TalesFromYourServer: "I didn't yell at you today!"

So yesterday after my shift ended I went down to eat like I usually do. I had to sit at a different table because the usual one was dirty. After a few minutes of eating, my kitchen boss comes over and asks if he can sit with me.

I told him sure, I don’t care. I know that when things starts to die down he rests for a bit. We usually don’t sit with each other since we both like the moment of peace.

So he’s playing with his phone and munching on his plate of food while I’m doing the same. About 20 minutes pass and I get up to go home. He looks up and has a big smile.

“Hey I didn’t yell at you today! :D ”

I just laugh and said “well good! I didn’t make any mistakes either! See you tomorrow!”

This was the same boss I’ve gotten in yelling matches before. This was just a funny thing that I felt like sharing.

By: Stringoffate3

Newt Scamander Imagine Look After You

You watched Newt’s head loll forward and his body slump downwards against his desk. His eyes tried to stay open, but you knew that he was exhausted from his work, caring for the magical creatures. 

“Newt.” You tutted, as you walked over to him. He looked up at you and smiled tiredly. The bags under his eyes were even more noticeable when you were closer. 

“Honestly, I’m alright-”

“I don’t want to hear some stupid excuse Newt. You’re tired and you need someone to look after you. So go have a shower and get changed, whilst I’ll make some food, alright? No arguments.” Newt hesitated, but your steely gaze made him nod, before leaving the room. You walked into the kitchen and started making Newt’s favourite food. 

As you finished the food and plated it up, Newt emerged in new clothes and a sheepish smile. You handed him a plate and the two of you sat at your dining table to eat. His face lit up at the effort you’d gone to over the meal.

“You didn’t have to.” Newt mumbled quietly and you rolled your eyes.

“I want to look after you. You’ve not had a decent meal in days and you’re clearly sleep deprived. Just let me take care of you, even if it’s only for a few hours.” You smiled at him and Newt nodded, before the two of you fell into a companionable silence.

When the meal was over, you grabbed Newt’s plate and started cleaning it up before he could protest. As you washed the dishes, you felt Newt’s presence behind you and you turned around.

“Do you need anything else? A hot drink?” You asked and Newt shook his head, a goofy smile on his face.

“I really appreciate you looking after me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

“Starve, most likely.” You joked and Newt chuckled, before fishing something out of his pocket. 

“Well, I’d like you to look after me forever and I want to look after you as well. So, w-will you marry me?” Newt asked and presented you with a small ring. Tears welled in your eyes, having not expected it at all. 

“Yes, of course I will.”You slid the ring onto your finger and threw your arms around Newt.

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Pangolin going after insects on a tree

consider: the first time bitty wore short shorts and a tank in front of jack

it wasn’t on purpose, not at all, he’s just thrown on some clothes and wandered out to make his boyfriend something good-but-within-his-nutrition-plan to have on his off day.

jack’s taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t actually have to get up to keep his head literally under the covers, not asleep (his body clock doesn’t allow it) but not confronting the day because no

but eventually the smell of something drags him up, and the bed doesn’t feel right without bitty there, despite bitty not actually having stayed over very much at all, and he meanders into the kitchen, tripping over a pair of socks in the hall, thinking, inanely, god he loves this boy

and he gets to the end of the hall, and just. stops. mouth hanging open in the most unflattering way because he hasn’t fully woken up yet, and now his brain is even further away from online

because all he sees is skin, and so so much of it. pale and inviting and his as bitty dances around, headphones in

and bitty turns, plate in hand, startles a little when he sees jack, and smiles all soft and inviting

and then he realises jacks not responding, pulls out his headphones with his little finger and a bit of clever plate acrobatics, all “Jack, honey?”

and jack’s only response is a somewhat strangled “uhh”


remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate