g o t 7 : at the cinema

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warnings: no
words: 523

제이비 J A E B U M
- likes to arrive before the adverts and trailers because he enjoys watching them
- armed with popcorn to throw at noisy people
- there’s a chance he’ll fall asleep and wake up as the credits start rolling
- hates how the chair folds up as he stands up
- leaves after everyone else at the end of the credits
- always clears up the mess around him but leaves his popcorn ammo all over the cinema

마크 M A R K
- comes prepared with multiple packets of food that aren’t cinema bought because it so expensive
- uses both drinks spaces next to him
- always heard opening his bag and sweet packets but coughs to try and subside the noise
- drops 85% of his sweets on the floor
-never cleans up his mess 

잭슨 J A C K S O N
- has waited months to come and see this movie
- arrives in the adverts when it’s dark
- almost drops his hands full of the nacho meal deal and large popcorn as he can’t see where he’s meant to be
- the type of person who would jump over people to get to his seat, not walk around them
- holds a wee throughout the movie

진영 J I N Y O U N G
- enters the screen before anyone else so he can run around 
- makes sure he can get as many coupons and vouchers as he can free ice cream
- conscious about whether he’s turned his phone off or not
- gets sticky hands from candy floss and melting ice cream
- leaves to go to the loo when the movie intensifies and it’s the most important part

영재 Y O U N G J A E
- most likely to sit in the wrong seat but won’t give it up if someone turns up “but i was here first”
- laughs loudly at the most inappropriate moments
- laughs loudly at the most appropriate moments
- experiences all the emotions of the characters and will cry
- jumps out of his skin at the tiniest of things

뱀뱀 B A M  B A M
- turns 3 minutes into the film
- always sits at the back so he can throw popcorn at hyungs and himself
- if there was someone who’d bring a blanket to the cinema, it’d be Bam Bam
- he’ll talk in movies even if it’s to himself
- will have 3D glasses ready even if it’s in 2D

유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- the kind of person who will buy sweet and salty popcorn
- only eats a tiny amount of popcorn because he’s to preoccupied staring at the film
- rests his feet up on the seat in front of him if there’s a person there or not
- never sits at the front because people indirect him saying how tall and in the way he was bless his heart
- won’t drink through the whole movie no matter how thirsty that boi is

nct 127 at the movies

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  • stops a fight from breaking out about what movie to see by drawing lots
  • “who tf wrote transformers”
  • herds 9 loud people into the cinema lobby with a pained smile on his face
  • since when are cinemas so b i g wtf
  • stares at his ticket in utmost confusion (taeyong: does this say fourth floor??)
  • they get lost lol
  • they all have to run back to the lobby bc they forgot to buy food
  • buys traditional cinema food thank u very much:)))
  • where the f u c k is their movie theatre
  • wait is this 3D
  • stares at his popcorn sadly bc he knows gonna spill it when something comeS OUT OF THE FUVKIN SCREEN
  • gives up his good seat for winwin
  • grabs the hand of whoever is next to him when scared (johnny: pls let go i can’t feel my fingers)
  • feels guilty when they leave bc there’s popcorn everywHERE (donghyuk: how did u get popcorn in ur hair / taeyong: don’t)


  • is not caring an emotion
  • wrote transformers
  • that’s how much he doesn’t care
  • pouts when he’s forced to change out of his sweatpants
  • hasn’t been to the cinema in 93 years
  • races donghyuk to the slide and wins bc he cheated
  • “leave me here”
  • buys the least expensive food item bc he came here to sleep
  • stares at the despicable me movie poster for an unnerving amount of time
  • steals everyone’s jackets and builds a nest
  • finishes all of his food before the trailers even start (yuta: u monster / taeil: fight me)
  • glares at every tall person who enters
  • hoe don’t do it
  • tall person: *sits in front of him*
  • nods off when the lights go down


