Everyday Bread

This is a perfect example of an easy bread that can be made every day. I mean, sure, it would be just as easy (if not easier) to use a sourdough starter, or to bake a large batch for several days in a row*, but if you are a fan of fresh, chewy, crusty bread every dang day than this is the one you want to use. This is the recipe I use whenever I need (or want) fresh bread for dinner. It’s easy. Seriously, it can be done in less than an hour. Plus it’s one of the best breads I’ve ever made, so there’s that too :)

*When one is involved in all the menial tasks to survival that we take for granted, sometimes we forget just what goes into ‘survival’. Peoples of Middle Earth would naturally have to work very hard, since not everyone can go on adventures and have everything taken care of for them. I like this little saying, even if it’s just household chores (leaving out planting, weeding, butchering, harvesting, thrashing, preserving, spinning, weaving, knitting, chopping firewood, etc.) I suppose I’m guilty of romanticizing the ‘olden lifestyle’; it sure sounds fun but if it came down to it I’ll stay in the 21st century, thank you very much.
“Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday.”

Everyday Bread (printable)
makes two loaves

2 ½ cups (595 mL) warm water
2 tablespoons yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
5 ½ cups (660 g) flour
1 tablespoon olive oil


In a large bowl, mix warm water and yeast until yeast has dissolved.  Next add sugar, salt and flour. Knead ingredients together till it’s a soft uniform dough.

Now place a thin towel over the bowl with the dough in it and let it rise in a warm place for 15-30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 450° (232° C). Separate dough into two, and begin shaping dough into long loaves, and place on a baking sheet.

Make slits with a knife and brush with olive oil. If you are garnishing with herbs or cheese, do so now.

Cover the dough with the towel once more and let rise 5 minutes or so (the longer the better).

Remove towel, and bake for 12-15 minutes or until tops are brown and crusty.

Recipes adapted from Urban Strawberries

teenage fever ❖ baekhyun (2)

For God sake you were his girlfriend’s sister, why was he appreciating your smile so much?

admin : - velvet
genre: baekhyun! philosophy uni professor au, age gap (if you don’t like, please don’t read), angst, slice of life and fluff + a lot of sexual tension!

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

Hye Jin laughed with poison between her teeth, her hand slid down between yours intertwined and slapped the little ball of fingers you made. ❝He’s so sweet, right?❞ she said between her teeth, sending you a glare.

And if only stares could kill, probably you would now be dead in your sweet little cave, waiting for someone to remember all the things you did - not - do in your life. Baekhyun’s smile faded as he cleared his throat letting go of your hand, his eyes boring into your sister’s one with guilt when she looked back at him.

He is❞ your mother stumbled gripping the hand Mr. Byun didn’t touch and pulling you at her side.

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anonymous asked:

AM DISTRESS! Dog?? stole??? My FOOD?! He stand on back foots and STRETCH tongue out while I am do important cat business and STEAL! My foods is high up because dogs are just natural theif, and Hyoomens say it safe there! THEY LIE! Can never trust again.


I just saw an ad on YouTube trying to convince people that the cooking industry is misogynistic because apparently women having to put their hair up in a net is muh patriarchy trying to make them more like men

I wanna fucking kill myself I swear to fucking Christ if I see a strand of your greasy ass hair on my food someone is getting a foot shoved up their ass

anonymous asked:

Could you please write hc's for the shimada's(separate) on how they deal with fem s/o's time of the month? Sorry if this is weird!


  • Okay, here’s the deal
  • Hanzo is not used to women being around
  • So despite the fact that he had been raised to be respectful to their female counterparts
  • Hanzo does not have a general idea of how it works
  • So the first time you two are in a relationship and your period starts is a little crazy
  • You emotions are literally all over the place
  • One moment your happy and giggling
  • And fifteen minutes later your angry and on the verge of tears
  • Not only do these random mood swings confuse him, but you keep eatting
  • Literally, just keep eatting
  • On the second day he wakes up to you eating a bowl of spaghetti, a ice cream sandwhich and a peanut butter sandwhich
  • When he gently asks why all the food, you burst into tears
  • Every time he asks you if your okay, you just bat his hands away and yet when he tries to stand you cry whimper when he tries to leave
  • Nothing makes sense to him but he loves you, so he tries hard not to comment about it
  • Later you explain your on your period
  • When Hanzo warily asks what a period is, your first words are ‘I’m bleeding a mountain of blood out of my vagina and it messes me up.‘
  • Is so horrified that he takes you to Mercy right away
  • Mercy manages to explain periods to him correctly
  • First time was a nightmare for him
  • Next time, Hanzo is prepared with a hot water bottle, aspirin, lots of chocolate and some sappy movies


