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Can’t wait to go back to Hesburger now.
(Hesburger because I don’t eat junk food here anymore) 

Taco Bell Has an 85 Million Taco Shell Reserve Prepared for Doritos Onslaught 

Look, you can argue this fact all you want, but a fact it remains: Taco Bell’s soon selling tacos made out of giant Doritos, and you’re going to eat one. No, shh—it’s true. Millions of orange shells await.

The Doritos Locos Tacos, already available at a few experimental Taco Bell locations—the Los Alamos of shockingly cheap Mexican food—will roll out worldwide. And then, it’ll be too late to resist, you stupid gourmand. You think you’re too good for Taco Bell, maybe? Hah, no, friend. That’s not how it works… But if you’re going to be difficult about it and turn up your nose, try this on for size (like an enormous taco): the company has already mass produced 85 million Doritos taco shells ready.

That’s enough for every single person in Germany to receive one. And then another four million left over. So shut up and eat your tacos, which are so Locos that they require a specially-designed holster to prevent Doritos dust from getting on your skin and overwhelming your entire central nervous system. [FoodBeast]