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1. nicknames: none
2. gender: idk but i’d sell it to satan for one corn chip
3. star sign: aquarius
4. height: 5′2″
5. time: 6:35pm
6. birthday: 18 february
7. favorite bands: paramore, fall out boy, my chemical romance (i’m perpetually stuck in 2000s emo hell).
8. favorite solo artists: joanna newsom, laura marling, grimes.
9. song stuck in my head: nothing atm
10. last movie i watched: a nightmare on elm street
11. last show i watched: stranger things
12. when did i create my blog: august 2017
13. what do i post: lots of gotham and dan and phil atm, but also other fandoms (harry potter, merlin, and doctor who are long-time favourites), some queer stuff and mental health stuff, and anything else i like or think people might enjoy.
14. last thing i googled: stranger things episodes (i forgot what ep i was on)
15. do i have any other blogs: nope!
16. do i get asks: sometimes. always feel free to send me one if you like :)
17. why i chose my url: it’s a questionable play on edward nygma’s name. e. nygma = enigma, ergo enigmatickal. i just made it up so it wouldn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s url and it wasn’t taken.
18. following: 448
19. followers: 163
21. average hours of sleep: eight or nine.
22. lucky number: i don’t have one.
23. instruments: i play the piano, but i’m very out of practice. i wish i’d learnt the electric guitar because i’m angsty like that.
24. what am i wearing: trackies and a t-shirt.
26. dream job: author, hermit, or creepy old witch who scares the neighbourhood children. ideally all three.
27. dream trip: all over the uk and ireland.
28. favorite food: coffee and anything sweet, especially biscuits.
29. nationality: australian.
30. favorite song right now: ‘my heart is the worst kind of weapon’ by fall out boy.

i tag: @itsraspbarryallen, @cobblepots-nygma, @thenerdiestmanalive, @erizee@nygmobbleblog, @coronergrey, @sure-as-eggs, @deepspacepirate, @myrtlejenkins, @awidevariety, @oswaleds, @bisexualedwardnygma, @vampirebillionaire, @gothamvillains, @transedwardnigma, @andysambcrg, @oriley42, and @sofiafalcones. that’s not quite twenty, but whatever. and of course you don’t have to do it if it’s not your kind of thing :)

I don’t support factory farming/industrialized & inhumane production of meats eggs or dairy, unless I have to (dog food etc) but I don’t have a problem consuming animal products when I know where they come from and that I’m not supporting abuse & slaughter with my money

I eat eggs that I get for free from my parents because I know the chickens have a good life, and it’s free

And I’ll eat wild game

Especially because me supporting or not supporting hunting/eating of eggs with my money, and therefore perpetuating it, isn’t a factor in this context because my parents will hunt deer and raise chickens and eat their eggs regardless


pidge: [eating peanut butter in the castle’s kitchen alone at 3 in the morning]

shiro: [walks in] uh…what are you doing here?

pidge: i could ask you the same thing.

shiro: [looks at her sternly for a few seconds]

pidge: [sighs] it’s gay culture. i’m here because eating peanut butter alone at 3 am is gay culture.

shiro: …huh. [opens up the castle’s refrigerator]

pidge: same thing for you?

shiro: [sighs, takes out a jar of peanut butter] yeah, same thing for me.

pidge: [raises her peanut butter jar in the air like it’s wine] to gay culture.

shiro: [raises his peanut butter jar in the air] to gay culture.

oreos r good but oreo flavored shit is so fucking stupid. the cookies themselves are p bad and not chocolatey. and the cream is p much tasteless once mixed with everything. so end up with this creamy dessert with this shitty “chocolate” taste