  • You are bloody terrifing
  • Not only are you an emotional mess
  • Crying and laughing all at the same time
  • But the first time you get cramps you almost break his hand off
  • Your curled up in pain in bed, a pillow tucked between your thighs and you hand is rubbing your stomach
  • Worried, Genji takes your hand and asks what he can do as the cramp spikes
  • You literally. almost. broke. off. his. hand.
  • Thank god its cybernetic and can be replaced
  • One of the days you get angry at every little thing he does
  • Genji is starting to wonder if your possessed and if he should go and get a priest
  • At one point he goes to change the garbage in the bathroom and notices and unrolled pad in there
  • Almost goes running to you, afraid your injured
  • But LUCKILY he is SOMEWHAT educated on women. he did date Mercy briefly after all
  • Now that he knows the source of the problem, its like all of his worries magically disappear
  • Because he buys you a shit ton of your favorite food. Gives you a foot massage. Snuggles on the couch and gives you the hot water bottle. Gently kneads your sore and aching muscles…
  • Literally, things just get so much better from there
  • Later, when your off your period, you apologize sheepishly
  • Genji asks you to just circle your period days in a red marker so that next time he as some warning
  • Is the better prepared out of the two
Marrying Moonbyul would include...

  • 0 shits would be given about the fine details of your wedding
  • She’d leave it all up to you
  • But wouldn’t trust you with the event planner
  • She’s convinced that every person you talk to wants to marry you now
  • And you’re just like ??¿?
  • “Byul Yi, they can see my ring”
  • “Damn right they can”
  • She got you the most ostentatious ring possible
  • If she could’ve made it shoot fireworks she would’ve
  • Cuz her future wife deserves the best
  • But now your hand is hella heavy
  • “Now you’ll be so weighed down no one will take you"
  • “Shut up, Moon”
  • Pouty Moon Star is pouty
  • She wears a suit
  • But you asked if she wanted a dress
  • She wasn’t paying attention to a single thing you said
  • “Yeobo, do you want to wear a dress or a suit?”
  • “Uhhuh”
  • “Moon Byul Yi, stop staring at my lips and listen to me!”
  • “Whatever is fine with me, jagi” *still staring at your lips*
  • She made the guest list
  • And picked your maids of honor
  • Of course they were Hye Jin, Whee In, and Yong Sun
  • She wanted to rap you her vows
  • You vetoed that
  • She performed it to you on your honeymoon tho
  • Which she planned
  • You ended up on some tropical island
  • “Moon, we can’t have sex in the ocean!”
  • “Can’t or won’t? Cuz I think we can”
  • You don’t
  • Mostly cuz you’re terrified of getting some mermaid STD
  • You’re still on your honeymoon three years after you got married
  • Like you could be cooking dinner
  • And along comes Byul Yi
  • “Jagiya, I love you so so much”
  • “Moon, get off me so I don’t burn the food”
  • She moves about a foot away from you
  • She always washed the dishes because she hates when you take your ring off
  • She wears her’s on a chain so she can’t lose it during schedules
  • You guys adopt kids
  • When you asked Byul Yi why because you wouldn’t mind being pregnant
  • It’s just return of greasy Moon Byul
  • “This is mine” *sticks hand between your legs*
  • “Yah, you perv! I wasn’t gonna sleep with anyone”
  • “Damn right you weren’t”
  • She honestly so protective of you
  • Now she has a kid
  • She’s squaring up to every ant she see at the park like
  • “Touch my kiddo you get hitto”
  • And you two try to walk away from your crazy wife
  • Renewing your vows after 10 years
  • Byul Yi still gives 0 shits
  • But you let her rap this time
  • Honestly y'all are both perfect for each other
  • Like you’ll wake up in the middle of the night just to stare at her
  • Cuz ??¿?
  • She’s snoring and drooling but oMG SHES SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHES ALL MINE!!!
  • It’s that life long type of love
Words Mean Nothing, Show Me You're Sorry

“Anonymous: Can you do a Chris Motionless one where he forgets your anniversary, so to make up for it he ties you up and eats you out for a few hours? Then he unties you and you have really rough sex. And at some point the guys come over and hear and they tease you when you come back downstairs.”

