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GIF reactions!!


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- it would more or less be throwing a piece and him quickly turning around and pretending to be innocent

- “ hm? I didnt see anything MC.. “ 

- with a little smirk on his face

- it ends up you two in the kitchen flinging spoonfuls at each other until you’re both covered and need a shower

- he’ll make it up to you by joining you in there and showing he’s sorry ;;;)))


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- food fights with him are you cooking and him just standing in the kitchen eating ingredients and food before its plated or done

- claims he’s hungry and can’t wait so you smack that bowl of grapes right out of his hands

- he and you just stare at the fallen fruits for a minute

- “ Wow MC I didn’t know that you could be such a dom. “

- gets the shittiest little grin on his face he always thinks his jokes are so funny.


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- starts off playfully but he’s very competitive so it gets intense fast

- until almost every food known to man is covering his kitchen

- well.. shit

- has to call his mom and ask how to get pizza off of ceilings 

- once you guys get everything clean he’ll get the last laugh with a pie to the face when your guards down

- he wins this round, little does he know he just started a war.


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- it starts at an RFA get together

- Seven makes an awful joke it’s not even that funny but he wont stop laughing about it

- you throw a little piece of food at him to get him to stop and oh no everyone knows what you started 

- take cover

- it’s a war zone, it ends when you guys get kicked out of the restaurant and jumin has to pay for the damage

- at least he stopped laughing at his lame joke.


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- he’s always so serious when he’s cooking so you tap him on the shoulder and when he’s turns round gets a big spray of whip cream on his nose

- gets you back by pouring a bag of flour over your head

- he didn’t mean to pour the whole thing but still

- stops it with a hug before it gets out of hand, there’s no way he’s going to fight with the food he just made.


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- usually it’s Seven and him having food fights

- but when they start to get it on you decide to join in and its all on now

- fight to the death

- you’re all so covered in food by the time you guys get kicked out of the fast food place

- you totally won the though even if he wont admit it :’)

        with a flick of a switch, the lights of the basement flickered on, bathing the room in a surreal glow. gabriel paced towards the girl who sat in the corner across the room, her feet shackled to the concrete wall with heavy chains, her pale naked form slightly slumped in the pale white light. the man knelt beside her, noting that the food he had left the young girl remained untouched, though she had managed to down a whole jar of water in his absence. “ if you don’t eat, you won’t be able to stay strong, “ he murmured, pushing the plate of food closer to her, not without observing the young body up close. he supposed this was a normal part of the process, her rejection of him after he’d chained her up here, but continuing on with her little grudge would surely tire soon enough, “ don’t think i’ll let you starve to death. would you rather eat on your own ?? or do i have to force it on you ?? “


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Can you post the snaps of Ashley? I mean I don't have her on snap and I don't want to add her lmao

it’s just a video of her in the car driving up to the airport with the caption “leaving bye”, then a plate of food and “airport food isn’t so bad ;)” and then a pic of herself with a glass of wine and “cheers”

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Always catch you reblogging ask memes and am totally weak for ask meme things myself So here goes the first round set of colors: MAROON - CINNAMON - PERIWINKLE - BLUSH - FUCHSIA LAVENDER - SAFFRON - MAUVE - VIRIDIAN - BURGUNDY

Whoa, those are a lot of colors!! I feel so loved *sniffles* My colors for you are razzmatazz, chartreuse and crimson. In other words, we’re homies who’d share the same plate of food while discussing our plans to open the first church of Vittorio Antonio Scaletta. 😉


FREE! LUNCHTIME (/•ิ_•ิ)/ lol i just wanted to draw THINGS associated with the boys maybe i’ll do kaban no nakami version too haha

obviously makoto did not make his own omurice (he’s not allowed in the kitchen u see) ah btw it says ‘MA-KO-TO’ in ketchup /sighs at the cheesiness of young love (▰˘◡˘▰) we all know who made that nyan~ :3