  • doesn’t like korean dub (doyoung: we don’t like u either)
  • ugh
  • cheers up but still doesn’t like korean dub
  • stares at the prices of the food in disgust
  • buys a max sized bag of popcorn and is in a better mood
  • wears the 3D glasses unironically whilst they’re looking for their theatre
  • fingerguns at the guy who checks their tickets???
  • “do you need a car seat:)” @ taeil
  • almost gets kicked in the face
  • can’t stretch out his legs and suffers
  • imitates the trailer guy voice under his breath until the entire cinema tells him to shut it
  • it’s better in the original (ot8: shut u p)
  • 5min into the movie and he’s already out of popcorn
  • slides down in his seat when he realises there’s a smol person behind him
  • gets a cramp


  • y e s
  • hyped and ready to fucking GO
  • why is he so hyped about going to the movies
  • sprints into the lobby and taeyong looks like he wants to d i e
  • uUhuuUHhhhH ball pit
  • pushes mark into said ball pit (yuta: goodbye:) / mark: why does this always happen)
  • very !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the only one who knows where they’re going
  • winks at the despicable me poster (doyoung: disgust i ng)
  • buys cheetos and wipes his fingers on doyoung
  • avoids death numerous times
  • offers the tickets guy a cheeto
  • willing to fight a lil kid for a good seat
  • whoop whoop whoop when the lights go down
  • jumpscares aren’t as scary when you sorta miss the plot


  • highkey salty that they’re not gonna watch the movie he wants
  • jaehyun forces the trailer down his throat and now he’s more excited
  • walks into the lobby and lol we’re gonna get lost
  • glances at the food on display and is suddenly starv in g (doyoung: i will sell yuta for half a chicken nugget)
  • rescues mark from the ball pit
  • becomes a Film Critic
  • got fucking kid sized 3D glasses wtf
  • “we could just ask for directions y'know” (taeyong: NO WE CAN DO THIS)
  • forcefully removes yuta from a despicable me poster
  • can’t find his ticket when they finally find their theatre and has accepted death
  • oh no wait it’s in his backpocket
  • *loud straw noises* (mark: ur drink is empty / doyoung: *even louder straw noises*)
  • terrified and willing to fight this fucking movie


  • aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy nice
  • hyped for every movie except transformers bc he has standards
  • forcefully makes doyoung watch the trailer so that he’ll shut tf up
  • knows the cinema is a maze and made them go early
  • “i told u so” when they arrive
  • brought his own 3D glasses bc he’s a nerd
  • looks good in 3D glasses????
  • documents the ball pit tragedy with taeyong having a crisis in the background
  • the literal walking definition of “i told u so” and he’s gonna get hit real soon if he doesn’t shut up
  • drops some popcorn and eats it anyway (taeyong: nasty / jaehyun: fuckin try me)
  • why do they play music in theatres before the film starts
  • why is it youtuber ukulele music
  • uuuuuhhh’s under his breath when the lights go down
  • pretends he didn’t flinch when something came hurtling at them out of the screen
  • gasps louDLY when someone dies


  • is he gonna spend his life’s savings on cinema food?
  • yea…..
  • chinese dub is better (johnny: y'know what’s good? thE ORIGINAL)
  • has perfected the art of piecing together the plot of a movie when u don’t understand all of the dialogue
  • oh no wait he’s seen this movie
  • “hey doyoung, wanna know how it ends?”
  • The Troll In The Ball Pit
  • buys all of the food and semi-reluctantly shares
  • “we’ve been walking in circles for 17 and a half minutes”
  • was the One who found their theatre
  • takes off his 3D glasses when he senses something scary is gonna happen
  • laughs when everyone flinches
  • still has food left when the movie is over
  • makes doyoung give his unopened coke to the ticket guy at the door


  • honestly he’s okay with any movie
  • even transformers (ot8: *gasp*)
  • “y'know johnny has a point”
  • has he seen this movie
  • has he????? (jaehyun: it came out 3 days ago / mark: but i’ve seen it????)
  • Betrayed At The Ball Pit ~ A novel by Mark Lee
  • there are just trailers playing 24/7 and he’s transfixed
  • thEy hAvE waRM fOoD aT ciNeMas noW????
  • has accepted his fate after they walk around the entire cinema for 20 mins
  • just sits down in the middle of a hallway
  • “i live here now”
  • embarrassed when they walk into the theatre bc the ticket guy was seriously judging him
  • he recognises this one actor but can’t????remember??his name????
  • can’t focus on the movie bc w h o is this person
  • forgot to put his phone on silent and wants to die
  • makes everyone stay for the credits to see who tf this one guy was


