Noctis is the type of friend that steals food off of your plate when he thinks you’re not looking, and then jokingly complains if you try to take some back. Prompto is the type to wave his fork around in your face until you accept a bite of his food, regardless of whether or not you’ve already eaten your own. Gladiolus and you end up eating off of each other’s plates all of the time bc his food always tastes better for some reason, and you order things he ends up wanting to try anyway. Ignis is the type that will stare at you until you meet his eyes with a knowing smile and slide your plate over to his side of the table. His meal is slid over to you in a wordless agreement to trade.

The idea of a vampire and her human girlfriend watching cooking shows and complaining when someone messes up as if they even have any idea what food tastes like anymore is wonderful to me.

“Why would they think those flavors go together! That is the worst idea I’ve seen yet!”

“….okay, sure, you are technically right that is a stupid choice, but I’m going to ask you to explain what you think chocolate tastes like considering there is literally no way you could have ever eaten it when you died in 11th century England.”

Ereannie headcanon:

You know how sometimes people will say the food they made was made with love, or the secret ingredient is love, or something along those lines? For many years, Annie thought that this was just a bunch of bullshit that chefs and bakers would say to attract more customers, and that the food wouldn’t taste any different. The idea of love being an ingredient or component in food just sounded ridiculous to Annie, or at least until she met Eren.

During the years spent in the Cadet Corps, everyone would take turns at cooking meals for their division, or at least would help out in the kitchen. There were set groups on a schedule, so everyone would end up doing it on a specific day, but that schedule wouldn’t always be followed entirely. Normally Eren and Annie were in separate groups, but sometimes Eren would volunteer to help out on the days that Annie cooked so that he could get more advice on her fighting style, or they would be forced to work together when others fell ill or complained.

Now, neither one of the two were exceptionally good at cooking. Annie was just about average, if not better, while Eren was below average, and so in their normal groups they wouldn’t do the best at helping out, and would occasionaly receive some complaints, but they mostly brushed them off. It didn’t really make sense that they were bad at cooking, because they follow the instructions as usual, but somehow they always messed up.

However, on the occasions where Eren and Annie ended up being paired up, with their combined cooking ability, something changed. They continued to follow the instructions, and would serve the food the exact same way they did before, and they would see on peoples faces that it wasn’t the best tasting food they’d ever had. Over time, though, Annie grew to enjoy cooking with Eren more and more, and it helped that her fellow cadets seemed to enjoy the good more and more, even though as I said nothing changed. No new ingredients, no new instructions. Nothing. Annie would taste her food, and when she did she noticed the change in taste. It felt like there was something new. Was this what they meant when they say some food was cooked with love? It certainly felt like it.

Hell, the way that Eren’s face lit up once he found out how good their creation tasted was more than enough confirmation that the food was made with love. Falling in love with Eren Yeager caused Annie to cook with love, and caused her to finally see something beautiful in life.

After Annie left the Cadet Corps and moved onto the Military Police, food started tasting bad again. Even though the food in the inner cities was supposed to be of higher quality and was supposed to taste better than anything else, it all tasted like gruel compared to what Annie had made with Eren. The only thing that came close was the donuts that Annie had been introduced to, though that could have just been the sweetness reminding her of Eren.

Maybe saying your food was prepared with love would work on most people, but for Annie, it only worked when she made it alongside Eren.

New Man

Author: make_this_feel_like_home

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 16,626

Summary: Louis Tomlinson is newly single for the first time in his adult life. He’s just ended his relationship with his uni-sweetheart and things are messy to say the least. Zayn has never been good at coping, so when he flaunts his new man to Louis, Louis is less than surprised. He knows it’s not going to last. Harry has horrible taste in food, drinks beer but inexplicably has a six-pack, owns the ugliest boots known to man-kind and has a really kind heart. Louis shouldn’t still be so tangled up in his old life, and he definitely shouldn’t be having regular conversations with his ex’s new boyfriend… but things are messy.

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HEY! You there, you reading this:

You wanna hate the rich? Like more than you undoubtedly deservedly already do?

