The Department of Awesome Overindulgence can’t come to the phone right now because they’re on a flight to Sydney, Australia to visit Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery. They’ve got only one thing on their minds and it’s the Tella Ball Shake, a ginormous Nutella-flavored milkshake topped with a sugar coated, Nutella-filled doughnut.

The Nutella Shake and Tella Ball were already the cafe’s two most popular desserts. So when Cafe owner Aki Daikos and his business partner Simon Kappatos decided to combine them into one formidably decadent treat, sales went through the roof and, now that word has gotten out, they can’t keep up with the demand:

“We made 400 Tella Balls today, and we ran out at 11 a.m. this morning,” he noted. “We used around 30 kilograms of Nutella today, it’s been really crazy. We had to close early today as we ran out of milk.”

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