When The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY introduced their rainbow colored bagels, they received over 1,000 orders from across the world and had to stop taking them. 

Hey Tumblr, Happy National Bagel Day!

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Oh, btw…. it’s also National Pizza Day!

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I’ll give you the bagels, just bring me all of the pizza.

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Remember those awesome rainbow bagels we wrote about last fall? They’re made by Scot Rossillo, veteran bagel maker and self-proclaimed “World’s Premier Bagel Artist" at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York. Today, thanks to this behind-the-scenes video by INSIDER, we get to see how the painstaking process by which those psychedelic bagels are made:

We also learned that Rossillow sometimes makes Rainbow Bagel Playdough to entertain the kids with people waiting in line for his amazing bagels:

Follow The Bagel Store on Instagram for many more photos of their vibrant bagels.

[via Business Insider]