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Gilmore girls

disclaimer: I haven’t fully ~decided~ on what I think their placements are these are just current guesses based on what I’ve seen so far which is like 1/7th of the whole series & im just explaining why I think what I do atm and if u feel like u can tell me why you do or don’t agree…

lorelai: taurus sun: because she’s ambitious (maid to running the inn), sentimental (made like keep Rachel’s jacked and refuses to throw things out), stubborn!!, caring, friendly. loves coffee (loving coffee isn’t a taurus thing but loving a certain drink, food, sweater etc. is a taurus thing and hers is coffee), has specific food tastes (kind of picky, “you put the eggs on the top of the pancakes, I need them on the side”), pragmatic, basically I find her SUN very taurean….
aries moon: her “jokes” where she says exactly what’s on her mind at the time and even though people don’t always get it it’s usually brushed off as a childlike charm rather than annoying or rude, she has childlike innocence, youthful, but she views her mum as kind of aggressive and an argument starter and they easily have arguments but her own daughter kind of even bosses her around sometimes
gemini venus: her mum making fun of her for never having a relationship longer than 3 months at 32, runs from relationships once she gets scared, kind of flaky but very fun and charming

rory: libra sun: indecisive!! (like ordering 3 different pastas because she couldn’t choose) wants to keep the peace, is a pretty big people pleaser but is also just really thoughtful and offers things to people and to do things for them (like getting paris’s favourite coffee order without her asking), feels REALLY bad when she messes up not only with other people but when she doesn’t live up to her own standards too, she’s very objective, loves weighing all the options (made fun or for her love making pros and cons list), also gets teased for needing to discuss things with her mum or lane because libras are partnership and like to get other people’s opinions before finalising their definitions, she’s even tempered and level headed, apologises quickly and always thinking of others
pisces moon: sensitive, soft spoken, empathetic and sympathetic but still not always in touch with her emotions, she idolises her mum but her mum also acts more like a friends most of the time and it can be hard to see where the boundaries are, lorelai isn’t deceptive by any means but she’s also a hint dropped meaning rory grew up with this “deception” and was taught to read behind the lines
virgo rising: organised, studious, focuses to details and working up in a way…kind of reserved, intelligent
capricorn mars: effectively deals with anger and arguments, moves on quickly, does necessarily avoid confrontation but still looks for win win situations, ambitious, super hard working, gets straight to the point with what she wants and where she wants to go, doesn’t easily give into “drama”

Drabble Challenge - A Drabble A Day For 100 Days. Day Sixty-Nine.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - 3x03

Abby was overwhelmed by Polis and felt vulnerable under the gaze of so many eyes. Marcus, on the other hand, seemed to be in his element, tasting the food, speaking the language. His inquisitive delight was childlike and endearing and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Long gone was the uptight, repressed Kane of the Ark. The man before her was open-minded, passionate and bold. With his long, curling hair and his rough beard he seemed untamed, as though he’d let himself loose from his cage and was enjoying freedom for the first time. It was attractive and inspiring.

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fist me for hcs!! | accepting

  • kat has a tiny scar on her right index finger that she earned in her teens when she poked a squirrel she thought was dead. turned out it wasnt, and latched on to her finger so hard she had to whip it multiple times before it flew off. she was so embarrassed that a squirrel managed to draw blood that she patched it up herself and never told anyone. fucking rodents. 
  • she isn’t fond of people calling her kat unless they’ve earned the right to do so. katarina is her name. don’t pretend like you’re familiar with her by shortening it. 
  • she gets somewhat offended if you serve her flavourless food. like really. what good is any food if you cant taste something? even military rations have more taste than this. (even if they taste like shit)
  • she isn’t fond of snowdown or birthdays. it’s not that she doesn’t like to give gifts, she’s not even bad at giving gifts – she just overthinks it. impulse will see a thing and think of the person she wants to give it to, but the more she thinks about it, the more she worries its totally inappropriate (when actually, it’s pretty good.) 

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Read one of your favorite poems!


you listen to music in the same way you eat food
with reverent ecstasy

tasting each cadence in sound
separating layers of rhythm
savouring slithers of melting melody whilst
hearing salt grind
in the unexpected sweet refrain
held at the back of your throat
the deepest base 

touches the tip of your tongue
so sourness sings
its sharp twist
to curdle drums

you peel a piano concentrating on keeping the spiral
flavour spins the radio dial
blur of colliding in your headphones

in the wet street a woman and a man argue about
who should have rung who

on rainy days I’m told
everything tastes like music.

~ Shamshad Khan

A recent study tried to explain the divide in Eastern and Western culinary philosophy though some nifty data crunching. Researchers from the Indian Institute for Technology in Jodhpur looked up the ingredient lists for more than 2,000 Indian recipes. They then analyzed the chemical components of these ingredients, looking at the compounds that, when combined, give foods their taste.

They concluded that what makes Indian cuisine so exquisite is its tendency to bring together lots of different ingredients with flavor molecules that don’t overlap.

That’s quite different from how Western cuisine works — previous research has shown that it relies on pairing ingredients that, at the molecular level, share lots of similar flavor compounds.

Why the difference? The answer, it turns out, has just as much to do with economics, politics and religion as it does taste.

How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking

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I got really excited about old man Corvo today