i have more questions for americans:

is disneyworld really the happiest place on earth?

are serving sizes really that big? are you aware that they’re big?

do you enjoy having things be cheaper? did you know that the chocolate bar palette costs $70 in new zealand?

does it feel weird that you’re such a big country?

what does southern food taste like? i bet it tastes great

I have never seen snow but that’s not an american thing that’s because i live in the (better) north island of nz

is cereal a big thing? are lucky charms nice? i can’t imagine having marshmallows for breakfast

speaking of, are s'mores good? they look good

also waffles: are they special? one episode of the simpsons, bart complains that he wasn’t given waffles, but was instead given waffle-shaped pancakes and i wasn’t aware there was a difference

is New York cool? do you really see maury all the time? ive been to Auckland and it’s a shithole so im curious about the comparisons

we have better chocolate im sorry this isn’t a question come to New Zealand and have whittakers peanut butter block and live in heaven

I FORGOT is tipping a pain in the ass? like, to work out? is it annoying to pay it in the first place? do you feel anxiety when you tip if it’s too little/too much?

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could i get some *whispers* coran relationship headcanons...i'm sorry i just love this man too much

the fIRST CORAN-ONLY REQUEST (its short because i’m still getting a hold of his character in this sense)

  • you guys leading over everyone
  • you’re like,,,the second to the second in command
  • idk man but everyone treats you as a superior
  • coran is a very funny person without trying to be most of the time
  • so you guys share a lot of giggles
  • he really loves your laugh!!!
  • he probably realized this and then started goofing off more to hear you laugh
  • you guys working on your own mini-missions!!!
  • he teaches you all about other planets and life forms
  • very knowledgeable indeed
  • you pulling pranks on him because he gets Stressed and it’s fun
  • “coran this food tastes…“
  • “bad? because it’s good for you!“
  • “coran that’s a bUG“
  • you guys have a real fun relationship!!!!!!!!!!

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How do you come up with your own art ideas? I always find myself copying someone else's work (dw I keep the drawings to myself) and I hate it. I just don't have the creativity... any tips?

Tbh i do the same thing, a lot n most artists do take ideas from other people
Its not a bad thing, as long as youre not COMPLETELY fucking stealing someones ideas/artwork

But getting inspo from other artists isnt a bad thing! And you shouldnt be ashamed of it!
And as for tips, the most I can say is put your interests into your artwork? if that makes sense

Like your aesthetics and music tastes and food tastes, let stuff like that inspire you through your art work

reasons to keep going:

the people that i will meet
the good food that i will taste
the blossoms on spring that i will smell
the beautiful songs that i will hear
the art that i will make
the instruments that i will learn
the lessons that i will understand
the stories that i will hear
the books that i will read
the movies that i will watch
the pets that i will cuddle with
the gifts that i will give and receive
the words that i will listen and say
the changes that i will have to make and face
the happiness that i will hopefully soon experience
the better version of me
the soulmate who’s been waiting for me
the scenes that i will fall in love with
the countries that i will visit
the adventures that i will experience
the love that i will be giving and receiving
the amount of people that i could help
the sunrises that i will be able to witness
the discovery of new plant and animal species
the creation of a portal or time machine (maybe!)
the warm hugs that i will be giving/given

Does it ever hit you how much we don’t know about Hunk? 

Like, we know he has a family, we know he’s basically a genius, we know he’s stubborn and blunt, and we know he has a passion for food, buuuuuuut…

How big is his family? How close is he to them? Obviously he cares about them and expresses his desire to see them again. Did he talk to them often when he was at the Garrison? Are his parents together, divorced, remarried? Does he have two moms like in my Very Important headcanon? god i hope he does

Is he an only child? Or is he a big brother to a little baby sibling who he loves with his whole heart? If so, does he think about how he’s not going to see them grow up? Or if he’s he a little brother, does he ever think about how they’d tease and joke with him but be there as a shoulder to cry on whenever things get bad? Does he sometimes hug his pillow so tight, imagining it’s them, imagining that they’re there, telling him everything is going to be okay, even though he knows that’s not true? How often does he think about the fact that he might never see them again?

Was he teased in school for being That Smart Math Kid™? Did he ever let that get him down, or did he work harder to achieve the intelligence we see in show out of spite, or simply because he wanted to know? What made him want to join the Garrison? 

How did he get into culinary arts? He knows what he’s doing. He knows how to present a dish beautifully and aesthetically. He figured out how to make alien food taste good. Where did he learn all that? School? His parents? Youtube???? Did he just teach himself trial-and-error style? 