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headcanons for asanoya maybe?

Ooohhh I’ve never done asanoya so this was fun!

1. Noya uses Asahi as a pillow all.the.time. He loves using Asahi’s stomach to rest his head on, which is one of the reasons he kinda likes Asahi with a bit of chub and purposefully feeds him a lot.  

2. After watching Dirty Dancing, Noya demanded they try that lift and after many failed attempts they actually perfect it and end up learning the entire final dance routine. 

3. Asahi hates scary movies but Noya loves them. Whenever it’s Noya’s turn to pick a movie and he picks a scary one, Asahi sits behind Noya so he can bury his face in Noya’s neck at the scary parts. 

4. Because Noya loves Asahi’s shaggy hair, he’s watched countless hair braiding tutorials on youtube so he can braid Asahi’s hair. Asahi loves it.

5. Noya gets super sleepy when drunk and one time (at a party Asahi couldn’t attend) someone had to call Asahi to come pick Noya up because he’d passed out–barely 45 minutes into the party.

6. Being with Noya for so long, Asahi has become more confident and he engages in pulling pranks with his boyfriend more often. Their main targets are usually Tanaka and Hinata.

7. Noya hates it when anyone calls him tiny but he loves it when Asahi calls him that. 

8. During rainstorms, the two will sit in their balconies with a nice cup of hot chocolate, courtesy of Noya. 

9. Noya hates doing chores and it takes a lot of bribing on Asahi’s part of get him to work. The bribe usually consists of his favorite food, foot massages and endless kisses.

10. One time, Asahi almost crushed Noya when they were sleeping. He felt so terrible that he slept with a pillow between them for a week but Noya hated the separation and forced him to remove it. 

11. Noya loves picking out Asahi’s clothes and he has really good taste. Asahi always wears what Noya suggests.

His Treasure | Part 4

Pirate!Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: It’s either on your knees and beg for your life or your walking the plank.

No plagiarizing my story please….

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You stared at the tray of food by the foot of the cell door as you remained huddled in your little corner, refusing to move or eat anything made by the pirates.

Almost two days have gone by, and you have neither heard or seen from Baekhyun. But let’s just be honest, you didn’t WANT to see or hear from him. Not ever since you found out who he was…

The only people you’ve been seeing are his pirate crew who come by every now and then, mostly seeing if you’re still in your cell and not trying any funny business like escaping or either bringing you your food to eat, all of which you refused to touch.

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PMS, Red Wine, and Dr. Seuss

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

When a brutal case of PMS sidelines you on a salt and burn, you decide to self medicate with a bottle of wine. Sam and Dean come back to find you reading children’s books, talking in verse, and talking about what you want to do to Sam..

PMS reared her nasty, bitchy head on Tuesday.  Three weeks out of the month, the boys thought you were great.  Dean thought you were hot as hell, brave, and as badass a hunter as he had ever met.  Sam thought you were beautiful, funny, smart, and a great researcher.  Three weeks out of the month.  The other week, you turned into the spawn of Satan.  You were moody, cranky, short-tempered, and just generally impossible to live with.

When you had first started hunting with Sam and Dean, they were totally perplexed.  Being boys, they were kind of clueless about “Woman Stuff”.

“Y/N, Are you feeling okay?” Sam asked innocently.

“Well Sam, my back hurts, and I am as bloated as a dead cow. Thanks for asking.” You said sarcastically.

“I……uh…….okay.” He finished lamely as he retreated to the safety of the library.

