shitty 3d animated movies categories

heck yeah, let’s expose this to as many people as possible: foodfight!, sir billi, dwegons and leprechauns

this is awful looking but it lost its baffling appeal somewhere around the 2 hour mark, holy fuck this movie is long: kiara the brave

i went into this thinking it would be terrible but it’s terrible in a way i didn’t expect, ie: seemingly condoning verbal abuse and bullying????: ivan the incredible

this movie had a budget and celebrities attached, neither paid off, also people who invested in the film think its poor reception was the result of a HOLLYWOOD CONSPIRACY: legends of oz

@ people angry at me for ‘posting too many birds’, i’m sorry i happen to have an interest all my life i get excited to talk about and want to educate people ://

call me petty but when you have a mindset of ‘letting things slide’ that’s what sets the environment for somewhat innacurate designs to eventually become horrifically bad designs made with zero research and harmful representation. anyone can post a screenshot from foodfight for a good laugh and thats all i could do with this blog, but i believe in and endorse criticism of media that i enjoy consuming just as much as the low hanging garbage

What I look for in a guy
  • Tall
  • Has a great smile
  • Makes me laugh
  • Likes to cook and shares with people
  • Handsome
  • Cute
  • Isn’t afraid to be himself
  • Likes youtube
  • Brown hair
  • Big nerdy glasses
  • Speaks his mind
  • Spray paints his mouth and food
  • Fights gnomes
  • sets things on fire
  • Has a 12 inch dildo
  • Keeps kept a penis in a jar
  • Eats pickles and chicken in sewers
  • Throws up on his friends
  • It’s Ian

do you know what its like to be in the middle of class and having the french national anthem start playing in this classic movie that you need to watch and analyze and instead of being like “wow what an important moment” you’re like “foodfight. goddamnit. its food fight.” what other shit in my life is going to make me think of that fucking movie 

Imagine Wander

Imagine Wander making breakfast with you~ Or just cooking with you in general 💛
Also imagine a food fight turning into a food war that somehow leads to Sylvia on your side against Wander and Hater. Potatoes fly. Someone loses an eye. Then a life. It started out so innocent but it became such a dark day for alien kind. No one is safe.
There is probably a cute ending, but how it comes about is up to you~