  • netflix is a thing
  • “why do i have to bring my student ID and mark doesn’t???” (yuta: u look like a 12 y/o)
  • tries to drown taeil in the ball pit after the slide incident
  • somehow get’s taeyong to buy him food
  • wants to gO HOME
  • if they don’t find the theatre in three seconds he’s gonna explode
  • gets happy by pharrell williams stuck in his head bc he looked at a minion
  • sighs so long he gets lightheaded when the ticket guy asks if he’s rEallY old enough to see this movie
  • about to fuckin deck mark for laughing
  • popping and locking to the ukulele music
  • shakes his coke and makes someone else open it
  • has to make sarcastic comments during the movie to keep himself sane
  • forgets how to breathe for the first jumpscare
  • keeps taking off his 3D glasses to see what the movie looks like without

Jackie Burkhart headcanons: Uncle Richard edition. Richie came from this post, and these were asked by @zenmasterspalace and @preciousmila :)

  • Richard loved Jackie the second he was told he was going to become an uncle. Even hen he never had a good relationship with Jack, he tried to spend as much time as possible near his sister even before his niece was born.
  • He let her eat whatever she wanted and watch any cartoons she liked when she visitd him or he babysat her. He knew his sister and husband weren’t exactly stellar at being present, but always eager to say “no” whatever Jackie asked.
  • This is also why Richard always tried to answer whatever questions Jackie may had, even when they were kind of obvious or too hard to answer by his own. He did his best to mantain an honest relationship with her.
  • His honesty was tasted a lot when she confied in him to keep his mouth shout about her parents fighting or how often her dad was out of town. Yet, he did talked to Pam once about it. At the beginning, she reacted by trying to do things better for Jackie, but eventually went back to shitty.
  • Once Jackie entered school, Richard offered himself to driver her home since Pam was working and so was Jackie. They had a choufer, but Richie thought Jackie would like it better if family went for her. Her parents said yes.
  • Two times a month, Richie would take Jackie out to grab fast food, go to the park, cinema, whatever she wanted and they had a lot of fun. Usually, she ended going home with a new stuffed animal or something.
  • She copied this technique when she became an aunt herself, this is why Donna and Eric’s kid love spending the day with her and Hyde so much.
  • Half or even more of her stuffed animals collection come from Uncle Richie. Some of her favorites dolls do, too.
  • Jackie was a little bit nervous of introducing Hyde to her Uncle. When she was little, she thought she wanted to marry a man that would be like both, her daddy and her uncle, so it was important for her to have her two favorite men in the world being ok with her dating Hyde. Lucky for her, Richard liked Hyde immediatelly since he saw the way he looks at his niece.
  • He used to read to her to sleep and always got her books when he visited. Part of why she stopped reading so much was because she was angry that Uncle Richard stopped visiting her.
  • It made her angry to find out why her parents had separated her from Richie, and she went to yell to her father and then some more to her mother. She swear she wouldn’t had minded him being gay since the beginning, but she sometimes wonder if that’s true, since she was rised by the people that decided he wasn’t apt to babysit a little girl.
  • She will never know for sure, so she just supports Richard and his partner and will look bad at anyone looking the wrong way at them or saying something about them.
  • Her protectiveness of Richard may take him by surprise, and he will explain to her that he is a grown ass adult and has lived with this all his life. She will answer that he doesn’t have to, that she only wants him to be happy and she doesn’t want anyone to hurt him for loving. He thinks she’s the sweetest.
  • Jackie and Hyde’s older daughter’s middle name is Rachel in honor of Uncle Richard, he is also her godfather. She says that Uncle Griner is his other godfather “at heart”.
  • When he re-connected with Jackie, he smoked. Jackie is always trying to make him quit. She helped Hyde quit and she wants him to not smoke either, always saying his life will be longer and healthier if he does so. When Griner found out, he started to pester him into quitting, too, until they got him to.
  • He thought Jackie how to skate, iceskate and drive a bike.
  • And he bought her her first pair of earrings when she was a baby. She still has them.

sableyezer  asked:

OK but, poly JNPR date nights.