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Sweet Gestures

Title: Sweet Gestures

Pairing: College AU - Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1908

Warnings: one little curse word, mention of (fake) murder

A/N: This was written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s Favorite Things Challenge. My prompt was strawberry/apple pie. I have been binge-watching Criminal Minds lately, so here’s a super fluffy college AU with a little bit of fake profiling involved. :)

Dean sat in the bustling coffee shop, sipping on the to-go cup and hurrying to finish his assignment before his first class started. Completely submersed in his textbooks, he was lost in his own little world of mock case files and write-ups. He paid no mind to the people around him–that is until a screaming match commenced at the cash register.

“What do you mean you’re out of apple pie? You opened not even an hour ago!”

“Miss, I’m sorry, but we only made enough for our usual morning rush. We just so happened to be busier than usual. And besides that, apple is our most popular flavor, so I’m not surprised we ran out,” the man at the register calmly explained, straining a smile at his flustered client.

“How long is it gonna be till you make more?”

“Uh, maybe another hour or so? I don’t know; I’m not the guy who makes all the food. I’m just the cashier.”

The woman didn’t respond. She simply crossed her arms tightly across her chest and looked up at the menu hanging above.

“Listen, lady. You’re holding up the line. Either pick something or leave.”

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You will be Found (Pippa x Reader)

Featuring a mix of lyrics from “Dear Evan Hansen”

Words: 2,523

Warnings: Self hate, mentioned homophobia, implied self harm, implied past suicide attempt, bisexual!reader, overall darker themes, potentially horrible writing (let me know if i missed anything)

a/n: i’ve been listening to this cast album for the past week and i have a lot of feelings. if you ever feel this, please know that you are worth it. you are strong and you’re going to get through whatever you’re experiencing right now. i believe in you. if you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to message me. you’re not alone.

There’s nothing like your smile- sort of subtle and perfect and real

The moment you met Pippa, your heart skipped a beat and you practically forgot how to breathe.

You had recently been cast an ensemble member and understudy for the one and only, Eliza Schuyler. Words failed to describe how excited you were. You had dreamed of being able to perform on Broadway since you were a kid and the fact that you were finally living it was unimaginable.

You walked towards the Richard Rodgers theater practically beaming. You walked with a bounce in your step as you heard the familiar tune of ‘Helpless’ blast through your earbuds. You looked up at the sign and let your smile grow wider. You had come such a long way.

You thought you heard a voice and turned as you took off the earbuds.

“Sorry, what did you-”

What you weren’t expecting was to find yourself facing someone you had admired for a while now. Your jaw nearly dropped to the cement you were standing on.

“Holy shit, you’re Phillipa Soo,” you said, awestruck. You realized what you said and nearly audibly groaned. “Sorry, that was definitely not what I meant to say. You’re really spectacular (and gorgeous),” You spoke with a nervous smile.

“Thank you, you’re not too bad yourself,” she said with a blush. “Call me Pippa.”

She smiled at you and suddenly, everything was real. Phillipa Soo wasn’t just someone you looked up to anymore. She was your castmate. Someone you’d see nearly everyday. While your heart began to pound, getting nervous at all the pressure you felt about performing on Broadway, her smile seemed to make it all okay.

“I’m (Y/N), your new understudy.”

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strolling-into-goodbyes  asked:

SDR2 boys first night alone with the baby?

Babies? I’m always up to write about any of the DR characters with their future children. Also I’m still not sure if I should include Izuru or not, does he count as Hajime? I’m not sure.

- Mod Celeste

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Fic: An heni a vez e grass ar merc’hed 3/?

Taking a leap here.  WWII AU, PG-13, wartime trauma and injuries, mentions of Nazis.  French puns.  Names changed to reflect the time and place.  The Syndicate are Nazi-adjacent but working for a different new world order.
Title is from a Breton proverb, but I just used the part that means “he who has the grace of women”.

Part One | Part Two 

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Jily X Wolfstar

@alohcmoras request with a twist 🎉✨

sorry it took so long😭😭

ok so what if the Marauders studied in Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts?

