anonymous asked: should like tottaly be my best friend cause your perf. Perks of being my best Friend •I can make you laugh •You'll always looks better compared to me •you'll Neva be lonely •I'll listen to you •I always have food •you can fan girl with me •you'll never find another potato like me~

I doubt ill look better than you anon san,and id love to be friends but youd have to message me off anon for that^^


I’m about to get on the road to go back to Savannah and I’m a little nervous so I started stress doodling…It got out of hand again.
Two of my fav things combined into one~ <3 (Matsus and Macarons)

I couldn’t choose between shaded and unshaded so I just give you both!

Which one is your favorite “flavor”? :>
In case you can’t read the smol text:
>Osomatsu -Chocolate covered strawberry
>Karamatsu -Vanilla Bean
>Choromatsu -Match Green Tea and Anko
>Ichimatsu -Blackberry Lavender
>Jyushimatsu -Chocolate Banana Cream
>Todomatsu -Rosewater and Raspberry