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a/n: i have nothing to say apart from im craving olives and i hope u enjoy this so love u bye xx also psa iris by the goo goo dolls makes me cry like a little baby so theres that

warnings: swearing, pregnancy 

word count: 1.8k 

summary: reader finds out she’s pregnant with loki’s child and confides in his brother thor before him, and when loki overhears, he’s led to believe something very far from the truth. subsequent explanation and fluffiness !! 

Who would’ve thought a tiny pink symbol could have such an impact upon a grown woman. 

The test fell slack from your hand, joining the ever-growing pile building up on the bed beside you. You groaned, burying your face in your hands and trying desperately to regain a somewhat regular breathing pattern. 


Five positive pregnancy tests lay beside you, staring up at you tauntingly. 

It wasn’t as if the situation was a bad one, just an unexpected one. Sure, you’d never been one of those girls whose dream was to be a mum, but the idea of children was a fairly exciting prospect. In saying so, you’d always planned on waiting until at least mid-thirties before you even began thinking about venturing off on that path. 

But here you were, five years into a committed relationship with a norse god and carrying his child. 

Loki had left you early this morning, mumbling something about getting coffee and disappearing out the door with a kiss. Ten minutes after his departure, you’d found yourself on the bathroom floor draped over the toilet and throwing up your guts, for lack of a better term. 

An instinct deep in your gut had told you it was beyond a symptom of food poisioning, and so you’d post-mated some pregnancy test’s to the apartment. Hurriedly taking advantage of Loki’s absence, you’d taken as many as you could. 

That was how you’d ended up here. Confirmed pregnant five times over.  

You sighed again, heart fluttering with a combination of fear and excitement. Your hand subconsciously travelled to your stomach, mind reeling. You were so deep in thought you nearly missed the sound of your ringtone, blaring obnoxiously from the nightstand. Contorting your body sideways with a groan, you reached for it. 

‘Stopping by that new bookstore. Be home soon, let me know if you need anything while I’m out.’ 

You breathed a sigh of relief, grateful for the extra time to prepare yourself for the announcement. There had to be someone else to confess your news to.

Thor effortlessly exuded a comforting aura, greeting you with a ridiculously wide grin as you opened the door to him. 

“Y/N! How excellent to see you.”

His booming voice and genuine greeting put you at ease, leaning in to hug him willingly.

You pulled apart from the borderline bone crushing embrace with a subtle grimace on your face, heart still beating a thousand miles a minute. 

He stepped inside your apartment, ducking slightly under the doorway with a chuckle. You motioned towards the dining room table with the wave of a hand and absent minded smile. He pulled out the chair for you first, offering you a seat with a polite nod. You obliged, sliding into the chair with an appreciative look. 

“So.” You sighed, anxiety melding into your speech. 

Thor was sat opposite to you now, his huge arms folded in front of him and initiating an intimidating level of eye contact. 

“How are you and Loki?” He took reign of the conversation easily, sensing your hesitation. Relieved by his intervention, you replied with a sigh. 

“Good! Really good, actually. There’s something I wanted to talk to you about, though.”

Thor nodded encouragingly, prompting you to continue. “I’m all ears, Y/N. Anything you need.” 

Cursing a higher power for his accomodating nature, you took a deep breath before spilling the secret. 

“Well, it’s- you see, I’m-I’m pregnant.”

Thors face split into a grin immediately, his eyes lighting up in excitement in a way that briefly resembled a golden retriever. 

It was hard not to match his enthusiasm, a giggle spilling from your lips as he began to laugh. “That’s amazing! Congratulations!”

“Thank you!” You grinned back, your cheeks heating up as you spoke. 

“What did Loki say when you told him? Oh I bet it was good- did he l-”

The second half of his sentence died out as he watched your face fall into a sheepish grimace. “So you have not told him yet?”

“Not exactly. I only found out a few hours ago, you see.” You explained yourself quickly, justifying your seemingly cowardly behaviour. 

Thor nodded in understanding, recognising your nervous attitude and attempting to tame it. 