  • I mean, James, Sirius, Peter and Remus are far away from obedient students, so their first priority will still be Hogwarts
  • But when Remus’ parents had to move to France because his father’s boss decided to transfer him to the French Ministry of Magic during their 3rd year, Remus has to leave Hogwarts to attend Beauxbatons
  • Sirius would yell,”WE’RE COMING WITH YOU MOONY!” and James would agree and Peter would clap
  • Eventually Remus gave in to his friends’ begging, and it became his turn to beg his father
  • When the news of the Marauders leaving spread throughout the school, not many expressed it but they all know that they would miss them terribly
  • The boys saw that James was spending more and more time with Lily, being much less of a show-off during the last month before the holidays
  • Remus knew that his best friend would miss Lily Evans badly and needless to say, the kind werewolf felt extremely guilty
  • So he straight up told James one day that he could stay if he wanted to, but he merely replied with, “I’d be lost without my fellow Marauders”
  • The four mischief makers eventually found themselves in the Pyrenees in the middle of August
  • “Ugh!! Look at the uniforms Moony! They make us look like some kind of goodie-goodie two shoes!” “I happen to like the design, Sirius.” “Thank Godric I brought my leather jackets, at least I can be myself on weekends!”
  • Never mind the uniforms, the boys couldn’t believe that they had to take flying carriages led by pathetic white horses you find in fairy tales (Sirius’ words) to get into the castle, leaving Wormtail into a fit of nerves
  • But neither can deny that behind the fog, the creamy white castle looked absolutely magnificent
  • And they were absolutely stunned by the dining hall
  • It looked like a friggin ballroom
  • And it was huge
  • A grand staircase dominated the back of the room, with corridors stretching to unknown hallways on the stairway’s either side
  • The wall behind it bore blue wallpaper imprinted with flowers that looked like they were really blooming (MAGIC!), the Beauxbatons sign hanging proudly on the wall
  • There was a small golden stage in front of the staircase, and their were three long tables in front of it, not unlike the one at Hogwarts, except they have these elegant carvings on those soothingly—not blaring, mind you— white wood. Remus was practically bouncing at the artwork so he didn’t catch Sirius staring
  • The school was quite thoughtful, there were seats at the side of the hall so the newcomers didn’t have to stand at the side while they wait for their sorting
  • The ceiling was not disappointing either
  • It was way higher up than the one at Hogwarts
  • It was built flat, but with a few charms, the ceiling took the shape of caving upwards, much like a temple’s
  • The night sky that was twinkling with stars became more and more visible as the turrent like ceiling stretched further upwards
  • It was as if the students were having an Astronomy lesson and using a gigantic telescope
  • So it was no surprise that the boys were practically gaping at the ceiling, forgetting their too-tight new robes and staring all the way as they reached their seats in the front row
  • To their disgust, the house they were sorted into by shooting a silver arrow across the room burst into the colour green, and they only breathed a great sigh of relief when their peers told them that Bellefeuille was, in fact, the house of bravery
  • In the following week, the Marauders found that everything in Beauxbatons was better than expected
  • The school was big, there were Wood Nymphs dancing around, singing sweetly every time they had meals at the dining hall, and the girls were unsurprisingly, very pretty, according to a bashful Peter Pettigrew, who timidly admitted such a thought. There was even an extra Quidditch match within each house in November, which made Sirius and James squeal like babies
  • The only two things that weren’t as good was that there were no risky places that could kill you (unless you count the Quidditch stadium that was only about 15% smaller than the World Cup Stadium, in which you would totally break your neck if you fell off from your broom during a Quidditch match) and the headmistress
  • For some stupid reason, she despised boys
  • And to make matters worse, Headmistress Dochar (A/N: that means biased in some for had to teach the subject the boys hated and sucked at the most—Potions
  • Potions was the most important subject apart from DADA in Beauxbatons, so lessons were frequent and the recipes were complicated
  • After two weeks of continuous bullying by the Head, Sirus and James finally leapt up from their seats one lesson and openly yelled at the prejudiced woman, ignoring the pleading looks from Wormtail and Moony and the startled faces of the Beauxbatons boys
  • That earned them 3 weeks’ worth of detention from insulting the one with the largest power within the school
