So I watched The Emoji Movie trailer

I know I know, but it’s playing nonstop as a YouTube ad and curiosity got the better of me. But now that I answered that question it’s time to answer the next question: what do I think?

Well it’s definitely not my cup of tea, it looks like it’s using ideas done before and it has blatant advertising to rival Foodfight and Eight Crazy Nights. But, despite all the negatives, I have to take a controversial note and say that it still holds an interest as a viewable movie-JUST HEAR ME OUT!!

When you see the trailer, yes, this is blatantly taking the approach of Wreck It Ralph. It’s about a world that exists in a mobile phone, and one Meh emoji doesn’t feel like a Meh, so he’s on a journey through the phone to fight even the system to change his purpose. Boy, that does sound familiar! And with mentions of apps such as Candy Crush and having such safe, not trying humor as a second banana animation company film, it doesn’t look smart or clever.

However, the plot also kinda rips off another popular movie. Instead of the mobile phone world being one big shared world, their world exists in one specific phone of a pre teen boy named Alex, and the movie seems to hint that he has a crush on a pre teen girl. So, with this formula, the emojis seem less like helpless icons and more like purposeful helpers. That’s right, this is also a mobile tech version of Inside Out. While it makes the film more of a heartless rip off, I gotta admit this makes the plot also more interesting. With Inside Out you were invested in the emotions, but especially because you wanted to know if they will successfully help Riley in the end. With the Emoji Movie, now you have an investment to see if the emojis will get it together to successfully help Alex.

After I wondered if this will start crossover fanfics with Inside Out, I actually found myself interested in the idea of The Emoji Movie. I mean it’s been argued that every idea has been done, so now it’s how to use those ideas in a different, fresh way. While this mix of ideas isn’t that fresh, it is interesting to mix Wreck It Ralph with Inside Out. Now it’s not just will Meh be able to be himself or be happy with his purpose, it’s also will they help Alex, and as Alex is more relatable than an emoji there’s more of an investment to know if everything is going to turn out okay.

Will I see The Emoji Movie? Probably not, the subpar kid friendly, shelter mom safe comedy isn’t for me. But for it’s plot that’s admittedly a mix of previously done plots, at least it’s a good mix of previously done plots. So I won’t judge people who will see this and maybe even like it, cause I can see this film being harmless and falling into the real between decent and guilty pleasure.

Just the concept of backstory Magnus and the Taaco twins being insta-besties while they were at High Stakes Adventurer Space Camp tickles me pink. They got along so well! Too well. They were the Nightmare Scenario, the Terrible Trio. Lup bridged the gap between Taako and Magnus perfectly and together they more or less wrecked havoc. 

Magnus saw them on Day Three tormenting the IPRE’s equivalent to Leon the Artificer, or sneaking into the cafeteria after hours because the food was unacceptable and knew. These were his people. He attached himself to them and refused be dissuaded. Lup accepted him pretty much instantly because hello, giant person to use as a human shield/easy going goodtime fight buddy. Taako took a lot longer to warm up to their new, big, excitable tagalong, but Magnus grew on him, especially with Lup there to serve as a filter. 

Of course, they were still competing for a few coveted spots on the IPRE mission, so it wasn’t all roses and sunshine. There was a fair amount of mutual pragmatism there as well. A general understanding that if it came down to it they did really want this job and would do anything to get to it. But in the meantime…. the twins helped Magnus memorize IPRE regulations, they teamed up to sabotage people they didn’t like, gave a little boost to a few select underdogs (over Taako’s protests). Lup and Magnus wrecked more training dummies than anyone could count. Playfighting in the halls. Idly using Magnus as a jungle gym to get to high shelves/look down on someone/avoid walking. A truly epic amount of foodfights. They scared off half of their fellow trainees with sheer enthusiasm (and a little bit of bullying). 

Because as nice as they are, they can kind of be jerks. Lup and Magnus are good people who unfortunately have an automatic teasing instinct. Taako refuses to be a good person, especially not in such a high stakes environment with his sister already compromised. They were Space Camp Mean Girls. They were three fourth of the Marauders (Barry was their Pettigrew, obviously). They were a force of nature and juvenile hijinks. They slid in only because they had enough Bond to power the ship themselves, the three of them. They’re bad enough as Tres Horny Boys. Imagine how awful they were when it was Double the Taako and College Aged Magnus. 

So I made a website on Foodfight! for class.







