Hotty Totty: Recipe

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Wanted to know what the pink flames of hell taste like? Well here nyall are! A spin on the hot toddy to make for all your annoying brothers or to get the attention of your friends at the next mixer!

You will need:Jack Daniel’s Honey whiskey/Honey/Grenadine/Water/Milk and your favorite mug~


Step one- add your honey, grenadine, and whiskey!

Boil some water and add it to the cup till it fills about half way and mix until completely diluted!

Then add milk! (or for a creamier drink add some cream!)

Add some aesthetics ™ and enjoy~!

Thanks for reading and happy drinking!!!!

anonymous asked:

How much does a Hufflepuff eat a day? And what would they eat?

They would eat probably as much as a hobbit would eat and more. So Breakfast - Second breakfast - Elevenses - Lunch - Afternoon tea - Dinner - Supper. Plus Snacks. (Although of course it would be harder to accomplish this amount of food at school) 

Breakfast - A hearty serving of bacon, eggs, baked beans, English muffins, buttered toast, sausages, washed down with either a cup of tea, orange juice or pumpkin juice. Coffee for the students who either spent the night studying or aren’t morning people. Maybe just a bowl of porridge for those who don’t want such  a hearty breakfast.

Second Breakfast - Scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream and a cup of pumpkin juice or tea. Crumpets with honey or golden syrup.

Elevenses - Assortment of sandwiches.

Lunch -  Pumpkin pasties, hot chips, mashed potatoes, Cornish pastie washed down with pumpkin juice.

Afternoon Tea - Small sandwiches, individual cakes and scones with tea.

Dinner -  Chicken and mushroom pasties, steak and kidney pie, peas, sprouts, carrots, gravy, Roast chicken, mashed potatoes.

Desert -  Apple pies, treacle tart, chocolate éclairs, chocolate gateau, jam doughnuts, trifle, strawberries, jelly, and rice pudding (obviously not all eaten in one night.)

Supper - Hot chocolate or warm milk and a few biscuits before sleep.

They would probably try to sneak the occasional snack between classes or maybe during free periods or at night.