There are so many more things we don’t know??? I think we know less about Hunk than we do about any of the other characters??? @ DREAMWORKS WHEN WILL YOU GIVE US A HUNK BACKSTORY. GIVE US SOME HUNK INSIGHT I’M BEGGING YOU

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I have a question that may come out sounding kinda rude, but why can't writers write poc as people, put them through the same trials and tribulations as caucasian characters? This may come out sounding different that what I've asked in my head so if that's the case, I'm terribly sorry

Writing About PoC Trials and Tribulations

I understand where you’re coming from, because it looks unequal when you take it simply as “humans struggle, so why can’t we write about PoC struggling?”

What Topics To Avoid isn’t talking about struggle in general, which is where the confusion comes from.

Yes, you can write PoC struggling. This is not the question at hand.

What that post was pointing out is PoC struggle is rarely individual trials and tribulations like white characters.

When a white character struggles, they are struggling with something that is an individual struggle that is treated as a universal narrative for that person’s individual issues (like, everyone’s felt like an underdog at one point for various reasons). But if you look at the dominant stories for PoC, the struggle is directly because of their ethnicity, such as segregation, or a racial-based war, and/or colonialism, to name a few. The plot falls apart when the ethnicity/situation is changed.

We are asking you to look at why you are attracted to struggles that come directly as a result of being a certain ethnicity. 

Starcrossed lovers are fine, but why does every starcrossed lovers story involving a PoC have to be set at a time when interracial marriage was illegal, and/or in a setting where one side’s family hate the other for their skin tone?

An underdog with less experience is fine, but why does every underdog involving a PoC involve somebody who came from an impoverished background and low quality schools because it’s in a predominantly PoC neighbourhood?

The question we want white writers to ask is: “does my character struggle and experience pain primarily because of their ethnic background, does my character experience a unique struggle because of their ethnic background, or is my struggle primarily because of individual circumstances that are informed by the ethnicities at hand?”

If they experience a struggle primarily because of their ethnic background (ie- segregation), then that is a very nuanced narrative that should be left alone by outsiders because it’s exploiting another person’s pain for your plot.

If they experience a struggle heavily informed because of their ethnic background (ie- underdog because of racism, navigating a system that has particularly potent institutionalized racism like the psychiatric system), then that is an identity story that should be left alone by outsiders because it’s treating various isms (racism, classism, colourism) as a tragic backstory to overcome.

If they experience a struggle where their ethnicity plays a part but only minor events change if you switch around ethnicity (ie- starcrossed lovers where one side is very closed off), then it’s primarily because of individual circumstance that can be written by outsiders who do enough research.

I recently saw a very cute concept where a boy falls in love with a Muslim girl who keeps halal. He tried to win her heart by cooking, but she refused to eat it because it wasn’t halal. Once he discovered what the issue was, he learned all about halal cooking and made her halal meals to win her heart.

This story is only moderately informed by the girl’s customs. The story could be simply that she’s a picky eater, allergic to some foods, or has specific tastes. Because you can swap out a few things for it, this story isn’t About Being Muslim. The plot would’ve changed based on what it was, but the actual plot point could be anything.

But if there was a similar “guy falls for Muslim girl” situation and his family was Islamophobic, that would be using Islamophobia for plot pain and reinforcing all the gross stuff Muslims go through because of Islamophobia.

Hope that clears things up.

~ Mod Lesya

The actor who plays Snuffles/Snowball just admitted he was recently treated for cancer

Rob Paulsen is my favorite voice actor so I had to say something. My heart sank when I saw the article but after reading it, it looks like he’s already recovering and working again. But he can no longer taste food and his saliva glands don’t work. He’s taking it like a chap because one of his favorite passtimes is visiting sick children in hospitals so he feels blessed to come out as well as he has.

Please shoot him some sweet words on twitter, he’s @ yakkopinky and he always has a sweet word for everyone. He’s the kind of person who makes you feel special and loved 3 seconds in to a conversation with him. I’ve met him twice and I hope to meet him again some day.

