Food scanning tech will soon be able to figure out exactly what we’re eating

New cutting-edge scanner technology being developed by companies like TellSpec, SCiO and Target could dramatically revolutionize the transparency of what we eat. Researchers might soon be able to use the scanners to detect a whole host of data, including the presence of pesticides, whether a food contains dairy or gluten and nutrition and calorie information. According to the Washington Post, the technology could finally answer the age-old questions, “Did they water down this beer?” and “Is it beef… or is it horsemeat?” This is great news for our health.

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TellSpec: What Foodies and Purists Want For Christmas ,Manja Knows

Imagine being able to point a device at a wall and with the push of a button, the device is able to warn you of toxic mold being present. Imagine pointing this same device at food/dish and with the push of a button, the device being able to analyze the composition of the item(s) - food allergens present, chemicals, dyes, pesticides, calorie to nutrient ratio, etc. How to use it? Simply connect the device wirelessly to your smart phone. Magic! We think so! Groundbreaking for a food critic and taster with food allergies. Can we have this for Christmas? Please Santa (Mashable)?

Biotech firms saw the practicality, the profit opportunity, and the market share value for a device like this. Inspired by a fourteen year old girl who developed multiple food allergies and sensitivities after moving from Europe to the USA with her family. She was exposed to toxic mold and developed the allergies and sensitivities as a result of the mold poisoning. She is the muse behind such a beautiful device that is capable of changing the lives (and perhaps even saving) of many.

Marketed on Mashable and funded through Indiegogo (crowd funding platform) TellSpec is so thankful for the numerous and generous contributions from consumers and believers such as yourselves. If you wish to back their development and product as well, please feel free to check out their page on Indiegogo. Every pea fills the pod here and should you decide to contribute, you are investing into something beautiful - for business, got social good, and for people living with food allergies.



Today the Department of Delicious Deception is doing some serious stargazing thanks to the WANDER Space Probe launched by freelance photographer and artist Navid Baraty. However these marvelous images of planets, galaxies, nebulae, and asteroids weren’t actually created with a telescopic camera mounted on a space probe. They were made by placing household food items on the glass of a desktop image scanner. For example, the image at the top of this post was made using water, coffee, half & half, and food coloring for the nebula and sugar and baking powder for the stars. These are photos of a kitchen cosmos and they are awesome.

Click here for additional images and to find out what ingredients were used to create each of them. The WANDER Space Probe is an ongoing series for Baraty. Follow the project on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with its intergalactic travels.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what are the best apps for tracking how much youve ate and how much youve burnt your calories? Thanks

I use Lose It, it has a barcode scanner for food etc. you can use my fitness pal but they don’t let you complete your diary unless you’ve logged 1000 calories so that’s annoying. I use a seperate app called ‘moves’ to track my exercise (get a Fitbit they’re so worth it I need one) because I find food log apps really over exaggerate how many calories you’ve actually burned most of the time. I’ve also used Lifesum which isn’t too bad. If you’re a runner apps like map my run are good for tracking calories etc too. Hope I helped!