(I made cheesecake, and BMO shoes, and started on a notebook for my cousin. Today is productive. Notice I did none of my actual schoolwork.)

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Don’t Leave Yet

Requested by: baileyhizzle

Plot: Harry is about to go on tour and you start acting weird because you don’t want him to go. You are trying to be supportive but when he starts to notice you break down crying. 

You were getting dinner ready for the night. Harry’s favorite, and also your favorite to fix for him because it made him so happy. 

Right as soon as you got done with dinner he swung the door open smiling big. “Hey babe! I’m home!” He ran up to you and gave you a big hug and you just laughed. “I made you dinner, your favorite.” You winked. He smiled big. “That’s my girl.” He kissed your cheek and you set plates on the table for you and him and put the food on plates.

As you began eating Harry looked up at you. “Baby we need to talk.” You were confused for a moment. “What about Harry?” He sighed. “Well you see, our big tour is coming up.. I tried begging them to let you come but..” He sighs again and looks down. “I didnt want you to be upset.”

The words stung you a bit. That would be a long time without Harry. A really long time. You grabbed his hand he was resting on the table. “I’ll be fine Harry. I just want you to have a great tour. I’m proud of you.” He kissed your hand and murmured an ‘I love you’ as he kept kissing your hand.

As a couple of days passed, you couldn’t help but think of 6 months without Harry. The thought of it was just unbearable. It was ridiculous. You started to become very sad. You wanted to be happy for him but you couldn’t help but think about him not being beside you at night, or him not singing in the shower and you would just laugh and sing with him from your room. But the thought that haunted you the most was what if he found another girl. Someone way better than you.

You were in your room one night. Harry hadn’t come home from work yet. All these thoughts of him on tour were filling up your head. The thoughts were becoming too much.You started to cry. 

Just then Harry walked in and as soon as he saw you crying he ran to your side. “Y/N What’s wrong?” He asked concerned. You just looked at him your eyes full of tears. “Please don’t leave..” He then picked you up and put you in his lap. “Babe, whats going on?”

You explained to him all the thoughts you had that week. Of him finding a new girl, or him not being next to you and he started to frown. “Y/N, I’ll never find another girl like you.” He grabbed your hand and kissed it. “You are my one and only" he exclaimed. 

You stayed in his arms for a while, then finally he spoke up. “How about I give you my favorite sweater. You know, that green one you love so good?” You smiled up at him and nodded.

He got up and got his sweater from out of the drawer then came back and sat next to you on the bed then gave it to you. You hugged it close. He looked at you happily. “Don’t worry baby. I’ll never leave.”

A/N: I hope you like it! It took me a while sorry!


July 17th 2015 ~ Nicholas Riddle

The moment I set foot in the Asylum I need a moment to gather my thoughts. To think a week ago I was a normal college student. The realize quickly that the place I chose to sit at was not a good because of the smell of the food plates all around me. I decide to ingnore it. The doctor said that the reason I explode sometimes was because I get worked up. I still can’t believe I have magic in my blood. My parents said that it had to have skipped a few generations after the great grandfather had his magic removed. It made me wonder what made the powers attach to me if they’d been whipped. I will be allowed to study the basics of my magic so I can decide if I want to keep it or not but I had to be kept out of harm’s way.

Well others had to be kept out of the way from me. I was interrupted from my thoughts by someone moving around in another room. I spot a woman that I thought I recognized from college but the person that she looked like didn’t have wings. We talked for a bit though I could see that Vanessa was bored of me. I let her go where ever it was she was going to while I found something to keep me busy, namely washing dishes. It seemed like Vanessa had the same idea because I found her clearing plates.

We finished cleaning and I started to explore. I found a woman with pink hair. She was rather pretty too but she too didn’t want to talk to me long. Not that I was eager to get to know her longer either. She smiled at me a little to wide at one point but her emotions seemed to change on a dime. With my first day behind me I wonder how I’m going to study anything with everything that goes on here. That and how I’m supposed to keep up with this journal.

I have just been talking to mum and dad about me potentially becoming a vegetarian and they were sooo supportive and wonderful! Basically I really do enjoy the taste of meat but honestly I feel so bad about the fact I’m eating a once living animal!!! I used to kid myself when I was younger through dissociation - I.e. I wouldn’t see pork as a pig, I would see it as food and not the animal. Now all I can think about is the suffering that happened for that food to reach my plate and it really is awful there’s no way of getting around it tbh. I think I’m gonna do it.


China’s first recycling machine that turns bottles into dog food

This may look like any other vending machine, but rather than needing coins, this magic metal box only requires plastic bottles. In return, it offers back food for stray dogs and cats.

Last Sunday, China got the first such machine installed in its capital Beijing. The moment a plastic bottle is put into the machine, 20 grams of food drops onto a plate placed at the machine’s bottom, designed to let dogs and cats enjoy their food.

The machine, named “Smart Recycling Box”, was the invention of Turkish company Pugedon. The device was put into use in Istanbul last July, and has been widely praised as a genius idea that kills two birds with one stone – recycling plastic bottles and feeding stray animals at the same time.

