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Time and date: 9:52 pm of July 3rd in the year 2015

Average hours of sleep: 2- 10…but usually 4 hours is the reoccurring These days

Birthday: September 8th

Gender: Well biological sex is Female yes. Gender is what society puts out there

Sexuality: Asexual

Height: 5′3″

Favourite Colour: Blues and overal pastel colors

One place that makes me happy: My bed[room]…. or DisneyWorld.

How many blankets do I sleep under: ranges from 2-4

What am I wearing right now: dark blue PJ shorts with white stars all over them….and a dark blue short sleeved T-shrit with Hiro and Anna building a Baymax snowman! and my glasses of course.

Favourite Beverage: iced milk tea or iced coffee

Favourite Food: …I guess rainbow cookies I rarely ever get to have them.

Last movie I watched: Jurassic World 2 times no regrets.

Dream Vacation: Going to England for Doctor Who things…and Japan again for historical sites….Hawaii for a change in atmosphere!

Dream Wedding: I ‘d just sign the papers and be done with it.. i hate parties these days. But for Wedding photos is forced to take them….  I want Rapunzel’s wedding dress from Tangled. Cuz I am trash like that.

Dream Pet: Red Panda cuz fuck you all.

Dream Job: Homicide Detective….but maybe i’ll marry one instead so I can have it indirectly speaking.

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