“I see.”

You hummed, squeezing your eyes shut quickly to wane off the headache you could feel building in your skull. 

“Ah! I have an idea. Why don’t you pretend that I’m Loki and practice how you’re going to tell him.”

Thor’s signature smile was back now, eyes sparkling at the prospect of helping you in any way he could. 

In the moment, it seemed like a good idea, and you were up for anything that would distract you from the elephant sized butterflies in your stomach.

“Okay, lets do it.” You wiggled in your seat slightly, taking a deep breath and trying to visualise Loki sitting opposite you as opposed to his brother. 

“Loki, I have to tell you something. Before I do, I want you to know that I love you more than anything in the world. And considering how hard we’ve had to fight to be together, I hope you don’t give up on me now.” 

You began to panic, fumbling over the actual confession even in a hypothetical situation. You stopped short, posture slumping. 

“Ugh that was awful, I’m sorry.” You covered your face in embarrassment, only feeling more hopeless about the situation. 

Ever so kind, Thor jumped in to defend you instantly. “No no! It was-”

His critique was cut off by the sound of a slamming door, capturing the attention of both you and Thor. 

Oh god. 

You whipped your head around to the source of the noise, heart dropping to your stomach as you watched Loki stomp through the apartment towards your bedroom.

Thor looked instantly regretful, jumping to apologise faster than you could assure him he’d done nothing wrong. 

“Don’t worry about it, Thor. Just, get out of here as fast as you can. Thank you for helping, really.” 

He nodded, standing hurriedly and speed walking towards the still ajar front door with a sympathetic and slightly fearful look.

“Have you not the patience to at least wait until I go out of town to profess your love to my brother?”

Loki’s words sliced through the air with a hostility that made you shrink backwards in intimidation. His eyes were wild and angry, head turning to face you as he stood his ground opposite you on the bedroom floor. 

“Loki I promise it’s not what you think, just let me-” You jumped to correct him quickly, fearing what would happen if he continued on this path of aggression. 

“Ah, so you weren’t whoring around with my brother?” His tone was biting and you winced in response to the insult, taking a step backwards. 

“My whole life, I’ve been second to him. I was stupid to think you would be any different.” He was almost hissing now, his eyes narrowing intimidatingly but filled with pain. 

Your heart broke as you watched his inner torment begin to present itself, raising both of your hands in an attempt to silence him. 

“Had enough, hmm? Do enlighten me on the true implications of your relationship with my brother then, Y/N.” Loki turned on his heel, running a hand through his hair and presenting his back to you as he spoke. 

The words came tumbling from your mouth faster than you could comprehend their consequences. “I’m pregnant.” 

Loki froze and his hands fell slack to his sides, the obscurity of his face doing nothing but dragging out your anxiety. 

“Loki?” You spoke softly, taking a hesitant step towards him. You struggled to hear his reply over the deafening beat of your heart. 

“It-it is, mine, yes?”

You chuckled under your breath relievedly as you replied, reassured by his much calmer sentiment. “Of course.”

He turned, finally, his gaze falling upon you for the first time since his change in emotion. His piercing green eyes were slightly glassy, from the argument or the announcement you weren’t sure. The rest of his face remained emotionless, impossible to read.

“What are you feeling? T-talk to me. You’re scaring me.”

His eyes fell to the floor, hands clasping together in front of him. “I’m sorry. Take whatever precautions you must, don’t worry about me, I-”

You frowned. Precautions

The realisation sank in slow and deep, causing your heart to speed up again and your mouth to run ahead of you. 

“Wait wait wait, Loki. You mean-” You swallowed hard, pained by your own insinuation. 

“Get rid of it?” You finished your sentence with a whisper, eyes welling with tears.

“It’s okay, I understand. Really. Do what you must.” He didn’t meet your eyes, his tone cold and unfeeling. 

“Loki.” He didn’t look up. 

You tried again, taking another tentative step towards him and tilting your head down to capture his attention.

“Loki. I want to keep the baby.” Again, you spoke softly, careful not to overwhelm him. 