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klance headcanons in the canon universe

• i dont think either had a crush on the other at the garrison

• i mean, maybe lance thought keith was cute but just didn’t realize it because i feel like he thought he was straight at the garrison

• and maybe keith though lance was cute too but i feel like hes not really the type to get crushes on people at school because hes more focused on other things

• keith has always had sort-of long hair (except when he was like 5, he had a bowl haircut)

• i feel like before entering the garrison he had REALLY long hair and was like “i should cut this because why not” and just, fucked shit up, and thats why he has a mullet

• lance actually didnt have that many relationships at the garrison

• sure he had a couple short term girlfriends a few times but he was always more focused on getting good grades so he could move up classes and make his family proud

• inside red is one of the only places that keith feels safe

• even after the lion switch, red will still let keith in

• i also feel like blue would let lance in, she just HAD to completely shut him out in that moment because he had to go to red

• blue didnt want to let lance in because she knew if he came in she wouldnt want to let him go

• keith has never played a sport in his entire life

• this is why he is so bad at team-oriented things and always just wants to be left to do things on his own

• legit everytime i see “oh keith did (football, soccer, hockey, etc.)” im like, what kind of ooc bullshit

• he looks good in a hockey uniform though not gonna lie

• anyways

• keith doesnt really have taste for food unless its really really good so he doesnt mind the food goo

• speaking of the food goo i think it tastes like old tea bags and grass

• i feel like keith and lanve would have that thing where theyve both confessed that they like eachother but theyre just,, so awkward and are both waiting for the other to officially ask them on a date

• i also think that before they even knew they liked eachother, they were always in “this technically could be seen as a date” situations

• to them a date can just be hanging out in their rooms together

• which they do that literally any time they get

• they always hang out in lances room because lances room has actually been home-ified while keiths room looks like no one has ever lived in there

• when they finally sort out the altean pool, everyone learns that keith actually cant swim

• keith thought that he could swim because he thought it looked pretty self explanatory but then he gets right into the deep end and almost drowns

• keiths favorite thing to do to pass time is stare out the windows on the ship and just watch the passing planets and stars

• the thing is that he can literally be staring at it for hours on end and suddenly lance comes in like “wtf babe its 2am go to sleep” and keith is like “what :0? its only been like 20 minutes”

• lance loves to watch hunk cook food

• he especially loves it because a) hunk says some wild stuff while hes cooking and b) he gets to be the taste tester

• casual hand holding is a must

• there could be someone between them and they will just reach around and hold hands behind the person

• lance gets keith into the habbit of taking naps (which isnt really a good thing considering their current job)

• so they both stop taking naps (unless given permission to chill) but instead the move into the same room (they move into lances room bc keiths room can go fuck itself)

• theyll say their going to bed at 9 but then spend 3 hours just talking to eachother about random shit

• they always have something to talk about with eachother

• lance has a secret obsession with keiths hair (despite always complaining about it) and will always run his fingers through it

• keith also has an obsession with lances hair but not in the same way

• while lance likes keiths hair because its soft and fluffy and long, keith likes lances hair because its good for fidgeting with

• lance will lay between keiths legs with his back to keiths chest while talking to the team and keith will just absent mindly touch lances hair

• nose kisses!

• nose kisses before battles!

• nose kisses before going to sleep!

• nose!

• kisses!

• 🅱️ls

• keith goes to lance or shiro for comfort depending on what type of comfort he needs

• one time in their late night talks they started talking about the future and where their relationship will go

• (after dating for a few years) their like basically engaged without either of them having ever asked

• anyways, back to that late night talk

• lance brings up kids and is like “oh yeah, you probably dont want any kids :(” and keith just stares at him like boy the fuck

• “lance i have never really had a family but i desperately want one, i want 10000 kids”

• ok im definitely gonna make a keith and lance as dads hc post after this

okay yall let me tell u abt this shit!!!!

so i found this when i was fourteen and searching for stuff to buy with an amazon gift card for my birthday. honestly, the whole thing
looks like a scam. the packaging looks like something one of your mom’s old high school friends would give your family for a free trial at a high school reunion as some sort of slimming supplement and your brother takes two and ends up in the er with persistent stomach cramps. it looks like something youd find in the back of a trader joes and pass without a second thought.

however, i was fourteen and had nothing better to do, so i bought it. and this is actually pretty fucking cool. you let one of these tablets dissolve on your tongue (they taste kinda nasty, but bearable), and for about half an hour to forty-five minutes afterwards, sour food tastes sweet!!!! REALLY sweet. theres a huge difference. i ate like half a lemon because it tasted like candy. i drank vinegar and it tasted GOOD (though u probably shouldnt do that bc who knows what drinking a bottle of vinegar will do to your stomach. i know i sounds like a tumblr user trying to convince you to use one of those free survey websites, but this shit ROCKS

the link is if u want to buy it, and help me out a little bit in the process (though i swear that has nothing to do with my recommending it to you. i really do love this stuff)