Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 11-17 is Food Allergy Awareness Week, and we’ve put together a reading list of books about histamines, the science behind common food allergies, and recent developments in immunology research and allergy medications.

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It Is Food Allergy Awareness Week May 12th - May 18th

F.A.R.E. Food Allergy Research & Education Presents National Food Allergy Awareness Week 2013 

May 12th - May 18th 2013 is dedicated to creating more awareness about severe food allergies, their symptoms, causes, and how to be a pal (protect, save a life, don’t discriminate). 

In honor of National Food Allergy Awareness Week Manja is posting this link from F.A.R.E.’s website to create awareness about the most common food allergens, their symptoms, and their causes. Feel free to print out and bring to work or school, print out and go over with your kids, etc. 

A more aware community is a kinder community.


FARE Partners with Daiya Foods for #EveryDaiyaHero Campaign

FARE Partners with @DaiyaFoods for #EveryDaiyaHero Campaign

This Wednesday, May 20th, the allergen-friendly, milk-free cheese company Daiya Foods will be dedicating their social media to raising funds for food allergy awareness. How, you might ask? By celebrating every day heroes, or in this case Every Daiya Heroes!

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Girls at Kent Place School in Summit, NJ wearing FARE’s teal superhero masks and learning how to become Food Allergy Action Heroes!


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Photos of our life with food allergies

by Katherine Martin posted in Mom Stories What can I say about food allergies? My son’s food allergies affect us every single day. From not having certain allergens in the house to hand washing constantly, we do things differently because of his allergies. When people ask me about his food allergies, I’m often not quite… Read more »

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AllergyHome Food Allergy Awareness Week Elementary School Kit

AllergyHome Food Allergy Awareness Week Elementary School Kit

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Food Allergy Awareness, AllergyHome Style Written by Gina Mennett Lee
In anticipation of Food Allergy Awareness Week, we are excited to announce the AllergyHome Food Allergy Awareness Week Kit. This free kit is filled with resources designed to make educating your school community quick and easy.  We have provided morning announcements for students and accompanying explanations for school staff,…

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