Believe it or not, we were almost out of fruit! Because our diet is plant based it goes so quick. (if dumpsterdiving goes well, i can afford to be 80/10/10) So i went out and hauled this in. There was a lot more bread, but i handed it out to people passing by.

I just thought about a giant eating a tiny and then stuffing themselves with food to the point of discomfort, just to feel the tiny attempt to thrash about while continuously complaining about how stuffed it is inside of their stomach until they can’t move

but the giant can’t really move either, so who really won here


2 ingredient (ok 4, we cheated) cookies. 100% freegan. 26 dumpster dived bananas, half a bag of dumpster dived oats, a quarter of a jar of dumpster dived Nutella and a quarter of a box of skip-salvaged hagelslag went into these. 

You mix it all up, put it in the oven at 180C (350F) for 20-25 minutes, and you have the most delicious, reasonably healthy (leave the chocolate out and they’re REALLY healthy) most ludicrously simple freegan cookies in the world!