what do men want? it’s sausage. so much sausage. tons of sausage. They want their chapped. Burly lips wrapped around a length of greasy sausage as it runs over their tongues, probes, and then gently slides down the back of their throats


this persons barbie dolls are eating better than i am

ok i wanna talk about food security for a minute, because people have this idea that people in poverty just “want” to buy unhealthy food

if you don’t know what the basic concept, or idea of food security is, then you’re lucky, because it probably means that you haven’t had to worry about where your very next meal is coming from, or be scared of how long you will have to wait for said meal

food security is knowing–that even if there is no food in your house–that you are ABLE to go out and purchase food, and pay for it. you are ABLE to eat on a regular basis because you can afford it, without having to resort to splitting a can of diced carrots between yourself and your loved ones

so when i see people mocking and deriding poor people for eating fast–and cheap–food, or junk food from the corner stre, it makes me so angry

because sometimes all i have is a dollar

smetimes all i have is 75 cents for a snack cake

and i’ll be damned if i’m not going to eat it because people who don’t have to worry about whether or not they will eat tomorrow want to make nasty judgemental comments about my cost of living 

being poor is a dehumanizing, depressing experience, that is a daily struggle just to live through, and anyone who looks down their nose at por people for nt choosing less affordable “healthy” options should probably choke on some kale tbh