Kawaii Monster Cafe

Have you heard? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s producer, Sebastian Masuda, recently opened a Kawaii Monster themed cafe in tokyo’s harajuku! 

The opening date was August 1 so there are a lot of different videos and reviews on this cafe now! Check out the promotional video here

Screen shot from the promotional video 

During the media opening many popular models, artists and youtubers were in attendance! These include but are not limited to Amiaya, Alysa Ueno, Femme, and Kumikki.

There are 4 different subsections that you can choose to sit in. These include: 

Mushroom Disco

This features an almost Alice in Wonderland-esque seating room with swirling floors and mushroom lighting.

Milk Stand

If you look up you can see hundreds of baby milk bottles. Some of which are feeding a few floating animal heads with demon eyes! I dare say that this is my favorite space. It’s creepy and its cute! 

Mel-Tea Room

This room seems like a personal shoutout to all of the girls into sweeter styles. What more could you want from a room with giant macarons and melting pastel whip cream decadence? 

Bar Experiment

Jellyfish? Check. Cool Lighting? Check. BOOZE? Check, check and double check. 

“Sweets Go Round” Carousel 

See this? This giant light up cake moves! AND IT SPINS. AND YOU CAN SIT ON IT. HI! YES. SIGN ME UP PLEASE. 

Whats that? What about the food you ask ? 

Well look at it. 

Look at it. 

Look at how deliciously interesting this all looks. Nothing like a typical pastry would. I suppose thats why Sebastian coined it as a monster cafe. It’s as though the food were prepared by monsters, looking almost monster-ish itself! 

I really do wonder what the noodly dish in the center is. And look at all of those sauces! 

If you’re ever in japan please be sure to stop by. I’m sure it will be a great experience. 

More information on the cafe can be found here:

Address : YM Square Bld. 4F, 4-31-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-5413-6142