His eyes shot up to your own, possessed by a creature of desperation and shock. Polite as always, he questioned you breathily. “I’m sorry?”

“Look. I don’t care if you think it’s going to turn out ‘like you’, or whatever it is that you’re afraid of. As far as I’m concerned, you’re pretty fucking incredible and I’d be honoured to carry your child. This isn’t a bad thing, lo-”

“Be quiet.” 

“I’m sorry?” 

Eyes locked on yours all the time, Loki’s cold hand passed between you and came to rest on your stomach. His touch was gentle; light as a feather. This kind of sensitivity was rare with him, and you took a brief second to relish in the moment. A few minutes of silence passed before he spoke again. 

“I truly don’t understand you sometimes. How you’ve managed to reach the conclusion that having a child with me is a good idea is beyond my comprehension.”

You smiled softly, letting out a small sigh. “S’ beyond mine too. Must be cos I love you or something dumb like that.”

Loki’s gaze fell to the ground in amusement as he chuckled. “The feeling is mutual. Even more so now I know you’re, what is it? Knocked up?”

You laughed, carefree and warm and happy. Loki smiled back, leaning forwards and pressing his forehead hard to your own. Your eyes fell shut, at peace in the moment before he spoke up again.

“Though I admit there are many things about this situation that terrify me, I will say I’m rather looking forward to seeing you carrying my child.” 

You blanched, pulling back from him and pulling a face.  “Okay ew. I’m going to look like a beached whale for nine months. How is that even remotely appealing to you?” 

His lips curled upwards into a smile, free hand coming to rest on your hip. 

“Has my relation to the goddess of fertility slipped your mind?” 

You rolled your eyes, unconvinced by his excuse and telling him so. 

“Bullshit. That’s just a classy way of saying you have a breeding kink.” You joked.

Loki laughed, momentarily absent of all fear and burden. Staring so deep into your eyes you felt as if he was communicating with your soul, he leaned down to connect your lips. 

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Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Request: Tom x reader pleaaase His gf thinks that she is sick bc of something she ate and assures him that it happened to her before and that it’s not bad if it lasts days Tom keeps telling her that she might be pregnant (they can’t trust her period since it’s not regular) and that’s how she finds out that they’re having a baby

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. I will get out more fiction the next week. Look forward to that! Until then enjoy this~

Tom woke up to the feling of being alone in bed. He opened his eyes and you weren’t next to him. He panicked a little, it was always him who woke up earlier. He heard faint noices coming from the bathroom and not long after, he heard the toilet flush.

Tom sat up in bed and waited for you. You exited the bathroom and found your husband awake.

„Morning. I didn’t mean to wake you.” you smiled at him and went to sit next to him. He puled you close.

„Good morning, Love. Are you okay?” He asked with conceren in his voice.

„Yeah, it’s probably something that I ate, I’ll be fine.” you looked up at him as he leant down to kiss your lips.

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Exactly what you don’t want to see - lots of E. coli in a (supposedly) potable water sample!

The lack of blue colonies in the top sample suggests E. coli 0157:H7 as the enterotoxigenic serotype is beta-D-glucuronidase negative, and, well…. the plate is covered already.

Since I took this job, I’ve really realized how much I take clean water for granted.