  • However, the Beauxbatons boys couldn’t help but shoot the Marauders admiring looks every time they passed by since they were the first to stand up to the harsh Headmistress and they soon became the newest celebrities of the school
  • To double their luck, a young Ms Bellerose replaced the originally dull teacher in DADA in about December
  • She was the playful type that always got students out from the claws of the Headmistress
  • And needless to say, she immediately grew fond of the boys’ mischievous personalities 
  • She told them that she would like to start a project on a magical device that could show the location of everyone in Beauxbatons during the Christmas holidays when all four of the boys stayed on the school campus
  • Remus immediately came up with the idea of a map, and offered to make the map to show the location of people in different magical schools
  • Sirius had never been prouder
  • Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs and Vulpis (A/N: Vulpis is fox in Latin), are proud to present to you, the Marauders Map
  • From then on, their DADA professor became more of their fellow adventurer than a teacher. And by March, they had discovered two secret passageways—one towards the highest tower in Beauxbatons, which had a very nice balcony for them to smoke and chill, the other was towards a little street that sold delicious food at the foot of the mountain. Messrs Vulpis seldomly hung out with them since she was still a professor no matter what, but they had great fun every time they did  
  •  It was during their fifth year, before the winter hols, after they lit the librarian’s chair on fire, when things started to get even more interesting
  • The school decided to open up to other wizarding schools by implanting a pen pal project
  • “YASSSSS THIS WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!” The boys literally threw a party when they learned that they were assigned with Hogwarts students so that they could catch up on everything that was now happening in their old school
  • And because of sheer, dumb luck, James was assigned to none other than Lily bloody Evans
  • Prongs was basically sweating all over when he received the news, afraid that things had changed between them because he had tried contacting her tons of times and she hadn’t responded at all
  • She claimed that she was busy with schoolwork while Peter bluntly informed it was probably because she was upset with Prongs leaving school or finding another guy to pay attention to
  • When James arrived back at school from the hols, he received Lily’s reply and was fuming more than ever when he saw that most of the content was about Severus Snape
  • Turns out Peter got it right
  • Prongs spent a whole day ranting on and on about how slimy Snivellus Snape was to touch his precious little redhead when he was 
  • The letter he sent afterwards was too aggressive and it made matters worse 
  • He didn’t talk to the Marauders for a whole day after he received Lily’s rant about how he would never be better than Severus Snape
  • His friends understood him more than anyone else, and knew that he wouldn’t shut them out no matter what, so when James returned from the Black Lake that night with bloodshot eyes, he found his fellow Marauders sitting there waiting
  • His tears soaked Peter’s jacket as he sobbed and sobbed and sobbed that night
  • Moony, Wormtail and Padfoot had never seen their friend so vulnerable 
  • The following Sunday, Sirius and Remus spent their whole day in the common room thinking up plans for their friend and the boy in question didn’t show it, but he couldn’t be more grateful
  • The loudest high-five in history was created by Moony and Padfoot when James received a reply the next week, the Marauders could basically see Lily smile when they read the letter replying to James’ overly-enthusiastic description of Quidditch matches, Professor Bellerose and the Marauders Map
  • Sirius and Remus’ plans got better and better in every letter
  • They witnessed their friend falling hard and fast over again, unaware that they were also falling deep deep deep when they plotted and planned
  • Peter was having the time of his life watching James using every trick in the book to woo Lily Evans and hearing Moony and Padfoot ramble on and on about each other whenever the other wasn’t there
  • Everything was going along the flow. Apart from having a professor just as mischievous as them, it was just like old times, only better
  • Things, unfortunately, went downhill when the calendars flipped to the month of April
  • Girls had actually started fawning over Sirius, some flirted and some went as far as stalking or throwing themselves at him
  • It was no surprise, the disowned Black had naturally gorgeous looks
  • But that didn’t stop anger and jealousy bubbling inside Remus’ chest whenever he saw anyone, let alone a girl (well, aside from James and Peter) touch his darling Sirius Black, although he was in denial of such emotions
