Sugar Cookie In A Mug Or Coffee Cup Recipe -
I was craving a cookie with my afternoon coffee but their were none to be found. Found this pin from a blog called No. 2 Pencil and gave it a whirl. The results were a very cakey cookie but the flavor was great and it satisfied the craving!

can i just say this is some good ass fukin cookie in a cup right here… i tried it and it was hella good like omf… i gotta say tho the texture was a mix between cookie and cake but ye that didnt matter this was still hella good : OOO

au where kageyama is an android that was specifically designed to be excellent at sports, but he was a prototype that sorta failed and he refused to play anything but volleyball. so his creators retired him to live as a basically normal person, with a surrogate family, so he goes to school and plays volleyball for fun.

but like, being a robot with incredible power and accuracy means he’s 10x better than humans at the game and their lack of reaction time frustrates him, so it’s like canon in that he’s known for being difficult and impatient.

he keeps his android status on the DL, because his design makes him look very human and he can eat for appearance’s sake (he can’t taste the food but the sensation of eating is psychosomatically comforting, so he enjoys it a lot). and it’s not until some match with karasuno that he malfunctions, and he needs external help to fix it, and the only person he can ask is hinata. 

he likes that hinata is the one human who can match his speed and skill, but hinata is kind of a dumbass so trying to articulate what to do to fix him with a busted speech processor is DIFFICULT TO SAY THE LEAST, but hinata like. doesn’t mind at all that kags is a robot, he thinks it’s cool.

so he has to reset a panel and kags is printing instructions on a screen mounted inside his chestplate and when he hecks up kags just prints “ボッケ!” (bokke!) over and over on the screen and they fight but it’s like. an affectionate fight. and ever since then hinata helps him with all things electronic and asks him questions.

and very badly tries to hide this fact from the others.

(they think they’re dating.)

(…they’re not wrong per se.)


Taste of Chicago

The Outreach Interns recently attended Taste of Chicago, an annual food festival located in Chicago’s Grant Park, home of other notable events such as Lollapalooza and the Chicago Blues Festival. We took the Number 6 CTA bus straight to the park. It’s super easy to access the park by multiple methods of public transportation—bus, train, the “L”, and more. The crowds were bustling once we got to the Grant Park, but we quickly made our way to the heart of the festival. We tasted several different types of food—from Mexican and Polish food, to Chicago staples like hot dogs and deep dish pizza. We’ve listed our favorite dishes from the festival below!

Lexi: Fries smothered in cheese from Gold Coast Dogs warmed my cheese-loving heart, and the potato pancake from Kasia’s Deli was really good!

Shana: The watermelon popsicles from La Mexicana tasted as if I had bitten straight into a watermelon; they were so good that I had to get another one! I had my first Chicago-style hot dog from Gold Coast Dogs, and I even got to try alligator sausage from Chicago’s Dog House!

Michael: The chicken and veggie potstickers topped with a spicy sauce from Star of Siam were great! 

Emily: I really love buffalo chicken, so naturally the buffalo chicken tamale from Dia De Los Tamales was my favorite.

After our stomachs were full and we’d run out of tickets, we headed to Millennium Park, where we walked through the beautiful Lurie Garden and made the most of the photo op at the Bean. Our final stop was Intelligentsia Coffee for a change in atmosphere and a refreshing drink. (They have student discounts!) Newly caffeinated, we headed back to Hyde Park on the lightening-speed Metra train.

We had a great time sampling the cuisines of the various restaurants in Chicago and exploring spots near Grant Park. Since Downtown Chicago is only a short 15 minute commute from UChicago’s campus, students are able to head downtown anytime. 

Make sure to check out Taste of Chicago when it rolls around next summer, as well as the other awesome events Chicago has to offer!

anonymous asked:

To be honest your argument withwjth navy blue wings is so stupid. You can eat everything you want or crave, but in moderation. You don't have to diet or deprive yourself, but you can't pig out every day. It's not hard, we just don't wanna "give in".

I never said anything about not eating junk food, I just said that healthy food can taste good and they basically came crying in like “WELL I DON’T LIKE IT SO NO IT TASTES LIKE SHIT”. Like no most healthy food is not terrible. I’m sorry it hurt you but stop telling people it doesn’t taste good. It can and it does. Not everything will be liked by everybody but there will be something you do fucking like. Eesh.


Even those of us who can’t tell the difference between a pinot noir and a merlot are probably familiar with the basic rule of wine pairing: white wine with fish and red wine with steak. But when it comes to tea pairings, we’re stumped.

Yet it turns out there is an art to unlocking new flavors in your food by pairing it with tea. Sipping oolong with a buttery, citrusy madeleine can highlight the flowery and milky notes of the tea, while a hot cup of green tea melts the texture of goat cheese and enhances its creamy notes.

Now a whole new breed of experts has risen up to spread this knowledge: tea sommeliers.

“The whole idea of pairing tea with food is that you should have a tea that’s going to enhance the flavor of the food, or vice versa,” explains Aurelie Bessiere, a tea expert at Palais des Thes, a tea production company based in France. “What you want to happen in your mouth is to feel the different layers of taste and flavors of both tea and food.”

Tea Sommeliers Are The Hot New Thing In Food Pairing

Photo credit: Kathy YL Chan for NPR

DIY Red Velvet Pudding and Meringue Bones Recipes from Just a Taste.

Make this for your next elegant Halloween feast. No spoons needed as bones are the provided utensils.

For more Halloween food like spider donuts, 18 Gross Halloween Recipes, snakes on a stick, grilled turtles, spiderweb cakes or Vampire Milkshakes go here.  


Jun Month 22

What tickles me is that there’s that transition from his normal stoicism to an embarrassed smile when our DoS gets unintentionally tsukkomi-ed by Ogura-san.  You can almost imagine Aiba-chan go, “はい。ダメ〜” 😂😂😂😂😂

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Shirokuma adventure 🍵🍶

Yesterday was my first time visiting shirokuma, japanese dessert house in jakarta. I heard many people says this restaurant are made for those people who really loves greentea or matcha. All of the menus are made of matcha. Either it is food, snack or beverages. Well the do have french fries though, and they have a greentea hot dog, too bad i can’t have a taste. But i’ll make sure on my next visit i’ll tried that.

Okay, those are shirokuma specialty.

1. tasting plate
Soft cream, matcha cake and shiratama anko

2. Matcha cake parfait
Soft cream layered with matcha cake, mochi, shiratama balls, chuncky red beans and matcha jelly.

3. Matcha shiratama float
Iced matcha latte topped with soft cream and shiratama balls.

For soft cream they have 3 variant: matcha, twist and something with i can’t remember.

Well, this is absolutely a matcha heaven house. Make sure to pay a visit here.

Located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, near P&B. have a taste, have a break, chillax 😁.