Come here, I got something for you…

oh, its just a paper cup you’d say

nope, its china, this is $95 for a pair

not the most egregious thing to be fair…

so how bout this?

a $175  single golf tee

or maybe:

a $350 dollar miniature Chinese food box

not your taste?

howabout 10 legos for 15 hundred dollars?


perhaps a harmonica that renders the player utterly incapable of playing blues or folk music?

maybe not,

howbout a thousand dollar tin can?

not egregious enough?

try this $350 dollar gold crazy straw.

still not pissed?

then i’m sure you won’t blink at this:


anyways this has been my presentation of why we should guillotine rich people, thank you.

things we know about hunk canonically that aren’t food jokes:

  • got into the garrison which is the top space program in vld verse for earth and got in as an engineer
  • is super smart. built the tracker for the blue lion in s1
  • empathetic. forged thru his own debilitating anxiety about being dragged into a war to help save the balmerans. also suggests he has a strong sense of morality
  • described as the ‘friendliest and kindest member of the team’ according to his wikia
  • also the strongest of the team after allura
  • has learned how to pilot the yellow lion despite not being a pilot or training for it holy shit
  • headstrong and not scared to stand up for his own opinion. immediately caught onto rolo and nyma being suspicious and spoke up about it despite the rest of the team wanting to be friendly w them. won’t just go w the flow and will call bullshit 
  • the above also implies a v good sense of character and judgement from hunk and that’s he’s v good at reading ppl in general 
  • is the most realistic. points out dangers in certain scenarios and probably has his head on the straightest after shiro
  • a v quick study and good marksman! his aim w his bayard is probably best after lance’s 
  • probably v well versed in xenobiology bc he can?? make human tasting food?? out of alien food?? magic man
  • canonically a badass engineer who can figure out advanced alien tech and work w it despite it being lightyears ahead of what earth tech he had access to before
  • incredibly loyal. wanted to be the leader w yellow as his lion instead of the actual black paladin
  • does actually have a wicked sense of humor and is quite goofy himself
  • reads ppl’s diaries, would not want to cross
  • a good diplomat seeing as he (+lance) were able to make negotiations w alien leaders w/o allura being there in s3
  • wants to make the mice a mouse shower??? wow!!!
  • values his teammates a lot 

 please feel free to add!

Signs as Underrated Date Ideas
  • Aries: Shooting Range Date
  • Taurus: Cooking Class Date
  • Gemini: Free Food Tasting in the Supermarket Date
  • Cancer: Museum Date
  • Leo: Circus Date
  • Virgo: Helicopter Ride
  • Libra: Karaoke Date
  • Scorpio: Bowling Date
  • Sagittarius: Video Game Showdown Date
  • Capricorn: Trivia Night Date
  • Aquarius: Bike Date
  • Pisces: Live Music Date

To be fair 🤔, you have to have a very ❗❗ high IQ 😏  to understand 📚 the taste of McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce 👌😩  .The taste 👄👅  is extremely subtle 😳 , and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics 📖📘  and culinary mastery 🍴🍽  most of the flavors 😜 will go over a typical eater’s head 🙄 . There’s also the sauce’s nihilistic 🚫🖤  outlook, which is deftly woven 😲 ❓  into the flavors - which draws heavily from ancient 🙊 Korean Dishes, for instance. The fans understand 😏 this stuff; they have the intellectual 😏😏😏 capacity to truly appreciate the depths  💻🔮  of these dipping sauces 😛💦, to realize that they’re not just delicious  👅💯 - they say something deep about LIFE 🤔⌛. As a consequence people who dislike 👎 the Rick and Morty dipping sauce truly ARE idiots 😖 - of course they wouldn’t appreciate 😶, for instance, the taste in Rick’s existencial fascination 👀👃 with the sauce 🙀, and his catchphrase 💬 when consuming said sauce, “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” 😢💔      which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian 🇷🇺 epic Fathers and Sons 📔. I’m smirking 😏 right now just imagining 🗯 one of those addlepated simpletons 😒 scratching their heads 😔 in confusion 🙁 as McDonald’s Kitchen Chef’s geniuses 🤔😏 unfolds itself on their food tray 🍽 and taste glands 👄 🥂. What fools…  😏 how I pity them.

Thoughts about JM & JK’s trip:

Jimin’s edit showed how much he prized sharing simple things with Jungkook. They are always followed by bodyguards, managers, and fans so something as plain as walking in the streets or spending the night at an amusement park was very precious to start with but living it with someone he liked and lives the same circumstances as him, makes it more valuable. His edit made us recall how some people & circumstances can turn even the most basic things into the best situations in life just by charing them with us. Just by understanding our preferences and what we seek. 

His editing was very blurry and amateurish. Yet, he captured the happiness and fun they had better than many pros. But, you know why? because it was genuine. This is something Jimin wished to happen and it did. Again no one can win over Jimin’s strong ambition to achieve what he wants in life.

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s edit looked like he loved that trip only because Jimin was part of it. It seemed as if everything meaningfully existed just so Jimin will go there, be there, eat there. He was most of the times behind guarding or waiting for him. Indeed, His focus was centered around another person. Not even once he intended to show himself. Like saying: I had fun because Jimin had fun. The food tasted better because Jimin ate deliciously. This childish ride I would usually not pick was so amusing because Jimin’s expressions and reactions were priceless …  His edit made us recall how we can still find happiness in a dear one’s smile

His editing contrary to Jimin was skilfully made and precise. He thought about everything from the storyline, to the angles, not even forgetting about the song that will marry the clips together. Contrary to many who think Jungkook do not care. This short video undoubtedly became the proof no one can deny that he is not uncomfortable with his Hyung. He used to call himself selfish but looking at him today, this boy is more caring and kind than he thinks himself. 

 Jimin’s video HERE Jungkook’s video HERE

Like I said in my Inktober Intro post, this year I am doing my DnD groups inventory from our current game. I’m not sure what any of them looked like so I just winged it! Most of the objects that aren’t from a handbook were created by our DM, he get’s pretty creative haha. You can find the rest of the items I’ve drawn from my Intro post here.

Day 1: Throwing Brick of Returning
It’s like a Throwing Dagger of Returning, but a brick.

Day 2: The Beacon Belts
A pair of identical belts. Wearer of each belt always knows the location of the other one. Once per day, if both wearers are willing, as an action they can swap their positions, regardless of distance.

Day 3: Pocket Galaxy
A small orb that casts dim, star-like lights in a room. Very calming and floats in water.

Day 4: Powdered Booze
A bag of powder that makes any beverage taste like ale, but it is non-alcoholic.

Day 5: Locket of Instant Mustache
When opened, it gives the holder an instant, beautiful mustache. When closed, or leaves the holders possession, the mustache instantly disappears. +1 to Bluff checks. +2 to Disguise checks.

Day 6: Vial of Dragons Breath
When breathed in, it smells of strawberries and restores 1hp. When drunk, it tastes of cherries and makes your next bathroom break deal 1d6 fire damage. When sprinkled on food, it tastes and little too spicy for the user and deals 1hp of damage.

When your schizophrenic friend talks about delusions or hallucinations


  • Tell us it’s real.
  • Add more information or details to our delusions.
  • Try to take control of or change our delusions.
  • Give us examples of what it could be besides a delusion or a hallucination as in “what if these shadow people you see are ACTUALLY ghosts.”
  • Tell us that we’re stupid or crazy or dumb or sick for believing what we see and think is real.
  • Tell us not to talk about it.
  • Confront us with the fact that it isn’t real and that we’re sick unless you’ve talked to us first about whether that helps and gotten our permission. You’re not our therapist and we might not need or want you to confront our illness, we might just want you to be supportive and listen.
  • Dismiss or invalidate our thoughts and experiences. They’re very real to us.


