Reaction to You Getting Sick Because You’re on a Diet. . .


Anonymous said: Hello~~ can you do exo reactions when their s/o getting sick because she is on diet? Thank you so much!!!

Reaction to You Getting Sick Because You’re on a Diet…

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Kai Eonni ~


Honestly, he wouldn’t say much at first. Suho wouldn’t want to come off as overbearing or getting in your business. He would subtly ask if you were sure you’re finished eating when you say you’re done, but you’ve barely eaten half of the food on your plate. He would progressively get more and more open about his worries when he sees you losing weight – fast. However, when you get sick that’s when he’s done holding his tongue about his thoughts on you dieting. He’d sit you down and express his concerns and opinions about your diet. He’d ask you to please stop hurting yourself like this, there are other ways to lose weight in a healthy and kind way towards your body. Suho might even guilt trip you if it seemed like you weren’t going to change your ways by saying something about how it’s affecting his health by worrying about you this much. He’d do anything to keep you healthy and cared for, even if its slightly manipulative. After the talk, he’d keep an eye on you while eating to make sure you’re eating the amount you both had agreed on.


He’s not having it. You’re important to him, you’re beautiful and to him you’re perfect the way you are. He’d allow you to have a small diet at first, wanting to support you in your decisions even if he may not fully agree with them. However, the moment he sees that you aren’t even eating a third of the food on your plate and you’re losing weight unnaturally fast he’s giving you hell about it. He’ll get into fights with you about how unhealthy this is. However while he’s pissed at you for doing something so stupid, he’d be caring for you like the loving bear he is, supporting you when it’s time to eat, staying at the table and talking casually with you while you finish your food. He’d explain in a mature way the affects dieting like this could have on you, him and your relationship. He’d always remind you to eat when he’s not around and when he gets back he asks what you ate and how much. You got this boy worried, so he’s going to follow up when he’s not around to witness you eating.

(i’mma just put this here cause i can and not cause it has any relevance to what i just wrote // SEXYSOO)


He’d actually be really mature in a situation such as this. He knows how unhealthy this is for you, and so from the beginning he’d be a little hesitant to allow you to diet. Chanyeol also just wouldn’t see why you’d think you need to, you’re perfect?? Once he notices you losing strength, getting too skinny and seeming to be getting more colds than you have before he’s putting his foot down and telling you you need to start eating more. You’re withering away and he’s not about to sit by and let that happen. Then out comes the strict boyfriend; you’re not leaving the table until all your food is gone, he’s calling you whenever he’s not there for breakfast, lunch or dinner and will ask what you’re making yourself to eat and will make you promise him to eat it all. He’d make sure that he tells you everyday how beautiful you are – just the way you are. Even at the most random of moments when ya’ll are just brushing your teeth.


From the beginning he’ll ask you if you’re really sure you want to do the diet. Has he said something that makes you second guess yourself, or have you seen something that makes you want to c xiumin would never keep you from doing something that could potentially make you happy. You getting hurt or sick would be the only reason he would stop you, and in this case, you did get sick, so he’s stepping in now. He’d ask you to stop whatever you’re doing and just mentally take a step back and see what’s happening to you right now. Instead of getting the outcome you wanted, which in the great scheme of things is beauty, you’re getting sick and weak and that’s not good for you. He’d tell you the only thing he wants is for you to be healthy, strong and happy, that way you two can be together for many more years, but if you go and get sick then you guys wont have those many years to look forward to. So please, for him – if not for you, stop hurting yourself like this so you two can spend many more years together side-by-side.


It would take him a while to put two-and-two together. But once he realizes that you’ve gotten sick because of the diet he’s begging you to stop the diet. Now that he knows the cause of you getting sick, he’s panicking and worried whenever he’s not with you. Until you promise that you will no longer continue the diet he’s just not the same sweet Yixing you know. He’s more affectionate, but in a way that seems melancholy and it brings an ache to your heart. He’s more cheerful, but in a way that seems desperate to put a smile on your face. If you are decent person with an actual feeling heart to protect Yixing you would stop your diet and promise him that you are no longer and will never again do the diet. Immediately he’d return to the genuine smiles and loving hugs that you adore. He may be a little dense at times, but he cares for you deeply and the last thing he would ever think about when you’re with him is your outside appearance, he loves you for you and that’s it.


