food sharks

beautifuldestinations A school of fish artfully avoids danger off the coast of the Maldives. As the flattest country on the planet, the Maldives is incredibly vulnerable to rising sea levels — as it stands now, waters are projected to rise 1.5 feet per year by 2100, putting the Maldives 77 percent. To help combat rising seas, the government in the Maldives is encouraging more people to travel to the islands to procure capital through tourism so they can work to build a smarter, more sustainable archipelago. (🎥: @seefromthesky📍: Maldives)

Problematic Animals I Work With-an incomplete list

POKEY-kemp’s ridley sea turtle

  • Picky eater
  • Spits out food with vitamins in it

WOLVERINE-sand tiger shark

  • Steals food from other sharks
  • Bites at feeding tongs instead of the fish


  • Pretty much all of the ones we have have bitten me
  • In general, they are jerk faces

JUVENILE GREEN SEA TURTLE (from recent cold stun event)

  • Lil piggy at feeding time
  • Pooped on me (very stinky)

CARBONADO-carolina diamondback terrapin

  • Messy eater
  • Crawls through sand then disperses it in water bowl/newly cleaned habitat


  • Steals food from innocent sea star
  • Derps around habitat looking for food like he’s never been fed before in his whole entire life (though his fat rolls tell a different story)

If anyone knows how to keep these punks in line, let me know-because they sure as heck don’t listen to me! 

malted-shark  asked:

Hey! I was wondering, do you have any cake tips from when you made your own wedding cake? I wanted to bake my husband a mini wedding cake as an anniversary gift this year.

General Advice:

  1. Tiered cakes need to be placed on little cardboard circles and then you poke dowels or those smoothie-sized straws though the lower cakes to create an internal support structure.
  2. Pretty much any recipe you get off google will work reasonably well, just make sure to follow the instructions of what goes into the cake, and in what order, or the texture comes out funny.
  3. let cakes cool completely before decorating them.  As in, stick them in the fridge.  You can even freeze them if you want to make them ahead of time.  They thaw in about 20-30 minutes depending on size.
  4. Buttercream frosting am good and hard to mess up.  put some between layers of cake, and on the outside if you’re planning on using fondant or some kind of glaze.  Or just put it on the outside,  it’s good.
  5. Cake keeps for up to a week if you keep it covered.  
  6. It’s always better to have Too Much Cake than Too Little.

Last night I watched “THE MEG" 

The movie I wanted to see wasn’t playing at my local theater so I thought “Why not, maybe it’ll be fun, or at least fun-ny

Shockingly, it was good, quite good.

 The film not only comments on some of inhumane practices of studying/collecting sharks but also the politics of scientific funding when done through private donors. I would definitely deem it the Jurassic World of shark films, both in its playful use of science fiction but also in its fairly consistent conservation message throughout. Scientists certainly worked on and consulted with the creators of this film. The models and designs of the animals throughout the film were spot on both anatomically and in their movements. The characters aren’t bad either, Jason Statham is always entertaining but the supporting cast was not only diverse but their characters dynamic and interesting (for a monster movie at least) THE MEG even addresses the ever-present “Honey, maybe let the boys take care of this” attitude found in a lot of these types of films and has some genuine conversation about it. I was surprised by this film, it’s a great departure from "Animals are all out to get us” and much more of the Ian Malcolm’s “Don’t fuck with nature or nature will fuck back with you” This is after all a film about a monster shark that goes around wreckin shop and eating people but I think it’s the absolute best outcome you can hope for in that premise. 

Check it out it you want a not so problematic popcorn movie with neat fishes.