Embrassing Christmas Memory
  • Makoto Naegi: Tripped over his untied shoelace and made the Christmas tree fall down.
  • Kyoko Kirigiri: Accidentally burned her tongue on hot coco, and yelled out a swear word in front of her family and friends when the house was quiet.
  • Hajime Hinata: Mistakenly thought his cousin was a robber and tried to take him down with his ahoge...JK! He bent down to pick up something and his hip accidentally knocked over his family's brand new TV.
  • Leon Kuwata: Thought it would be funny to play baseball with his friends in the mid of winter and sent a baseball flying through his living room window, breaking a vase in the process.
  • Nagito Komaeda: Forgetting it was Christmas day and showing up to Hajime's house without his gift and interrupting their dinner.
  • Byakuya Togami: When he was younger he threw a hissy fit, because he didn't get what he asked from Santa, and spilt his mother's eggnog all over his pants....his family was in hysterics and will never let him live this down.
  • Peko Pekoyama: Not knowing what Christmas is and who Santa was caused her to almost kill "Santa" when he asked Fuyuhiko if he wanted to sit in his lap.
  • Aoi Asahina: When she was younger she told her relatives that she used to eat Santa's milk and cookies because she didn't want him getting any bigger. Her young cousins started crying and called her a jerk, while the adults found it hilarious.
  • Sakura Ogami: Spending Christmas in the hospital with food poisioning after eating her aunt's casserole.
  • Mikan Tsumiki: She wore a light jacket during dinner and zippered it up, along with the table cloth...long story short, she stood up to go to the restroom and the plates of food wanted to accompany her.
  • Chiaki Nanami: Offered to make cookies for her friends, but ended up burning them in the end. They still enjoyed an extent.
  • Junko Enoshima: Every Christmas she purposely makes herself do something embrassing.
  • Mukuro Ikusaba: She thought the Santa at the mall was a creepy old kiddnapper and threatened to cut him up if he didnt stop talking to little children. She was only six years old!
  • Akane Owari: Throwing up in her family's car after eating too much.
  • Sayaka Maizono: During a performance in front of thousands of fans she messed up the lyrics to "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".
  • Chihiro Fujisaki: He was working really hard on making a new program, so when he finally finished it he went to show his father knocking a mug of hot coco all over his laptop causing flames to start. He almost burnt down his house on Christmas. Yikes!
  • Teruteru Hanamura: He was the offical chef for the Teruteru family dinner. He was under alot of pressure so he mistskenly undercooked the ham.
  • Hifumi Yamada: His older cousins at the time called him a chubby gopher and he bawled like a baby at his grandma's house. He was only 10.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu: At the age of 7 he saw his female relatives giving him and other relatives kisses on the cheek, so he thought he had to do the same. This resulted in him giving Peko a quick peck on the cheek.
  • Izuru Kamukura: Let's just say his hair catches a lot of things...dirt...stray leaves...etc. when he goes outside and doesn't tie it up (Haaa! He doesn't know everything apparently!)
  • Mondo Owada: Slipping on ice in front of his friends.
  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru: The guys were having a snowball fight outside and as they were playing Leon playfully (and accidently) shoved him face first into the "yellow-stained snow".
  • Yasuhiro Hagakure: He tried to throw a snowball at his uncle (in a playful manner) but instead hit his grandma causing her to fall in the deep snow. Luckily she was fine in the end.
  • Celestia Ludenberg: During school, Leon and Souda placed mistole in random places in the school. She ended up having to kiss Togami...2 times.
  • Hiyoko Saionji: She thought Santa was real until she was 13.
  • Gundham Tanaka: He shrieked with joy in front of everyone, when Makoto got his Four Dark Devas Of Destruction mini sweaters.
  • Sonia Nevermind: She borrowed an expensive dress from her mother and ruined it by spilling eggnog all over it thanks to a certain "speical" someone.
  • Nekomaru Nidai: Bottom line...he learnt to bring air freshener with him to the bathroom whenever he had a HUGE dinner.
  • Ibuki Mioda: She tried to go Caroling with her friends and family but ended up scaring the living lights out of the family she sang too. She didn't care though.
  • Toko Fukawa: She sneezed after smelling something peppery and nearly almost scissored Makoto because he looked adorable when he wore an adorable Christmas-y sweater.
  • Kazuichi Souda: Thought he texted Hajime about helping him score a spot under the mistole with Sonia, but mistakenly texted Sonia.
  • Mahiru Koizumi: She took so many pictures during the Christmas party Sonia had hosted, and found out as she was developing the photos, she wore her shirt backwards the whole time.
  • Byakuya Twogami: He sat on a piece of chocolate cake mistakenly and didn't notice until Souda shouted "TWOGAMI COULDN'T HOLD IT IN YOU GUYS! NEKOMARU NEEDS TO HURRY IT UP IN THE RESTROOM AM I RIGHT MISS. SON- I MEAN YOU GUYS!".
  • Komaru Naegi: She was doing last minute gift shopping and forgot to get her brother a gift. Makoto gave her, her gift but it was super awkward for her not to give him one in return. It didn't bother him at all, but she was super upset/embarrassing about it.
  • Monokuma: Bears don't get embarrassed! Although not getting any gifts from his students was kind of upsetting to him...
  • Usami/Monomi: Forgetting to be invited to my students Christmas bash hurted a bit. But they eventually remembered to call her after 2 hours when it started!