He’d be blunt with you. Like, what’re you doing? If you want to be ‘fit’ then the last thing you should be doing is starving yourself to the point you get unhealthy and sick. You don’t look good when you’re sick and you wont feel good about yourself, so like, why do it? He cares about you, treasures you and wants you to be who you are with him, and because of that he’s going to give you harsh love. When he met you, he fell for who you are, and not who society wants you to be and he doesn’t want you to change. If you’re insecure, he’s gunna make it his mission to boost your self-esteem in a matter of weeks.


He’d respond with understanding, he get it, but wouldn’t in anyway support it, especially if you’re getting sick. He’d be sweet and gentle with trying to get you to eat healthy again, all while boosting your self-esteem in the process. He’d sit with you during meals until your plate is empty, rewarding you with passionate kisses. If he couldn’t be there for meals, then he’d call you and talk to you while you eat, making every meal for you enjoyable so you would no longer dread eating. 

(i mean,,,,,,how could you not want to eat when he makes eating look so seductive,tell me that)


He’d proceed by dealing with this situation in a joking manner. This would be something that Baekhyun doesn’t have much experience with, and therefore is uncomfortable. In response to being uncomfortable he brings out his more childish mannerisms in defense. Though he would try his damn hardest to be as helpful and supportive in anyway he can. He’d be honest with you, telling you he doesn’t like what you’re doing to yourself, but doesn’t know how to help you. Hopefully this would get through to you and you two can work together to help yourself and nurse yourself back to top condition. He’d be the most supportive out of the boys, being honest with how inexperienced he is in this situation, but being so genuine with how he wants help you and be there for you. He’d be so eager to always be there for you, feeling bad that he doesn’t know how to help, and so because of this, he’d jump at the first sight of you needing or you asking for his help.


This would be a process. At first he wouldn’t get involved and let you do what you need to do, but slowly as he starts to see your health decline he’s speaking up a little about what he’s seeing, mentioning how skinny you’ve gotten, how you’re getting sick more often than you have before and how you seem to be getting weaker. This would all be out of concern, however, if you continue to diet, then he’s going to get more aggravated and annoyed, only because you’re not caring for yourself anymore, and that upsets him on so many levels. This would most likely lead to a fight, and eventually turn emotional as his fears and concerns for you surface. He’d ask you to stop doing this to yourself and would come to some sort of compromise with you.


He wouldn’t support the diet in the first place. Health is such a big deal to him and eating a balanced meal as well. So to see you dieting would just confuse him, he already thought you were perfect, so in general he just wouldn’t understand this and would refuse to hear your reasoning, thinking it’s irrational and just plain stupid. He’d throw some remarks at you for doing this to yourself, unsure how to express his concern in any other way. Though eventually he would break and would come to you expressing his concerns in an angry way, but either way, getting his message that he doesn’t want you to do this and is worried for you. He’d try to come to some sort of compromise with you, though that wouldn’t be enough for him, but he’ll have to get what he can take for now.


Again, he would be another that doesn’t have experience in this and therefore feels a little awkward about it. Though he would approach this situation differently from Baekhyun. He’d be blunt about his views and opinions on what you’re doing to yourself, somewhat like Chen, but not as extreme. He’s inexperienced and therefore feels like he shouldn’t say much about, but he cares for you, and therefore speaks up about his worries. He’d be like Kai in the way that he would always make sure that you have eaten or is there with you when you eat. He’d be tough with making sure that you eat, not letting you leave the table and declining hugs, kisses and other forms of affection until you finish your food. Though he doesn’t like to express his emotions much, he can only control his emotions and worries so much when it comes to you.


