Creating fictional space scenes by scanning food on a photo scanner by reddit user navidj. All of these were made from foods. The planet from the first image for example was made by a bottom of a glass containing orange juice, wasabi, tomato sauce, half & half. The moon was made by a pancake while the nebula was made by water, coffee, food coloring, half & half. (Source)

I wish I had this talent!

October 1st, 2014

AUTHOR: Anonymous

1st of October, 2014

Arthur irritably eyed the rather huge menu board of coffee flavors and pastries. When has ordering coffee turn into such a complicated task? How was he supposed to know what a venti or grande is? Or how many shots can go in each cup? What’s a shot for that matter?

“Having trouble are we?” Francis teased from behind the cash register with amusement in his eyes and curiosity. It’s not everyday that Arthur willingly steps into a Starbucks.

“Shut up.” Arthur grumbled. “You know I never order this crap. I will never understand yours or Alfred’s love for this coffee.”

“This coffee has exquisite taste, can you honestly blame us?” Francis smiles. “It seems that Alfred finally convinced you.”

“Absolutely not,” Arthur ordered the coffee, thankful for his superb memory and ability of simple observation. “this isn’t for me.”

“Hm, obviously.” Francis is very familiar with this particular order, smiling to himself as he prepares the beverage. “For someone who says you do not know Alfred very well, you certainly know his favorite drink.”

“Everyone knows his obsession, it’s no mystery.”

“Oh, no doubt. But do you think everyone knows his favorite drink in October?” Francis carefully capped the cup and turned to face Arthur, smiling in victory at the Englishman’s blush.

“That’s-that’s completely irrelevant.” He swiped the cup, dropping extra change on the counter and hurriedly exited the cafe.


“Hey, Matt.” Alfred greeted his brother at the check out counter, hefting his basket of groceries onto the conveyor belt. He tried to act casual as he unloaded his goods.

“Shouldn’t you be studying for your test tomorrow?” His brother asked, surprised with his brother’s random visit since Alfred would normally remain indoors the day before his exams.

“I needed a break.” Alfred had thought of a million excuses before and hoped this was good enough that it did not cause any suspicion.

Matt could see past his excuse but didn’t push him for answers. He passed the foods on the scanner, all junk food, nothing abnormal there. Except-

“Al…this is tea.”

“Yea, so?”

“So? Al, you hate tea.”

Alfred slapped a few dollars on the counter and swiped the box of tea from his brother. “Yea, well! I decided to try something new! Y'know, replace
coffee for tea since it’s unhealthy!”

Replace coffee…for tea? Realization hit him then…

“This wouldn’t happen to be for your roommate would it?” Matt asked, smiling slowly as he finally figured it out.

“N-no! What gave you that idea, geez!” Alfred denied immediately, though his pink cheeks say otherwise. “Anyway, gotta jet! Wish me luck on my exam!”