Horrible Animation!

Witness the shocking visuals!

Corporate Espionage!

Unlikely theft, or scandalous lie?


Experience one man’s shortcomings!


The disaster of a movie, Foodfight!, has developed a following as one of the worst animated movies to have existed.

Not only did it take more than a whole ten years to make, it had a 45,000,000 budget, and only made $73,706 at the box office.

The film was a massive failure, with a lot riding on it during production. The studio planned on making toys, lots of merch, a cereal brand based off of the characters, and even a Foodfight! on ice show.

Now, the animators who worked on this won’t even put it on their resumes.

Explore the rest of the site to discover just what the hell this movie is.

“It needs to be 30% better.”~Lawrence Kasanoff, Director

  • $45,000,000 Budget
  • 10+ years
  • 1.7 on IMDb
  • $73,706 at the box office


One day, producer at Threshold: Lawrence Kasanoff, or Larry, saw Toy Story and were inspired. “What if, instead of familiar toys, we made a film with familiar brand names that you’d find in the grocery store?” he pondered. Well, he expected the Wreck-It Ralph of grocery products (or rather, Casablanca, seeing as how there are numerous references in the film), but instead, we got an apparent case of “corporate espionage” in 2002 (which I personally think is a coverup for Larry spilling his drink on the hard drives), and then, “Foodfight!”.

Those working under Kasanoff, found him very… peculiar in his directing. Animators would get orders from him like “make this more awesome,” or “make this 30% better,” and often treated scenes as if they were live action, telling the animators to do “another take,” implying he didn’t exactly know how animation even worked.

A lot can be said about the director and his role in how bad the film is. It was his desicion to use motion-capture animation, while still trying to keep the Loony-Toons-esk “squash and stretch” style, even though that’s comparable to using a philips-head screwdriver for a flat-head screw. This is also why everyone emotes like C-3PO, and has a near-dead, lifeless stare.

God help me, I researched all this

Screened capped cause it’ll be gone by the end of the semester

@ people angry at me for ‘posting too many birds’, i’m sorry i happen to have an interest all my life i get excited to talk about and want to educate people ://

call me petty but when you have a mindset of ‘letting things slide’ that’s what sets the environment for somewhat innacurate designs to eventually become horrifically bad designs made with zero research and harmful representation. anyone can post a screenshot from foodfight for a good laugh and thats all i could do with this blog, but i believe in and endorse criticism of media that i enjoy consuming just as much as the low hanging garbage

Headcanon that Pyrrha and Neptune knew each other before Beacon

Pyrrha canonically went to Sanctum, which as far as we know is Mistral’s equivalent to Signal.

I know Pyrrha canonically was pretty lonely before coming to Vale but I’d like to think that some of the members of Team SSSN (Possibly not Sun depending on when he moved to Mistral from Vacuo) were in her classes.

Imagine Neptune and Pyrrha getting paired up for assignments:

  • Neptune being totally okay with doing some of Pyrrha’s share of the work due to her having contractual obligations or training for upcoming matches she has to deal with.
  • Pyrrha seeing through the cool act Neptune puts on in roughly five seconds “I’m a professional tournament fighter, I know when someone’s bluffing”
  • Neptune figuring out Pyrrha’s Semblance (Because he’s an intellectual) and promising not to tell anyone.
  • Scarlet David being jealous because he’s Nep’s friend and the biggest Pyrrha Nikos fanboy ever.
  • Playful arguments over who is the most ridiculously extra “Your weapon has three modes Nikos, you’re not Qrow Branwen” “Nep, you have blue hair and a gun that belongs on Atlesian warship”
  • Them hanging out when they can because Pyrrha can’t be seen doing anything that could cause a scandal and Neptune doesn’t really like parties that much anyway.
  • Pyrrha telling Neptune that she’s going to miss him when she’s in Vale.
  • That moment when Neptune walks in on Team RWBY and JNPR’s foodfight and the two of them meet up again.

I just want her to have had some friends growing up.

notasmol2016  asked:

I want to say that I've watched hook on VHS since I was a small child. I always thought Rufio was super cool and a good hero to the lost boys. It became so involved in my life, me and my family repeat the 'grace' part of the food fight scene every night, even now (of course, without the foodfighting). I just wanted to say thanks, Dante.

I love that…

Hope y'all said “Grace!” At you Easter meal! (Or if you don’t celebrate, whatever meal you had today!)