He’d be another that approaches you in a mature way. You’re sick because of dieting, and he would point that out to you and how it’s the complete opposite of what you wanted from dieting. If you want to lose weight he would be willing to help you in other ways. But he wouldn’t allow you to continue this, and he would be stern about it. He cares about you and because of that he would give you tough love. But he would never forget to remind you how much he loves you for who you are everyday.

Post 12x23

“Dean, I don’t need anymore.”  Cas pushed away the plate that Dean tried to set in front of him.

Dean growled and forced in to the table.  “You came back human.”  He pointed at him with his newly free hand, still holding Sam’s second plate of food in the other.  “You have to eat.”

Cas sighed.  “But…”  He trailed off, staring at the food, steaming on the plate.

“What do you not like it?”

“It’s not that.”  Cas slid his eyes away; he was embarrassed.

All Dean did was raise an eyebrow and tap the back of his hand to Cas’ shoulder.

Sighing again, Cas deflated in his seat.  “I’m getting fat.”  He looked down at his pudgy stomach.

Angels didn’t get fat.  Food and weight and everything was still a foreign concept to Cas in many ways.  Dean blinked twice before he peeked over to where Sam was hidden behind his computer, intently reading.  He leaned down, nudging his nose to Cas’ temple and brushing his lips over his cheekbone, before whispering in his ear, “A little padding is never bad.”  He pulled away.  

Cas looked up at him red-faced.

“Don’t worry about it.  When we go on a hunt eating and exercising switch and we balance it out.”  Dean pat his shoulder, trying to act nonchalant around his resurrected boyfriend.

With that, Cas picked up his fork and began to eat.  

Dean took Sam’s food to him then sat next to Cas and just watched him eat.  It was a nice feeling; he was able to take care of him and love him like humans like to do.

Blessings May Never Return

Aishah (رضي الله عنا) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ entered upon her one day and saw a small piece of bread on the floor, so he picked it up and wiped it, then told her: “O Aishah (رضي الله عنا), treat the blessings of Allah with respect, for if it departs from a household it may never come back to them.” [Ibn Abi-Dunya]

Seeing a small piece of bread on the floor made the Prophet ﷺ warn Aishah (رضي الله عنا) regarding being ungrateful to Allah (سبحانه و تعالى). What would he have said were he to see how plates full of food are thrown away in trash cans today.

Parents take their children to others’ houses, put food on their plates and say nothing to them when they remorselessly leave it to be thrown away. These are the very same people who you will see complaining about not having enough.
Imam Al-Hasan Al-Basree (رضي الله عنه) said:

“We laugh and yet who knows? Perhaps Allah has looked at some of our works and said: ‘I will not accept anything from you.’ Woe to you, son of Adam! Can you fight Allah? Whoever disobeys Allah is fighting Him. By Allah! I have met seventy veterans of Badr. Most of their garments were wool. Had you seen them you would have said they are crazy, and had they seen the best among you they would have said: ‘Those people will have no part in the Hereafter.’ Had they seen the worst among you they would have said: ‘Those people do not believe in the Day of Reckoning.’ I have seen people for whom this world was cheaper than the dust under their feet. I have seen people the like of whom would come home at night, not finding more than his own portion of food, and yet say: ‘I shall not put all of this into my belly. I shall certainly give some away for Allah’s sake.’ Then he would give away some of his food in charity, even if he were more in need of it than its recipient.”

Hilyah al-Awliya wa Tabaqat al-Asfiya 2/134


I am FINALLY done with this. Hope you guys enjoy it, please let me know if you do, your comments are very much appreciated. Lots of love, B xx

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It’s all he can see when he looks at you. It’s the color that paints your lips and it’s the only thing he’s been able to think about all night long.

When he picked you up earlier tonight, on your way to a dinner with a group of friends, his eyes had zoomed in on your lips the second you opened the car door to greet him - while you stepped inside and leaned in to say hello, placing a chaste and pert kiss on his cheek, his eyes followed your lips as you came closer.

