Call @ Clarke
  • Lexa:She hurried up and finished eating her food, rinsing off her plate and shoving it in the dishwasher quickly so she could make the call. She found Clarke's name in her phone and clicked the call button, seeing the blonde's face pop up on the screen when she answered after having saved it as her contact photo once Clarke had sent it to her. "Your intelligence should not be offended as I've always had an eye for blondes." She admitted, the flirty undertone was there even though she hadn't planned it. That, and her imagination could not have even prepared her for how gorgeous Clarke was. She'd stared at the picture for a long few minutes before replying to her text.

quinninthenorth  asked:

All of me!Belle: Hey there, sweety. How are you doing? Did you have fun at the party?

I enjoyed myself more than I expected to, all things considered. It was a joy to spend time with Henry, of course, and it was good to talk with Emma and Neal, too. Emma was surprisingly kind to me. She’s so pretty and skinny that, well, I thought she might not want to talk to me. Mr. Gold’s arrival sort of threw me off and I was way too nervous to eat. I could feel him watching me and so I just pushed the food around on my plate. Then he came over to talk to me at the bonfire. What was that about? Now I’m starving and I’m going home to dig into a gallon of chocolate marshmallow ice cream stat.


FREE! LUNCHTIME (/•ิ_•ิ)/ lol i just wanted to draw THINGS associated with the boys maybe i’ll do kaban no nakami version too haha

obviously makoto did not make his own omurice (he’s not allowed in the kitchen u see) ah btw it says ‘MA-KO-TO’ in ketchup /sighs at the cheesiness of young love (▰˘◡˘▰) we all know who made that nyan~ :3