the secret sessions sound so like unreal????? like an actual dream????? you sit in a room with taylor alison swift, listen to music no one else in the world has heard, eat her food, watch her drink wine, talk to her???????? SOUNDS FAKE?

GoPro cameras capture action all over the world, from Olympic ski jumps in Sochi to cuddly lion hugfests on the South African savanna. Now, Food & Wine’s new site FWx is putting GoPros somewhere even more extreme: behind the controls of super-tricked-out espresso machines in the country’s top coffee shops. In this clip, barista Erin Meister straps a GoPro to her head for a first-person view of how a cappuccino gets made at Counter Culture Coffee’s New York Training Center.

Nominate your favorite coffee bars on Twitter using #FWx @foodandwine. Your dreamy barista could wear the Cappuccino Cam next.

Merlin likes KFC. Harry knows what wines go best with twinkies. What if they got together once a month to roast the rest of Kingsman and just ate trash food. Merlin would get fried chicken. Harry would have junk snacks. But they’d always drink top of the line booze. Expensive wine. 100 year old whisky.

They’re just two sassy old men with their junk food and wine.

Making picture-perfect swirl-topped cupcakes might seem like something you should leave to the pros. But F&W Test Kitchen frosting maestro Justin Chapple has an easy shortcut. All you need is two colors of frosting, plastic wrap and a pastry bag—no artistic skills needed. Watch this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips to learn how to make the most beautiful cupcakes ever.

Wine is an excellent potion base for fertility, prosperity, money and mental strength! If you’re underage or don’t want to consume alcohol, a mulled wine potion is great as a lot of the alcohol evaporates if you boil it for a long time.

My favorite Prosperity and Healing Mulled Wine potion is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit sick or under the weather, as well as being festive and cheery.

You can substitute any of the ingredients or add more according to your intent, but this recipe is a good base and super easy to make.


✨In a pot on the stove, pour your red or white wine and bring to a simmer.

✨slice the lemon and orange and add 3-6 slices of each

✨as the potion comes to a boil add the other herbs and spices, visualizing your intent, stirring often.

✨let it simmer, but not boil, until the air becomes fragrant and you can see the citrus infusing. Anything from 10-20 minutes is perfect.

✨your kitchen should have a lovely festive smell now!

✨lastly, add 1-3 tablespoons of brown sugar according to taste, stir to dissolve and remove from the stove.

Strain and Serve hot garnished with more orange and lemon!


Kiss Me

SPN FanFic

Sam x Reader

2,217 Words (including lyrics)

Warnings: Extremely romantic fluff. May cause emotions and physical responses such as unwanted tears and the need to snuggle.

A/N: This is for the lovely @d-s-winchester as entry in her Fall In Love With Fall Challenge. My prompt was the picture used below. I also used “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran as inspiration as well as some lyrics in the fic. I hope you all enjoy.  

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Y/N sat by the motel window, knees to her chest, tears spilling silently. It wasn’t a cry for attention or from pain, it was a cleanse; a release of all the pent rage and stress from weeks on the road.

She tried to stay as quiet as possible, didn’t want to wake the boys, they needed to sleep; but her deep, staccato breaths broke through Sam’s dreams and he rolled over towards her silhouette. Her face was hidden by the darkness of the room, but the flickering orange burn of the streetlights outside set her outline aglow.

“Y/N?” He whispered, his voice cracking from sleep as he sat up on one elbow and squinted into the dark.

She wiped at her eyes and let out a breath, conjuring up a smile as she met his eyes. “Hey,” she whispered back. “Did I wake you?”

Sam nodded, but he wasn’t angry to be woken, and only concern filled his face.

“Sorry,” Y/N said, trying to smile again, but as she looked at Sam, her shoulders fell. Her lip began to shake again, and the flood returned. She couldn’t stop it, couldn’t even slow it down; once released, she had to let it all out.

“Hey, no…” Sam scooted back on the bed and lifted the blanket, gently patting the space he’d made next to him. “Come here.”

“I’m OK,” she said, shaking her head and looking away. She wasn’t one to admit defeat, to need attention or ask for it. But Sam knew that she needed it.

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Heart in a Box

Pairing: Baker!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky plans a very special anniversary for you
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here . This is part of a series called The Sweetest Thing!
Word count : 971

Bucky’s hands shake as he places the cupcakes in their box. The all white box hides the red velvet cupcakes he had so carefully placed in each designated hole. He takes a deep breath and his hand nervously runs through his hair, you were due in the bakery any minute and Bucky’s heart races as every second ticks by. He had spent all day cooking and baking, pumpkin ravioli in a burnt butter sauce for main with your favourite cupcakes for dessert. It was your two-year anniversary and Bucky had suggested you have dinner together at the bakery he owned. Two years had flown by and he still thanked his lucky stars everyday that he took on your best friend’s wedding cake order. The bell on the front door jingles and draws his attention away from his thoughts.

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