“What color is that? Crimson? Bright red?” Is what he thinks, the shades of it swirling in his mind. He doesn’t know and he’s tempted to ask you but to do that was to show he’s been paying more attention to you than he’s got the right to and maybe it’d give you the wrong impression - he’s not interested in your lipstick but more on the way the color makes your lips look full and incredibly inviting.

Biting onto his bottom lip after greeting you quickly, his eyes fleet to his rear view mirror, spotting the patch of skin close to his jaw where you had placed your kiss - a lipstick mark remains, the shape of your lips stamped onto his skin in a bright shade of red.

The sight gave him goose bumps and he couldn’t explain why, but when you leaned forward on his front seat, the visor pulled down so you could look in the mirror and make sure your lipstick was not smudged, Harry felt his stomach sink - images of you on your knees, eyes hazy and lips swollen while you suck on his cock with greedy, swollen and red painted lips, leaving a stain on his length, invaded his mind without his permission and he feels his cock twitch in his pants, heat rising underneath his skin.

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So I took “and he gets really sad” to Langst levels because I have no control. 

A small case of the sniffles was nothing to Lance. He worked through it with ease, but when he woke up two days later with a throat so raw and so sore that it brought tears to his eyes, he began to second guess himself.

However, he still tried to power through, but halfway through breakfast, his weak, raspy voice gave out entirely when he was in the middle of reassuring Shiro that he just had a small cold.

He tried to talk, but all that came out was a soft squeak that left him wincing.

“Just a cold, huh?” Keith asked, one eyebrow arched in a teasing manner.

Lance huffed and poked at his throat. He cleared his throat and tried once more to respond vocally, but it was helpless and quite painful.

“You better not,” Shiro warned. “You’ll only make it worse.” He held an index finger up to his mouth, motioning for Lance to keep quiet.

Lance sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat. For the remainder of breakfast, he shoved his food around his plate with his fork as the others chattered around him as if nothing was wrong.

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This is Haymitch he was born on a horse farm but he’s 100% an indoor cat. He likes to sleep in weird positions (also with blankets), scream at us in the morning, and steal food off of our plates.

So there’s another thought… Why doesn’t Jughead get emancipated? I mean he turned sixteen, he can file for emancipation and flip Gladys, Fred and those Social Services off, while he stays in Riverdale High, cuddling with his beautiful girl at the Blue & Gold and stealing food from her plate.

It Might Be Nice // Part 2

Lmao, this took a long ass time but like ??? I didn’t even think it was going to have a second partso, yah. 

Here’s part one:

And, that’s it! It’s seems like Lance died but like…psssh, he…he’s sleeping, kay? Yah… btw LONG. POST. Translations: Ae-in (Sweetheart), Amor (Love) 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

One, two, three blinks and then –

Lance’s eyes stay closed.

“No.” Keith whispers horrified, his hand aimlessly patting the glass powerless, “No, no, no, no, no. Lance, please, no.”

There’s nothing at all. There’s no flutter of eyelids or a steady breathing or even a twitch.

There’s nothing but a ghost smile in those pale half parted lips.

“L-Lance.” He chokes out weakly, barely acknowledging the tears running down his face, “Ae-in?”

Lance just sits there, body heavily pressed against the glass, right in front of Keith, mouth frozen in a permanent silent sigh and Keith snaps.

“No!” He screams, “No, no, no! Lance! I-I love –! Lance, please! Come back! Come back, please! I-I didn’t –!” Keith’s voice breaks, words still falling out of his mouth without his consent, “I love you too! Please! I didn’t get the chance to –! Don’t do this, please!  I’m begging you! Lance!”

This can’t be happening. Keith thinks as his fist pounds at the glass that block his way to get to the brunet. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. This can’t be –

“Please, please, please, break. Break goddamnit, please!” He shouts, standing up  and activating his bayard, not hesitating a tick before he’s lashing and stabbing the glass, “Break, break. Please, please – BREAK!”

