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cmon youve worked so hard to get to where you are rn, dont throw it all away. dont forget all the hours of stress and panic and sadness and regret and guilt just to have a bit of fattening food that tastes good for two seconds. imagine it filling you up and adding new layers of greasy, ugly fat onto your body. nobody will want you then, and youll hate yourself. have some water and maybe some fruit and look at some nice thinspo. do. not. binge. take care of yourself xx


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I have a hard time staying motivated on getting healthier, any tips? And also, what makes you motivated to be healthy?

You know how people always say something like - “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

To put it simply ?
That’s bullshit.

Nothing FEELS as good as HEALTHY feels !!!
And you know what, the foods that promote and creat food health ? They taste pretty dang awesome also ! 👅😘

Okay. Well, I’m guessing your inital motivation behind “wanting to get healthy” is that you don’t like the way you feel now. THERE is your first motivation. And that’s what you build on. Your goal is to be, get, and FEEL healthier, yes ? Then there are things you have to consciously change ! Stepping out of your comfort zone - that’s where the magic happens. You can’t expect different results when you keep repeating the same actions 🙂
You want to be healthy ? Good ! What is it that’s holding you back ? Is there a bad habit you can start by changing ? Perhaps you’re a heavy and reliant coffee drinker. Start by breaking that habit 👊 Cut down, replace coffee with something else. It only takes 21 days to break a habit - so it’s just about pushing yourself and reminding yourself why you are choosing to do this 😘 Replace unhealthy snack with healthy ones - if that means meal prepping some stuff ? Do that ! Just constantly, consciously remind yourself of WHY you are doing these things. You want to FEEL amazing. LOOK vibrant. Have unlimited ENERGY. BE healthy !!!!!!
But it all starts in your mind - it can be your biggest ally, or your worst enemy. But you have to start by making the decision, and then putting it into action - if it’s something you really want ? You’ll make it happen 🙂❤

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Face, what do your recommend for people who are very sad to do?

Well if it ain’t my favorite Dinosaur!

Listen Samasaur. Sometimes people get in a funk. Jokes ain’t funny anymore, food don’t taste good, and the whole world just seems pointless and unreal. I know the feeling, and it’s pretty goshdarned awful.

And even though people tell you it’ll get better, because it will, it doesn’t really help much because the sadness is happening NOW.

But it’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to be upset, your feelings are valid, and the sad times are important, because they make you appreciate the happy times that will come.

A wise dinosaur once told me what to remember when I’m down. And I hope it helps out everyone who feels sad.

And in the words of Seuss himself


I got really excited about old man Corvo today