Shout out to @unlikelycat and @that-mildly-upset-canadian for helping me come up with some of these

  • Nora has gotten them kicked out of many restaurants
  • She doesn’t leave the date, but she does shove the bread sticks in her purse
  • She basically hoards the bread sticks
  • Ren is constantly commenting on the authenticity of the food
  • Nore tells the waiter it’s Jaune’s birthday so they can get cake
  • Jaune is like “Nora no”
  • Pyrrha is just murmuring apologies to the waiter
  • Nora tries sneaking in as much food as possible to the cinema
  • “Pyrrha you’re now pregnant. Don’t you dare take out that bag of jelly beans or I will cut you”
  • “And if anyone asks, you gave birth in the cinema”
  • Jaune and Pyrrha insist on watching the X-Ray and Vav movie
  • It’s probably super terrible but those two love it anyway
  • Ren and Nora agree that it was a disaster of a movie
  • When they go to the zoo, Nora insists on seeing the sloths
  • Jaune gets lost
  • They find him with a balloon and weepy eyes at the help desk
  • He gets lots of hugs and “we missed you” kisses
  • Karaoke nights get competitive with Nora around
  • Nora insists they go on all the rollercoasters
  • Jaune throws up on all the rollercoasters
  • There’s lots of cotton candy
  • They go to the haunted house and Pyrrha nearly shits herself
  • Jaune clings to his partners the entire time
  • Ren and Nora are like “That’s like the least realistic thing at this theme park.”
  • They do an elaborately staged splash mountain photo
  • It would probably be similar to this, but with pancakes
  • It’s the only good photo, because Jaune looks terrified in every other one
  • Nora gets those ones on a key chain
  • Jaune is really intrigued by the story
  • Ren is disappointed because he figured it out half way through
  • Nora is just eating the food
  • Pyrrha gets asked to be a participant
  • Nora whistles at her as she joins the theater crew
  • Gym dates for days when they’re all feeling particularly thirsty
  • Their favourite dates, are they ones where they just spend the nights cuddling together
  • In blanket forts, on the roof top observing the stars, after a long study session
  • I just love Poly JNPR
Zodiac around the Globe
  • US ~ Sun in Cancer:
  • Powerful need to protect the homeland and the borders, the Cancer security home, through military, the 'American dream' involving the picturesque, though antiqued family life
  • Denmark ~ Sun in Gemini:
  • True to a Gemini nature, Denmark has free learning institutions, from primary school to university. Students can apply for income support so they are paid to learn.. for Gemini learning is a job ;)
  • Australia ~ Sun in Capricorn:
  • Australia is a relatively young country in which the government likes to 'parent', in Capricorn nature, by introducing night club lock out laws, high taxes on alcohol & cigarettes, and punitive measures to drug use. It can be overwhelmingly conservative
  • France ~ Sun in Libra:
  • The city of love is of course ruled by Venus. The pleasures of life - wine, food, architecture, cinema, fashion, beautiful women, literature and art are characterised by French culture.
  • Switzerland ~ Sun in Virgo:
  • Switzerland ranks first amongst 132 countries in safeguarding the environment and environmental health. Personal health is also emphasised, they have the highest life expectancy. Produces largely pharmaceutical, measuring, and health goods. The Virgo nurse in action
  • Finland ~ Sun in Sagittarius:
  • Sagittarius is the sign of the higher education. 38 percent of Finland population has a university or college degree, which is among the highest percentages in the world. The World Economic Forum ranks Finland's tertiary education No. 1 in the world.
  • Britain ~ Sun in Capricorn:
  • The monarchical, regimented, conservative values of the UK, along with the class and establishment is reminiscent of Capricorn. There is the maintenance of old traditions
  • Portugal ~ Sun in Pisces:
  • Portugal integrates holistic methods into combating substance abuse or mental illness by treating such as public health issues and decriminalization. Portugal is known as a 'sea power' and reaps highly in fisheries. Rich history in painting