It doesn’t and Keith can only slash out at the damn glass over and over again. His vision gets blurry as more tears keep gathering in his eyes and suddenly there’s no air in his lungs and he can’t breath, he can’t hear, he can’t - he can’t –

“No!” He yells as soon as someone grabs him from behind and pulls him away, “No! Get off of me! Get off –! Lance! Lance, please! No!”

Lance’s figure just keeps getting further and further away from him. He’s basically slipping through his finger and he can’t do a damn thing.

“S-Stop.” Keith sobs out desperately, dropping his entire body in defeat against the strong hold he’s trapped in, “S-stop, p-please, I-I can’t–I didn’t tell him –!”

Faint black spots start appearing in his vision. He tips to the side exhausted as he look straight into the only blurry blue dot he can see.

“L-Lance.” He whispers brokenly, “L-Lan –”

Keith hears the sound of something shattering as he loses conscience but he’s just not sure on what exactly.

Must have been his heart.

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"You are a good guy, Zach" (Zach Dempsey imagine)

I know this is blog about Riverdale, but I have some Zach Dempsey vibes a few days and I wanted to write an imagine of how I see him as character. I hope you don’t mind. Just enjoy!
P.S. you can send me any ideas. If you want about Riverdale - do it, if you want about 13 reasons why - do it. Just do it haha

WARNINGS: none I think, maybe some fluff and angst? Thats it.


Some people decides how to act around different people. If they want to show their weak, honest, popular, beautiful or most realistic side of them. Wanting them to show you their realistic side, you have to make them believe, trust and be by their side when they need you the most. It feels like everyone does it, right? Somewhat, yes. Of course, one of them was Zach Dempsey. In school he is guy-who-doesn’t-care or ,how you want me to say, fuck boy.
I met Zach on my first day in Liberty High School. We were in our freshman year. He was already surrounded by group of people who made him laugh. I was standing by my locker, while my body was occupied by anxiety. Two different people in one place. But long story short, I had huge argument with Zach in one of the parties, it made him came at me in school and ask me if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee with him. I gave him a shot and now we are best friends. Best friend who got to see his realistic side, besides his family. The only answer how it happened is - I was by his side, I always supported him and made him feel better about his insecurities. Usually guys don’t know what is joke and what is serious. He may be pain in the ass, but he is caring, gold hearted and friendly. Sometimes he gets angry by stupid things, then he regrets, but doesn’t show. Because he is “the cool guy”, right?
His mom had to work in another side of the country, his sister went to friends house to have “girly weekend” and Zach wanted to have a rest from all parties. On this Friday evening he asked me to come at his place and have some dinner, because it’s been quite long time since we hang out. Somehow it felt like he tried avoid me and I didn’t knew why.
“The way you and your friends called that kid… Wasn’t really nice” I said as I tried to reach plates from the kitchen cupboard. Zach walked next to me and without any problems reached plates and gave it to me.“Thank you” I smiled at him.
“It was just for fun. Plus I didn’t started, Justin was the first one” He shrugged like it was just another casual accident.
“Well that doesn’t let you to be part of this. Just because you’re in Basketball team with popular kids, doesn’t mean you can say shit to other people, Zach!” I raised my voice lightly. I just shook my head and filled our plates with food.
“Are we going to fight, because of this?” Zach asked.
“No.” I putted plates on the table and sat on the chair. “Are you going to stand there or what?” I tried to sound as nicer as I could. He listened to me and did as I said. At first between us was an awkward silence, so to dissipate this vibe I started to talk.
“I know you’re kind guy and what are you doing with your friends… This isn’t you. Because I know you too well. You’re a good guy, Zach”
“But I have friends. They are for me by my side.” Zach tried to defend his, not so nice, friends.
“By calling you a mommies boy, because you care about your family? Excuse me? They are by your side, because…” I stood silent for a few seconds “Nevermind”.
“I guessed that we are going to have a nice dinner after long time, but as I can see, I was wrong, (Y/N)” I heard growing anger in his voice. He finished his meal and walked to the kitchen counter.
“I’m just worried about you. I’m sorry that I act like mom.” I finished my meal too and walked where he was standing. There was that silence again, but I didn’t said anything anymore. I walked in the living room and sat on the couch. My fingers were rushing through every social medias wall. Until I felt body sitting next to me.
“I know I’m doing wrong and I would destroy anyone who would say anything horrible to my sister. But I’m afraid of loosing friends, being rejected, sometimes I’m even afraid to be physically alone.” Zach sighed and I looked up at him. He was playing nervously with his fingers.
“But you’re not alone. You have family who is loving you and believing in you, you have me. All of your group is hiding insecurities behind their words to other people, like all of you want other people to feel the way you feel and I know this feeling. But sometimes you should talk about your insecurities or whats going on inside your head instead of bullying people who did nothing. With your insecurities you can kill human being with words.” I took his hand and tried to comfort him. “You know, the stick has two ends”
“You’re right. Maybe I should stop having my head inside my ass” He giggled.
“You’re not a bad person, Zach. You just should stop being like everyone else.”
He moved slightly next to me and hugged me tightly. After our hug broke, I just putted my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.
Zach cleared his throat and started to talk.
“I’m sorry that I avoided you. I just wasn’t feeling myself for a while.”
“Thats okay, everyone have these days.” I looked up at him. We were just staring at each other until I felt my cheeks heating up. I giggled and looked down. I slightly moved away from Zach and nervously started to bit my lip.
“Is everything okay?” I heard his raspy voice.
“Yeah, s-s-sure” I said. There was intense feeling between us, so I started to shake my leg nervously.
“If this is because what happened about a minute ago…”
“No, no, no. I mean, yes.” I started to mumble.
“I love you, (Y/N)” Zach said with shaky voice. It felt like my brain stopped working and in my stomach was flying million butterflies. I just looked at him with shock. “For a long time. It’s now or never, am I right?” He giggled. It felt like he tried to hide his shyness.
“I love you too, Zach” I giggled and looked at him, even if my face burned. But his face had lightly red spots too.
“What? Really?” He was surprised.
“Everyone loves you” I laughed.“So why I wouldn’t love you too? Just in different way.”
Zach suddenly leaned into me and kissed me on my lips. This kiss was soft and careful, but full of feeling. Like he didn’t wanted me to break, like I was a glass and he wanted to keep me.
I placed my hands on his neck, while his hands hold my head. Our kiss broke and he touched his forehead next to mine. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. His eyes were shining, his mouth transformed into beautiful smile.
“Thank you, God” He giggled.
This is the Zach I know, the one and only.


