight.