like, there is no reason whatsoever to think that the Jedi, as an order, eat and push the eating of bland food.

you know which order is going to prefer bland foods?

the fucking Sith. you wanna know why? cause it’s easier to hide a poison or other thing that’s Not Supposed To Be There in spiced, strongly flavoured dishes than it is in a bland one, and the Sith order pushes paranoia and distrust more than anything.

why exactly is Lord Baras serving his guests strongly spiced meat? is it because he’s trying to show off, or has he hidden some poison in it? oh, you could have your taster try it, but maybe it’s keyed to your DNA - maybe it’ll kill the taster but then you’re fucked anyway because out will come the sabers. or maybe it’ll just mortally offend him and you can kiss goodbye to your social standing/deal/whatever

stop tagging food posts 'food porn'. a lot of food posts are getting flagged as nsfw content and are getting taken down. especially food videos.

compare and contrast the Jedi, who actively seek out other socieities and cultures - who are renowned as diplomats, not because they browbeat the locals into accepting their philosophies but because they will go out into the world and live as and among them in order to try and forge an understanding

the Jedi, who will gladly welcome anyone, from any strata of society, from any species, with any past, and who would by definition have an infinitely wider and more complex and colourful culture and society than the Sith, who are actively regressively conservative in all possible ways

the Jedi, whose kitchens have to cater for every palate and every dietary need in the known galaxy, whose gardens are legendary, and you’re telling me they’d all eat the same thing? they’d have chefs and foods and recipes from every world they’ve ever visited, and compile more each year - incorporating everyone and everything into something truly multicultural

the Jedi, if anything, would be the ones who bring the most - sometimes literally - to the table. they’d have the perfect recipes for every occasion, and their chefs would be among the best in the galaxy. bland? boring? please. they’ve got recipes for things you’ve never heard of, using ingredients you’ve only dreamt about, and they’ve got it down pat. they’ve got the perfect drink to accompany it, too - whether its saved from a world that the Empire tried to glass because the locals didn’t take too kindly to the dictat, or a homegrown project by one of the local Masters - if there’s an ingredient or a plant that someone has brought back from a diplomatic mission, then someone else has tried to make a drink with it, and sometimes it even works. Jedi brewed spirits are among the strongest in the galaxy, given their heightened resistance to inebriants, and not just popular in bars for the added prestige their name brings them.

why does Eirn eat so much spicy food? because she’s a rebel. she deliberately, consciously seeks out exotic foods - she wants to see the whole galaxy, to experience the whole galaxy, something which is utterly anathema to Sith philosophy, which considers its own experiences the only ones worth having.

spiced, flavoured food is a sign of confidence - of trust, of arrogance, of letting down one’s guard. accepting a strongly flavoured meal is a sign that you’ve trusted that the person offering it isn’t going to try and poison you; offering one is a signal that you want the reciever to show they trust you - or that they’re threatening you, if the circumstances align that way.

the same thing goes for alcohol and other inebriants. the most powerful, paranoid sith are strict teetotallers, even among their most trusted circle. letting your guard down - Not Even Once. a Sith voluntarily consuming an inebriant around you is such a ridiculously overblown sign of trust (of naivety, of arrogance) that it’s an Imperial dramatic trope all of its own. it’s to the point where it’s actually more gauche to offer a Sith an inebriant unprompted than it is for them to request one. if anything, a Sith asking if you have any alcohol is a ridiculously intimate gesture; Sith sharing alcohol is frequently, in Imperial media, used as a sexual analog.

  • Ahasuerus: Is there food in the house?
  • Vashti: Yes, there's vegetable salad and fruit salad.
  • Ahasuerus: I don't like salad. Is there pizza?
  • Vashti: You eat 14 pizzas in a week, Ahaseurus. It's not healthy.
  • Ahaseurus: Is there pita with hummus?
  • Vashti: You eat 11 pitas in a day, Ahaseurus. It's not good.
  • Ahaseurus: Well what are you eating?
  • Vashti: Today I am eating 13 tomatoes.
  • Ahaseurus: Vashti, where are the chips?
  • Vashti: Ahaseurus!!

i had Dippin’ Dots for the first time ever tonight, thus beginning the healing process after asking for them a dozen times as a kid only for my mom to tell me, “noooo, we’re not paying five dollars for two ounces of ice cream.”

I mean in retrospect she was right but still