I have a nice workplace in terms of management and most of my coworkers so my experience here may be a bit skewed but I’d like to speak about my experience with something that affects a lot of people on this page MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE.

This is gonna get long and I’ve actually cut out a lot to save explaining because it’s a bit …shitty… but here’s the main story. 

I just wanna say on the out -  don’t be afraid of sharing. I found that sharing actually did help me a lot at work, and if I told them earlier it would have saved me a lot of hassle.

I’ve worked for the same company for almost 4 years now. I started as a high school student, transferred and then continued as a university student. Before that I worked in a really terrible small store as a summer temp, and I’ve worked for my school during the summer for three weeks (and ongoing corresponding throughout the year that I’m paid for) as part of a summer school exchange. But. My focus for this will be my main job and the store I’m currently at.

I suffer from an anxiety disorder - with it brining symptoms of depression but I would never really say I had depression or even depression and anxiety. I don’t take meds and I’m not currently in therapy (I had a short stint at the beginning of this year but had to bail as it interfered with class). Although I believe understanding your symptoms is important I’m not 100% of self-diagnosis but I was pretty sure prior to diagnosis that I had problems with anxiety. I was diagnosed in 2014. 

I’d never properly brought it up at work. I sometimes mentioned feeling increasingly more anxious at times when I was at store 1 during my high school days and this was brushed off. I think my supervisor said something along the lines of, “everyone gets like that! just relax!” he was a pretty nice guy, but, a bit dim. Another time I told him I was stressed and he told me I was too young to be stressed. 

The first time it came up was when I first got introduced to my current manager. I was working in the store for about 2 or so months when my manager there quit. I was heartbroken because I really hated my then “new” store at the time and constantly felt homesick - him and maybe one or two others made it bearable. What’s worse, my new(current) manager was known to a lot of the staff already as he worked between our store and another store as a supervisor a few years back, and then became a temporary ASM before the current one came. I was opening with him on maybe his third shift back, it was me, another staff member and someone completely new. He didn’t say one word to me - really - as he wanted to help the new person and he knew the other person. I felt super uncomfortable as for that whole shift I felt forgotten about - he spoke to everyone else as they were either a new seasonal staff or he worked with them beforehand. I was just not on his radar. At this time. I hated this place even more. At this time, my anxiety was hella bad. I had a lot on my plate, like, a fuckload of shit that I’d rather not get into online and it would probably get us off the point of this place. 

Essentially, I needed to clarify something with work that my old manager had told me was okay but it didn’t seem to be noted anywhere. As I didn’t know him at all, I asked supervisor number 1 about my issue. Supervisor 1 shrugged me off and told me I’d have to speak to our boss about this. He wasn’t in on my next shift, so, I decided to ask supervisor 2 - supervisor 2 was less helpful than supervisor 1 as she told me the exact opposite of what I was hoping. I cried the whole way home. I felt trapped and hopeless.

I even contacted my old manager asking if I could transfer back down. It was almost Xmas anyway, so, I could just go home (although this was not ideal, abusive household). I only lived about 100 miles away so I could always travel to there on a Friday night, work the weekend and come up mid-Monday as I had no class either until the summer (when I would just come home and work…again not ideal but at the time I was getting a lot of money for my age as I was still only 17) or I could just work there until I found a new job here.

