inspired by this post by @captain-snark i hope i did the idea justice!

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Derek swears someone is using his pool. He doesn’t have evidence, but things look slightly out of place when he gets back from his business trip. It isn’t really that noticeable and when he had Cora check on his place a few days ago, she said everything looked normal. 

It’s really just a feeling. A feeling that someone is using his pool. 

With a sigh, he shakes it off. It’s nothing, nothing substantial at least. He grabs his briefcase and suitcase and leaves the house for his business trip. It is always a drag going across the country to New York to deal with corporate. He has to put on his best suit and pack his other good suits, and then he has to somehow manage not to get too wrinkled on the plane on the way there, and it is a long flight from California to New York.

But this is what he chose to do. This is what he got his business degree for. He owns a bakery and now there is a corporation for it to make more bakeries, and really, he didn’t think his bakery would get this far. There are investors and CEOs to talk to now. He hates talking to people.

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Otp Questions

1. Who kills the spider?
2. Who reads while the other snuggles up to them?
3. Who likes to eat with fork more that a spoon?
4. Who laughs at funny words?
5. In high school what would their stereotype(s) be? Examples - nerd, jock, band geek ect
6. What type of parents would they be?
7. What is their favourite show to watch together?
8. Do they like the food network channel?
9. Who likes to walk their dogs while the other lets the dogs walk them?
10. Who is the more relaxed one?
11. Who likes to be out in nature more?
12. Who initiates cuddling sessions?
13. Who is always running late and always gives the other a running late quick kiss?
14. Who bakes the other a cake and puts a playful insult on it?
15. Who would wrap the other in a blanket when the other one has a bad day?


Hannah Hart @mydrunkkitchen is not only stylish (those shoes🙌), but she is incredibly kind and humble. It was so great meeting her at the NYCWFF! -Gabby Founder of Dapper Tomboy (@sayyoulovemeback)

Also, got to enjoy the drink & grilled cheese she made, which was pretty damn delicious!