However, Chinese netizens are worried about the feasibility of the machine in China, with many saying they are afraid people will take advantage of it.

“I’m afraid that people with pets will start to collect plastic bottles, and recycle them for food for their own dogs and cats…” said a Weibo user @MiaoyangerAMY.

On this, net users have offered some good suggestions for the government.

“There should be surveillance cameras near the machine to prevent people from taking advantage of it. And I think a better way to handle stray animals is to build some shelters in the city, so that they may get better care,” wrote @Linshuilianhuangyi

Today, I fucked up... by bringing Chinese takeout to my mom’s friend’s party

My mom and her close friend often hosts these little social gatherings where everyone who’s invited brings a dish for lunch. (kind of like a potluck). My mom could not attend but my sister and I went anyway. Since I was too lazy to cook, I brought some chinese take out. So we get to the party and the ladies are talking in the kitchen. Someone was asking the lady who was hosting the party about a meal she cooked, and she commented on how she had learned to cook chinese food from a friend of hers. So I come in and I say, “Oh you cooked chinese, well I brought some chinese takeout.” Turns out she brought some takeout too. I put down the box of takeout in the kitchen right next to this plate of food and realize that they are both the exact same dish. This lady got exposed for passing off takeout as her own cooking in front of all her guests. I don’t think she will be inviting us back.

Harvard Food Plate Disses Milk.

Harvard University nutritionists have decided to tweak the USDA’s new “My Plate” chart in a move that is sure to piss off the dairy industry.

In June, the USDA updated the old food pyramid and put out a healthy eating pie chart called “My Plate.”  The chart depicted a relatively positive diet but almost as an afterthought, tossed a glass of milk on the side urging eaters to have a glass with every meal.  The problem is that almost any reasonable nutritionist will tell you that a serving of dairy with every meal is far too much and Harvard nutritionists agree.

The Ivy League school decided to release their own My Plate which shows a glass of water in place of the milk.  They urge eaters to drink lots of water, tea, or coffee, and avoid sugary drinks while limiting their dairy. Their defense of such a non-traditional move was this:

“High intake [of dairy] can increase the risk of prostate cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.  Plus, dairy products can be high in saturated fat as well as retinal, which at high levels can paradoxically weaken bones.”

The human body is made of about 70% water so telling people to drink more of it does seem more important than telling them to drink more milk.  


Mommy found the biggest dandie flower ever!! We were both so excited that we completely forgot to take photos before I started nomming it. Just the base of the dandie was bigger than my head! I nommed and nommed, but I fell into a food coma before I could come even close to finishing it. So I used the rest of the giant dandie as a pillow for my food coma!

the only way to cool off ahahah and to detox, why not? deheh
here’s a bowl filled with peaches (1 white and 2 yellow), apricots, banana and fig, on the side there’s half peach that i couldn’t put in the bowl bc it was already full and lots of watermelon

Screw the Food Pyramid; let’s switch to the Food Plate instead!

Meet the worst graphic ever created. You may have heard about this thing. It’s called the MyPyramid. There’s some random dude running up it to remind people to exercise, which it’s honestly never done for us. But there aren’t any numbers, no good explanation, and few details to explain what people should eat. It’s one of the greatest travesties the USDA has ever created. It’s as terrible as the 2012 Olympics logo, except worse, because it’s meant actually teach people how to eat healthier; that hasn’t happened. And it might finally get replaced by a completely different shape. Finally. About time. A little history:

  • pyramid In 1992, the USDA introduced the Food Pyramid as a way to explain to people how much food they should be eating. It wasn’t considered a success.
  • pyramid In 2005, USDA officals replaced the pyramid with “MyPyramid,” a vertically-oriented chart derided for being even more confusing than the original version.
  • plate? Perhaps hearing the cries of those who want to see a simpler food graphic, the USDA plans to launch a version of the graphic that revolves around a simple plate. source

» Why this is a good idea: Simply put, the basic idea behind this graphic needs to be as simple as possible, and while the original graphic wasn’t terrible, its replacement was. What we’d like to see is a shape that looks like a cafeteria tray, with compartments for each piece. However, the independently-produced Power Plate (which notably doesn’t include meat products at all) is also a worthy option, too. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.

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Have you seen the new Food “Pyramid” that was released today? The USDA’s new website has an interactive version of this plate, which users can click on to learn more each food group.

In addition to the plate, they suggest the following:(This is all stuff you know, but just in case..)

Balancing Calories   ● Enjoy your food, but eat less.   ● Avoid oversized portions.     Foods to Increase   ● Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.   ● Make at least half your grains whole grains.   ● Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk.     Foods to Reduce   ● Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals ― and choose the foods with lower numbers.   ● Drink water instead of sugary drinks.  

Can we talk about the BS that is the “food plate”? I’m glad they changed it to protein but it still specifically says dairy. Which technically means that they’re telling you that you need ice cream and all that junk. C'mon.. Non-dairy milks have 50% more calcium. And what is natural about drinking milk meant for baby cows? *sigh*