The next shift I was in was with my manager, it was a Tuesday starting early, I don’t know why I was scheduled in for this shift as I had class. But. I went anyway. I thought fuck it, I’ll ask him. As I didn’t know him that well I just explained my situ and also what Supervisor 2 said to me. I also told him (truthfully) that I’d been having panic attacks since Supervisor 2 spoke to me.

His response was kinda …weird. He thought it was “fucked up” (exact words) that he had no handover on the issue and immediately sorted it. He told me later on that shift that “nothing work related should make you that anxious EVER”. And we left it like that.

I still felt left out at work. My manager still didn’t really speak to me. My anxiety was getting worse due to class/bad family back “home” and work. I recall getting told off by my manager for something really trivial and for asking for a holiday a few times for him to snap at me before storming off to enter it. I assumed he didn’t like me. I was a pain in his ass. 

Shortly after this, I got hit by a massive anxiety truck. I felt so low, I couldn’t leave my bed. I missed so much class and so much work (although I lied and said I had food poisioning from work as I didn’t know how to bring it up). And then… I felt better. I was scheduled for work at 9:30am on a Sat, which was pretty standard and the night before a few of my high school friends were in town for a gig, so I met them after it for a drink. Honestly, I don’t drink A LOT - I have a very low tolerance made worse by anxiety. Since I was in class all day and was meant to work the next day this would be the only time I’d see them for a while. I lasted one drink and felt overwhelmed. I had to go home. I cried all night and couldn’t calm myself down. Before I knew it, it hit 7:30am and I was still shaking so badly. I honestly couldn’t make it out of my place to get the bus. Serving customers was off the menu. I’d only been back on shift as well, and hadn’t done my back to work. I called in and it was Supervisor 2 - who I really hated and was leaving soon. But. I just told her. I couldn’t lie anymore.

“You’ve been off a lot.”

I had been off a lot - at my old location I was off ONCE and that was because I had a sickness bug and was sent home the day previously. (I had to throw up and couldn’t make it to the bathroom so threw up outside the store…lovely). I’d been off here a lot - mainly due to catching illnesses but more recently due to anxiety. 

“….I’ll go see a doctor?” I shrugged.

“Yes, do that. I’ll say to manager." 

I had a long weekend (inc Monday) of wallowing in self pity before making my way to the doctors on the Tuesday. My doctor could see I was intensely stressed and asked me if my student loan could cover my living costs (no) as my job seemed unnecessary due to my university commitments. By this time I had lost around 20 lbs as well - I was never skinny to begin with but this weight came off in about 2-3 months essentially because I was living off ramen as the thought of cooking/going to the shop seemed too scary (hahahah you’re such a student with your ramen nope I’m fucking mentally ill). He offered me medication but I denied, as I was worried about adjusting to them so close to my deadlines. I planned to start them that summer but I’m still not on anything. He wrote me off for a further two weeks for both work and uni, but, I was behind on uni so went in anyway. 

I didn’t want to go back to work. The thought of work made me feel so ill and so anxious. I started looking at new jobs and filled in an application for a stockroom job for a museum gift shop. I was just waiting for the right time to contact my old manager from the first store for a reference because there was No Way In Hell my boss was gonna give me a reference. 

When I returned, after trying not to cry as I reached the door, my boss grinned at me as I walked in, "HEY WELCOME BACK! :)" 


"I’ll catch up with you later, okay?”

As I entered the staffroom, a new face was there, “HI I’m Supervisor 2.1!” Supervisor 2 had left already, phew.Supervisor 2.1 kept talking and talking and talking. He was nice. I already decided I liked him because he seemed to have little filter and seemed genuine. 

“I used to work at [other location] but I live in [same place as me] so this is closer! And I’m getting more money as I’m not a SUPERVISOR!!! Just getting used to the busses!”

I smiled and told him I got the busses too and would help him tonight. 

As I was about to start, my manager called me into his office to do my paperwork and also dragged Supervisor 2.1 in to show him how to do it, and to keep him “in the loop”.

“We need to do your back to work form. But this is quite serious.”

