Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 11-17 is Food Allergy Awareness Week, and we’ve put together a reading list of books about histamines, the science behind common food allergies, and recent developments in immunology research and allergy medications.

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Food Allergy Awareness Week: Day 1

The following are exact quotes I have come across by actual people on the internet regarding peanut allergies:

I am sorry to hear about your kid being genetically deformed. Perhaps you should keep it at home. That way you run zero risk of exposure to th dreaded nutter pea. Really though, you should consider home schooling or placement in a classroom that has others with the same problem.
The biggest issue I have is that I simply do not believe every story of peanut allergies I hear about. Some are real and some are simply attention whores looking for a way for there kid to be “special”.
I care about my child more than I care about yours. I am sure the same is true for you and pretty much everyone else. Your kids life is simply not important to me. I do not know your kid and have no feeling about there life. Sorry if that sounds cruel but that is most likely true for everyone in the world. I am not saying that I want your kid to get sick or die but I am saying that I simply believe that for me my child is more important than yours.

Home school your kid and leave the normal kids alone. If you fear for your kid that much you should keep them in your basement for the remainder of there lives. God, I had helicopter parents.

Call me silly but kids with peanut allergies won’t have a reaction by merely touching peanut butter….studpid, just stupid

Ridiculous! Parents w/ kids w/ peanut allergy should be issued a citation for not feeding their kids enough of the yummy stuff as babies, to produce anti-bodies for it…Gimme a break, spoiled-over priveleged-parents of Asburn, VA. SHAME ON YOU. Now go get a REAL life. One that includes peanut butter. WORD.

Whatever, if your kid has a negative reaction to peanut butter, keep him in the house.

If kids are so defective that they can’t be in the same city block as a peanut, they need to be aborted.

defective. wow good word choice there.

Or my personal favorite:

Anyone allergic enough to die from simply touching peanut butter needs to be removed from the gene pool anyway.

Wow, thanks nuke41 of You were the first person to ever inform me that I should be removed from the gene pool. fuck you Good to know.

To be continued. The above is just from comments I have read on one news article and one public message board forum.

The point of this post is that many people assume that since they understand food allergies than everybody must, but they don’t. There are still a lot of ignorant people out there. Ignorant people who think people with allergies are defective and need to be removed from the gene pool.

Awareness is more important than you think. Take it seriously.

Just in the last 10 years I have witnessed a HUGE change in how aware people are of food allergies, especially peanut allergies and it has made all the difference and improved my life immensely.

The more people are aware, the better life will be for all people suffering from life-threatening allergies.

F.A.R.E. Food Allergy Research & Education Presents National Food Allergy Awareness Week 2013 

May 12th - May 18th 2013 is dedicated to creating more awareness about severe food allergies, their symptoms, causes, and how to be a pal (protect, save a life, don’t discriminate). 

In honor of National Food Allergy Awareness Week Manja is posting this link from F.A.R.E.’s website to create awareness about the most common food allergens, their symptoms, and their causes. Feel free to print out and bring to work or school, print out and go over with your kids, etc. 

A more aware community is a kinder community.


Photos of our life with food allergies

by Katherine Martin posted in Mom Stories What can I say about food allergies? My son’s food allergies affect us every single day. From not having certain allergens in the house to hand washing constantly, we do things differently because of his allergies. When people ask me about his food allergies, I’m often not quite… Read more »

Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.

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Food Allergy Awareness Week: Day 2

These parents were protesting with a picket line and everything because an elementary school made precautions to protect a 6 yr old girl with a life-threatening peanut allergy.

Basically the only thing the kids really had to do to follow the new school rules which were being protested was wash their hands before school and after lunch. Seriously. The had to wash their hands. What a threat to their education.

This is a serious issue for a lot of people.

Awareness is important.

AllergyHome Food Allergy Awareness Week Elementary School Kit

AllergyHome Food Allergy Awareness Week Elementary School Kit

Food Allergy Awareness, AllergyHome Style Written by Gina Mennett Lee
In anticipation of Food Allergy Awareness Week, we are excited to announce the AllergyHome Food Allergy Awareness Week Kit. This free kit is filled with resources designed to make educating your school community quick and easy.  We have provided morning announcements for students and accompanying explanations for school staff,…

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May is Food Allergy Action Month!

May is Food Allergy Action Month! Learn how you can get involved:

Today marks the start of Food Allergy Action Month! We are encouraging Americans to recognize food allergy as a serious public health issue and to take action during the month of May to make an impact for those affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis. Food Allergy Action Monthis an expansion of Food Allergy Awareness Week, which is observed this year May 10-16 and was created by FARE in 1998.…

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