anonymous asked:

favorite blogs?

Oh crap- who’s making me do this?? Okay, I seriously LOVE every blog I follow, otherwise I wouldn’t follow them. I also “unofficially” follow a lot of my follwers- meaning, I don’t want anything triggering to pop up on my dash if I’m having a day where I can’t handle it… but when I can handle it I like to stop by and see how they’re doing.

Ok so here’s a few… or a lot… in no particular order… mehh… I’m actually about to put a shit ton of stuff from this girl’s blog in my queue. This kid is also pretty awesome :) Don’t really know him too well but I love when his stuff comes up on my dash :) I just love this blog- I can relate to so much of the stuff on there. Another one I’m about to reblog a bunch of things from ♡ I get a lot of my food stuff from here. akhfkjsh!! I dunno why I wasn’t following until just now!! But I love this blog ♡ Simple- ED recovery AND dance posts in one place :) I will always follow him, love his blog ♡ Everyone should follow this blog :) asdkjsh!! I love this girls blog and I just want to reblog everything she has forever and ever!!

And of course there are plenty more that I really do love but I figured this was a long enough list.