Recipe: Roasted Hazelnuts

Description: The roasting process creates a rich forest flavor. 

Game ingredients: Hazelnut (3)

This recipe restores 175 energy and 70 health. It can be obtained from the Cooking Channel and sells for 270g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 30 minutes. 

-Hazelnuts, whole and deshelled

Preheat the oven to 450°F. On a cookie sheet, spread out the hazelnuts so they’re not all clumped together. 

Bake for 8 minutes. If you have a kitchen fan, turn it on or open some windows. The skins on the hazelnuts will turn black quickly and the oven will become fairly smokey. Don’t overcook.

Let the hazelnuts cool for 15-20 minutes. The skins easily come off. The easiest way to remove them is to take a small handful in your palm and rub your hands together. The hazelnuts will grind together and break off the skins.

The nuts can be eaten plain or used in recipes. I ground up half a cup of roasted hazelnuts in a food processor and added them to Cookies

They can also be cooked in a bit of olive oil (just until the nuts are hot) and then rolled in salt and herbs, or chopped up and added to salads. 

Roasted hazelnuts taste nuttier and turn a golden brown when cooked. They’re a versatile ingredient as they can be used in sweet or savory recipes. 


romance with dan and phil
  • my heart is in your hands. please don’t squash it and kill me
  • your lips are luscious like berries
  • romance and burgers, what more do you need in life
  • the next stage of the relationship is to get a drawer in your house for your girlfriend to put her stuff in
  • winter holiday themed music
  • dim pink lighting for saucy and romantic times
  • sup t-bag, wanna hang with dizzle
  • joke about politicians to sound intelligent
  • knock knock jokes
  • lolzor
  • watch tv together while the sun rises
  • tickle mercilessly
  • making out is with tongues and shizz
  • successful dates end at 9 am
  • get a girl over, make way too many drinks, endlessly barrage them with knock knock jokes, make out and then ask them to leave

Resources for vegans of African descent-aka black vegans-by black vegans:


Vegan Soul Kitchen-Bryant Terry

By Any Greens Necessary-Tracye Lynn McQuirter, MPH

Sistah Vegan-A.Breeze Harper, Editor

Afro-Vegan-Bryant Terry

Caribbean Vegan-Taymer Mason

The Yummi Cookbook-Nathalie Thandiwe

The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy-Afya Ibomu 

The Inspired Vegan-Bryant Terry

Black vegan Youtubers:

Brown Vegan

Sweet Potato Soul

The Divine Hostess

Tasha Edwards


Naki Aya Natural Living


This is an incomplete list, I’m sure, but I hope this helps any black vegan who feels like the only one, wants to add some books to their collection that’s by/subscribe a fellow black vegan, etc. 

steps NTs think there are to getting chips and salsa from the kitchen

1. get chips and salsa

2. eat it

steps there actually are

1. get up from where you’re sitting

2. put on a robe or something

3. go downstairs to the kitchen

4. get the salsa from the fridge

5. get a clean bowl (hopefully there is one)

6. get a clean spoon (hopefully there is one)

7. have some vague idea about how hungry you are

8. know how much salsa is required for that level of hunger

9. spoon salsa into the bowl

10. do something with the spoon (???)

11. put the salsa in the fridge

12. grab the bag of chips

13. carry the chips and salsa upstairs

14. set them down somewhere

15. sit down

16. eat chips and salsa