  • The change in their relationship was abrupt and obvious
  • They still huddled together to plan, for the sake of Prongs, but Remus always disagreed with Sirius on purpose, even if the idea was wonderful
  • Padfoot himself didn’t know what went wrong with the boy he loved so much, (but he didn’t know it at the time, did he?) and was actually hurt every time Remus started a war with him and never stayed to cuddle with him in the common room anymore
  • Remus could only stare when Marsha Earl, the most eager of Sirius’ “admirers”, asked Padfoot out openly in the dining hall, both blushing furiously
  • He lost his appetite immediately when he felt like he was being stabbed in the heart
  • He left the hall abruptly, terrified that Sirius had such an effect on him, too caught up in his emotions to notice his friends staring after him, with Sirius boring the deepest holes into his back
  • He didn’t care when he learned that Sirius didn’t agree to the French beauty’s invitation the next day. He stayed as far away from Padfoot as possible, not wanting to get hurt again.
  • James and Peter both felt really bad whenever Remus joked playfully around them but stayed completely silent around Sirius
  • James secretly told Lily about the situation in his letters to her, and she replied that she would bet anything that they were in love
  • He called her bollocks, but Lily’s little challenge was far from the most of his worries
  • Peter reported quietly to Prongs one day that the girl population were trying harder than ever to get Sirius to like them, and the poor black-haired boy was now having to deal with their constant fawning 24/7
  • Remus’ behaviour towards Sirius had escalated from ignorance to yelling at each other, calling each other names and sometimes even fighting like they were born enemies
  • Padfoot had erupted in Potions class once about how pathetic Remus was when he started an argument with Sirius over some stupid herbs that lasted 15 minutes
  • Peter swore he could hear Remus sniffling in his sleep that night
  • “Hey Moony, you ok?” “Y…yes, I’m totally fine” “I don’t think so mate, wanna talk about it?” No response
  • At the end of the month, Remus, panicking as he did every time he was soon to reach the full moon, trembled even more as he approached James and Peter and told them not to tag Sirius along when he transformed this time
  • The two were shocked as hell, and yelled at him to spill what in the name of Merlin was going on between Sirius and him, a question they had been dying to ask for months
  • Remus merely shook his head and looked at them with sorrowful and pleading eyes, begging them to listen to him in his own ways
  • James would have jumped back hollering and rushing towards Sirius if it weren’t for his self-control—he had never seen Remus so broken 
  • Prongs and Wormtail couldn’t bear the thought of their best friend undergoing his transformation alone, so they gave in and everything went according to Remus’ plans
  • Only it didn’t, the pain the werewolf went through this time was doubled, dare I say, tripled without Sirius’ soothing wet nose of his Animagus form and forehead kisses after the tormenting morphing
  • Matters became worse when Remus learned that James had spilt the beans that he drugged Sirius that night so he could stay in his dormitory and not follow them to the Whomping Willow 
  • The pain on the werewolf’s body grew more painful when he saw Marsha Earl skipping joyfully into the hospital wing to visit her friend and squealed that Sirius had finally agreed on going out with her the day after
  • “Sirius!” “Yes, Peter?” “You sure you wanna go out with that Earl girl?” “Of course, she’s gorgeous enough!” “You’re gonna ignore the fact that Remus’ hospital stay had lengthened into 2 weeks after your date today blurted the new out in the hospital wing?”
  • Padfoot ignored Wormtail and sauntered out the Bellefeuille common room with Marsha, though his heart was aching all over when his friend told him the truth that he had been avoiding with all his might
  • Marsha was extremely sweet and they could’ve great fun in the Three Broomsticks if Peter words weren’t ringing in Sirius’ head the whole time
  • So while Marsha was busy partying at said bar, Sirius slipped away at 5 pm, desperate to visit his old best friend
  • Moony was asleep in the hospital wing when he visited
  • But he was definitely not sound asleep since he was trembling madly
  • At the sight before him, Sirius shakenly walked towards the bed and got down on one knee
  • “Remus, Remus, Moons…please don’t shut me out again…” the voice that came out was hoarse
  • Remus’ eyes flew open, for he could recognize Sirius’ voice anywhere
  • “So,” The werewolf’s mouth pulled into a tight smile despite the pain his heart was going through, “enjoyed your date?”
  • “I mean, I just want you to be happy Pads, you don’t have to care for me, I love you, you know..” “Shut up.”