I thought…fuck… he thinks I’m faking. I’m gonna get fired for a lot of absences. 


We filled in the form as usual and looked over my doctors note. He said he recalled the time I told him I was taking panic attacks and just thought I was exaggerating and he apologised a lot for thinking that.

He then told me he valued me so much as a team member as I always got shit done and was a hardworker, he apologised if he’d ever been “off” with me as he said he just didn’t really think I liked him or needed constantly guidance on tasks.

We had this long-ass chat about mental health. In which he told me he’d been on and off anti-anxiety medication for the past 5 years. He went into detail about how he didn’t go into his old work at all and eventually got fired and said he was super proud I sought help before things went too far for me in regards to either work or school. Supervisor 2.1 chipped in and said he’s a very nervous person, perhaps not anxiety level but nevertheless very nervous.

It went on for an hour and since then, we’ve had a great relationship. And I mean REALLY GREAT. Essentially, we worked out we were basically the same person - I would have probably never found out this shit if we never had this long-ass convo. I also become really close friends with Supervisor 2.1 who constantly gets me into trouble for talking to him and coming back late from lunch as he always insists on dining out. 

I think I was making myself quite distant at work because I was in a bad place mentally - and because of that - I was getting increasingly anxious at work…..the cycle went on.

Since then, I’ve obviously had “difficulties” but it’s been super easy to talk to managers about it. I once mentioned, in passing, to our ASM how the messy tshirts unsettled me and she switched my zone in the store so I could go tidy them (I was doing nothing anyway). I’ve had reviews and have been praised for hard work and customer service - with downsides being confidence, usually. 

Recently, I had quite a bad anxiety “relapse” - I asked my manager if I could talk to him - as it was fucked anyway and an issue at work with one coworker and another being assholes to myself and another coworker made it worse. Mixed in with deadlines, I needed either reduced hours or a couple of back of house shifts to help me calm. We talked out the issues and I took a panic attack that he managed to talk me out of before it got too bad which, sadly, kinda set him off a bit as I noticed he was stimming quite badly. He checked up on me that night and thanked me for sharing.

Due to the fact I get easily stressed and my work knows this, they are happy to fit my schedule around my class and deadlines. Something that before they were a bit like “meh” about. 

I just wanna say PLEASE DO NOT DO A ME AND HOLD IT IN UNTIL IT GETS REALLY BAD. I still get very stressed and nervous when I think about that time in my life - if I had been more open earlier I would have saved myself a lot of stress which in turn made my mental health worse. 


Heath x Reader

request: Hey could you do a Heath x reader where she gets pregnant? Xx

Sorry this might suck, only because it’s hard for me to picture Heath in a situation like this, Anyway, Hope you enjoy.

   Being only 27 made this situation a little scary. You were convinced Heath was the love of your life, and you didn’t see this as a mistake, but it was a scary first time for you. 

  “Heath, Baby could you come here?”

You yelled from the bathroom where the pregnancy test rested on the sink. You and Heath had talked about children all the time, and it wasn’t like you weren’t ready for this financially, everything was perfect, it just struck you so suddenly. 

You heard the couch move and a groan from your Husband as he got up from channel surfing. 

  “Where are you Baby?” 

Heath said followed by a short breathless laugh, then he noticed the light coming through the bottom of the bathroom door, and he knocked on the door. 

  “Come in” 

You said, watching the door knob turn while the light in the bathroom lit up your whole master bedroom. 

  “Is everything okay?” 

Heath asked, He had this worried look on his face that you secretly loved because it let you know that he cared. 

 “I’m, I’m pregnant.” 

You said looking down at the test in your hands, a plus sign. 

“Holy shit baby!” 

Heath said as he place his hand on his forehead, he was smiling through everything, but you weren’t quite sure what emotion he was feeling. 

You were suprised too, you just bought the test for closure, as you woke up with morning sickness, but there was the possibility of food poisioning from Heath’s cooking. 

“This is our life now Heath”

you whisphered as you hugged him, and he rested his head on yours.