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPgeometric

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

Triangles in a building’s design, rectangular lines in the forest, circular food on your circular plate — this weekend, the goal is to make images and videos featuring the shapes and structures of your everyday surroundings. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose a particular shape and keep an eye out for it anywhere you may go. Whether you’re in a dense urban grid or vast forest, there are shapes hidden in plain sight.
  • Change your perspective. Look down and up at close-up details and faraway scenes — sometimes new shapes will present themselves.
  • Look for the repetition of a shape in one scene. Maybe a cyclist is riding by a house with circular windows, or you’re sitting down to lunch and notice a napkin is folded in the same triangle as your sandwich.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPgeometric hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

Family Dinner

[Obi-Wan and Anakin’s Force Ghosts, and Old Luke with Rey at Luke’s little hermit dining table. An awkward silence has set in.]

Rey: [nervously darting her eyes back and forth between parties as she eats] So…the Force, huh? It’s…something. I’m a fan. Personally. From what I’ve seen. 
Anakin: [bitterly] Well! At least someone is.
Luke: [rolling his eyes] …just say it, dad. 
Anakin: [irritated] Whatever do you mean, son?
Luke: Look you were never that big of a fan of the Jedi, either! Need I remind you? 
Anakin: I DIED to destroy the Sith! Yes: the Jedi were kind of a bunch of dicks sometimes, but you know what? I really liked some of those dicks! 