  • The two pairs of lips that have been aching to connect crashed together, stronger than a hurricane and firmer than an earthquake shaking the Earth
  • “He loves me…” was all that was on Sirius’ mind when he pulled at Remus’ bottom lip, coaxing a groan out of both of them
  • The kiss was an energy-drainer, and the two had no choice but to pull away to gasp for air
  • “I’m,” kiss “so,” kiss “so sorry Sirius,” long kiss “me too Moony,” they dived back into their own sea
  • “Can anyone, anyone at all, PLEASE explain to me what the fuckity fuck is happening!?” James bellowed loud enough for the whole dining hall to hear after Remus somehow miraculously healed all at once yesterday, earning himself lots of shushing from the forever graceful girls and professors. (except for Bellerose, of course)
  • However, the boys were staring at the pair that had just entered the hall, too alarmed to curse
  • In walked Remus and Sirius, in all their glory, whispering into each other’s ears like they had made up and went a level higher than best friends over a sodding day, which both James and Peter were sure they didn’t meet, like they haven’t for two weeks
  • The girls, noticing the expressions of the boys, turned towards the couple. Some of Sirius admirers, especially Marsha, went beet red
  • “Too bad for you mate,” Sirius smirked as he plopped down next to James, pulling Remus down with him, “Evans’ too smart for your own good, she won her little bet fair and square.”
  • One kiss to the werewolf’s forehead was all it took to confirm the black-haired boy’s statement, and all the boys who had, like Lily, betted with their friends that the pair was bound to get together soon, erupted into cheers 
  • The two Bellefeuilles in question merely tolled their eyes and shook their heads
  • The school soon accepted the gay couple like any other couple, Professor Bellerose being the largest supporter of them all
  • During the hols, James sneaked Lily into the Beauxbatons school grounds, chilling on the balcony that the boys loved so much, their long-distance relationship firmer than ever
  • Messrs Vulpis tagged along once, and she and Lily immediately became the best of friends 
  • Peter blushed as red as a tomato when Lily, ever the accurate match-maker whispered to all the Marauders in the dining hall during the Christmas hols that Peter had a crush on the pretty Marsha Earl, which was quite ironic since he always taunted her for getting in the way of Sirius and Remus’ relationship
  • The Marauders all persuaded him to ask her out, and he made the excuse of not knowing how to kiss
  • The consequences after such a statement was disastrous—Moony and Padfoot snogged in both public and private more than ever, saying that they were teaching their ol’ pal Peter how to display affection
  • In the end, Peter’s single status was also thrown out of the window, and Marsha, now officially Peter’s girlfriend, joined their little balcony gang
  • And because of the blonde, Wormtail didn’t turn to the Dark Arts, remaining a loyal friend after graduation
  • Padfoot practically squealing like a baby was an understatement, he was clinging on his husband and sobbing joyful tears
  • When Harry turned 11 and it was time to choose which school he should go to, Mr and Mrs Pettigrew merely smiled at each other while Marsha bounced their baby daughter Aquila on her lap, smiles which spoke volumes
  • Sirius and Remus started arguing, an alarming contrast to the Pettigrew family. Padfoot kept hollering that Harry should go to Hogwarts and Remus trying to glare daggers at his husband (but to no avail) and repeating his statement that Beauxbatons was the best choice
  • The rest of the people in the room, including Harry and a 2-year-old Aquila, could only watch the two quarrel like 5-year-olds
  • Harry found himself on the platform 9 ¾ though, despite his Uncle Moony, Uncle Wormtail and Aunt Marsha’s protests
  • “Of course I’d like to study in the place where Uncle Moony and Padfoot fell in love,” he had said, grinning mischievously, “but Hogwarts is the place it all started, ain’t it?”

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lost and found vi

bughead fanfiction - chapter six


“He’s more myself than I am. 
Whatever our souls are made of, 
his and mine are the same.”
-Emily Brontë

The lights are off when Jughead finally gets home—all but the one over the porch in the backyard. Its light pours through the blinds and onto the carpet floor of the living room, illuminating the room just the tiniest bit to navigate through with his hands full.

Shrugging his coat off, he notices Hotdog lift his head from the sofa to acknowledge him before lowering it back down in lazy disinterest. From down the hallway, there’s another sliver of light coming from Betty’s door, like the dim glow of a candle. Warm and inviting.

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