  • Ask us what we need from you - do your friend need and want you to confront them with the fact that they’re sick and it isn’t real or would you doing that make everything worse?
  • Listen and be empathetic. Example: “wow, that must be scary, I totally get that you’re upset - can I do anything to make you feel better?”
  • Tell us that what we see and hear can’t hurt us and that we’re safe even though we’re experiencing these upsetting things.
  • Try to distract us - ask if we want to do something active with you like playing a board game or going for a run or going to the mall to get our minds off things and connect us to reality.
  • Understand that what we think and experience is real to us.
  • Help us feel safe and let us be weird in the attempt to feel safe. Let us pour salt on the floor if it keeps the demons away, give us water from and unopened bottle if there’s something wrong with the water in the taps, taste our food to check if it’s poisonous and help us cover the cameras so they can’t watch us.
  • Let us talk about it. We have the same need to share and talk about our thoughts and experiences as everyone else and sometimes we just need someone to listen without judging or invalidating us.
Hufflepuff categories
  • Context: on a scale from HARD to SOFT, which Hufflepuff are you today?
  • Hufflepunk: loud, speak their mind, a bit rough around the edges, fights for justice and equality, put a bold front, will fight you with their teeth bared and fingers aiming for your soft spots
  • Pufflepunk: kind of a softer version of Hufflepunk, One Fear meme, despite their loud voices they still know how to tread soft tunes, not a good person to anger, have a RageMode button
  • HufflepuffTM: just, kind, loyal, like soft things, would commit the most gruesome murders for their loved ones, love gatherings that contain good food and friends, lovely taste of music
  • Hufflepuffett: aesthetic af, cute scruffy style, likes warm drinks and soft blankets, always has snacks for their friends, haters gonna hate (but a badger don't care), ready to lend a helping hand (even if it's just burying a body)
  • Pufflepuff: a ray of sunshine, has the biggest smile around that makes everyone happy, soft-spoken, lover - not a fighter (still ready to punch your lights out tho), everyone's favorite person
Loki’s Very Special Girl

It’s Kinktober.  I am doing day 1 prompts:  Spanking, aphrodisiac, sleepy sex

Request:  I had two requests for Loki non-con, and one for Loki/Virgin, so using these.

Warning:  Non-con/rape. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THIS OFFENDS YOU. Also, turns into dub-con. Kinks. 

Pairing: Loki/Reader

A/N:  Loki is my muse this evening.  This is more like 3 drabbles (all about 1000 words).  Pre Avengers movie. 

Tags: @thecynicalnerd @marauderice @mac5323 @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @negan–is–god @kellyn1604 @roschelesworld @taintedgenre @screeching-pterodactyl-fangirl @purplemuse89 @blondesouthsquad @xbergiex @bellaballanda @theariel85 @fashun–deevah 


Your head was pounding as consciousness returned.  All you could see was pure blackness.  The first thing you did was take a deep breath.  You knew to stay calm.  S.H.I.E.L.D had trained you for hostage situations.  It never occurred to you that this particular training would come into play on your first mission, but as inexperienced as you were, there was no way you would flip out.  They had chosen you to be an Agent because of your natural talents, letting them down was not an option.

A few deep exhales calmed you enough to assess your situation.  The room itself was not black, there was a bag over your head.  You were seated in a chair, your ankles cuffed to each leg with about an inch and a half of chain, your hands to the arms with even less leeway. The chair was metal and bolted to the ground.  The only chance of escape meant the picking the cuffs.  You could feel the spot for the key, but without eyesight chances of setting your hands free was slim to none.  While it was unfavorable, you knew you had to wait until your captor arrived.  

This was not supposed to happen.  You were on a surveillance mission, looking into a possible terrorist threat in England.  Nobody should have noticed you, since your cover was the date of a diplomat.  You sipped champagne and wore a beautiful black dress, the satin still rested against your bare chest, and you wished you had opted for a more conservative look.  The target hadn’t even arrived yet.  You walked away to freshen up when there was a sharp pain in your neck.  It didn’t feel like a shot though. The blackout was instantaneous. What sort of drug had they used on you?  

Before you could dwell on the thought the sound of the door opening filled the room.  You rolled your shoulders back and tried to show no fear.  If they planned on torturing you for information they had no idea who they were up against.  You would choose death long before betrayal.  

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Happy #TacoTuesday 🎃 🌮 !
Tacos have been a staple in my life lately so I made a version for fall :
Ingredients :
3 taco shells
½ fresh pumpkin
½ head of purple cabbage
½ head cabbage
1 cup shredded lettuce
1 lime
Pumpkin spice seasoning and Tajin to taste
Directions :
Preheat oven to 450°F
Scoop out the pumpkin seeds, give them a quick rinse and mix them in a bowl with ½ teaspoon pumpkin spice
Cut the pumpkin into medium sized chunks. Sprinkle with pumpkin spice and pepper.
Roast for 30-35min until tender.
In a separate tray place the seeds coated in pumpkin spice and roast until golden (7-15min depending on the size)
In the meantime shred or cut thin stripes of purple cabbage and cabbage.
Massage the lettuce in lime juice
Reheat the taco shells and once the pumpkin is done assemble the tacos. Season to taste 🌶