[Rey and Obi-Wan’s eyes widen] 

Anakin: [continuing] And I have lived on both sides of the fence, son, and let me tell you: the Dark Side? Is the actual WORST. It’s cold, and you have to go to bunch of boring meetings about mining, and you don’t even get a foosball table in your Vader pod and everything hurts all the time. At least the Jedi tried to stop Ultimate Evil! Also? [pointing at Obi-Wan] How can you do this to your Obi-Wan? HOW
Obi-Wan: [pushing his food around on his plate] Well it’s not the first time one of you has done this…
Luke: [pinching the bridge of his nose] [murmurs to himself] Oh Force, he’s going all-in. Ben, look, you know I love you, but the Jed– 
Obi-Wan: No no, Luke, it’s fine. I’m fine. I’m used to rejection and sadness and watching my life’s work shatter in front of me. In fact, I’d have been shocked if you hadn’t turned on the Jedi by now.
Luke: [pained] Ben
Obi-Wan: I mean what have I ever done for you except live a life of solitude and pain, and save you from all that stuff that tried to kill you over and over again, and teach you how to use the Force? You’re right. I shouldn’t have bothered. [Luke stares at him while Anakin stares daggers at Luke] Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I should go meditate. I have some feelings I need to release into the Force. [chugs his entire remaining whiskey, stalks off] 
Anakin: [scowling at Luke] You see what you did to him?!
Luke: Oh so just because I’m questioning the relevance of the Jedi, I’m the worst person ever? You’re the one who tried to kill him those couple of times!
Rey: [taking a huge gulp of her wine glass, wide-eyed]  

best friends with Park Jimin

•Waking up to morning texts from him.

•If you didn’t respond, he’d start to spam your phone.

•When you did respond in time he’d face time you knowing full and well that you haven’t even washed your face yet.

•You answering the facetime but hiding ¾ of your face behind a pillow.

•his voice being raspy since it was still early in the morning.

• mentioning you want to get breakfast with him.

•him whining about going into public “this early in the morning” but agreeing anyways.

•stealing food off each others plates when the other isn’t looking.

•you both finish your meals around the same time and start chatting.

•Jimin’s phone buzzes and he gets distracted so you pull out your phone and start taking pictures of him.

•him not realizing at all.

•the waitress you had eventually tells you guys to leave since it was already past 12 (it was a breakfast/brunch kind of place)

•you take more pictures of Jimin, but he notices so he hides himself.

•bringing Jimin back to your apartment so you could chat more.

•talking for hours upon hours

•bringing out the wine

•drinking in the afternoon because you can.

•making stupid and weird faces at each other

•Jimin made plans to go to a party later that evening so he had to go.

•calling him a cab

• a long hug and a tickle war erupts before he has to go.
•Jimin leaves.

•you start getting ready for bed.

•finally you flop onto your bed ready to
watch a movie and hopefully fall asleep soon.

•1:21 a.m in the morning you wake up to hear your phone going off.

•one missed call from ‘Jiminie’

•you pick up your phone and it buzzes

• the notification appears and you read the words “Are you awake?”

•you’re about to unlock your phone but another notification appears.

• “please don’t be asleep. I’m drunk and need to tell you how much I love you”

•you stare at your screen in disbelief.

• Your phone starts vibrating.

• Jimin is calling you.


I Am Not Peggy

Pairing/Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Peggy Carter (mentioned)

Warnings: Nothing much, swearing, violence, angst

Summary: You are Captain America’s girlfriend and you find that you will always be compared to a certain piece of Steve’s past.
Word Count:
A/N: This was really bad and Steve’s a bit of a dick tbh but I can see where they’re both coming from… this is dedicated to my favourite, the steve to my bucky @sickplanets <3 I am open to do a part two!!!

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Dean’s Flannel

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Summary: Flannel is a standard in the hunting world but it slowly becomes something more for Dean and the reader…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Favorite Things Challenge. My prompt was “Flannel”…

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