Lesson learned

So this past weekend I got food poisioning which was well deserved in my eyes. I went home for the weekend and saw a bag of chips and started eating and the next day not only was i sick but so were my parents which made us come to the conclusion of food poisioning. Besides the point, this made me confirm that bad food has bad consequences and that I need to continue eating healthy if I want to get the body I want.

So today was going to be prductive…ya know cleaning, sculpting, commissions….BUT NOPE FUKEN PANDA EXPRESS HAD ANOTHER IDEA!

Lets give fluffi food poisoning so she can spend the next day in the bathroom WONT THAT BE FUN!!

…fuck you….

…o god make it stop Q.Q

(any ideas would be greaaatly appreciated!…other then the hospital…fuk that….)

Avoiding Sickness Abroad (& dealing with it once you get it)

Everyone knows it, although many hate to admit it, but traveling comes with risks. Food poisoning or sickness caused by drinking the water is super common and dreadful. Traveling outside the US/Canadian area puts you at significant risk for getting sick even just from drinking the water if you’re not already used to it. For me, if I’m living somewhere for a while it’s worth spending one night on the toilet to be able to freely brush my teeth with tap water and have a glass or two here and there. 

On a shorter trip though being sick is the last thing you want. Losing a couple days over food poisoning or even just from drinking the water sucks! You don’t want to pay all that money to spend it wallowing in bed stumbling two and from the porcelain throne. I think sometimes these rules for staying healthy abroad are overplayed and obvious, but I still ended up keeled over begging for an IV and a nice doctor to stop the puking. Listen and live by these rules to seriously reduce your risk of unspeakables coming out two different ends if you know what I mean. Ok, ew I don’t know why I said that - but it’s so true.

1. Don’t eat salad! Never never never unless it’s a five star restaurant (or in Western Europe in a very developed area) eat salad. I am a salad zealot, my favorite is anything super Italian or super fruity, but unfortunately while living in Africa I can’t have any. That includes coleslaw, which unfortunately I slipped up on… I’m still unsure what made me so so sick (I didn’t eat anything more than a granola bar for four whole days), but I’m 95% it was some coleslaw I had a very local traditional Swahili restaurant in the outskirts of Arusha. So please just don’t do it - you don’t know what they washed the lettuce or any other vegetables in. It could be perfectly filtered water, but it could have also grown in feces infested water. You just never know.

2. Only drink bottled water: Even in the most remote places you should always be able to find bottled water. If you’re concerned about the availability of safe water stock up on those big 1.5 liter bottles. This one is kinda obvious though especially after my explicit instructions in the introduction, so I’ll stop being your mom. (But seriously don’t drink the water)

3. Eat fruits you can peel: Oranges, mangos, papaya, and bananas are some great options when traveling and you get that craving for fruit. Oranges will also keep your immune system in great shape with all that vitamin C and bananas are a great food for boosting energy. Mangos are just delicious and I’m not a huge fan of papaya, but it does also fulfill my fruit desires if I feel like I’m dying of scurvy while abroad. 

4. Boil water: If you don’t have bottled water you can always boil water to kill bacteria. Although hot water isn’t quite as refreshing as cold water it will equally hydrate you.

5. Do not eat fresh veggies: No matter how wonderful some ants on a log sound, don’t do it! Always cook your vegetables first, unless you’re able to peel of the outside layer. It comes down again to what kind of water was used to wash the veggies, and also the area in which they grew in. Luckily you can still consume those healthy snacks, all you have to do is stick them in boiling water and you’re good to go (well after you let them sit a little in the boiling water that is).

6. Unsure about a restaurant? Listen to your gut. This is a pretty important rule, but it also has a huge space for that gray area. Check out reviews of a restaurant if possible when in a remote area. If you see any questionable health issues be really careful about what you eat. If that means you just eat plain pasta - do it. You can really never go wrong with just plain pasta.

7. Imodium is a quick fix, but not a solution: A pill that stops any extra bathroom activity sounds a little too good to be true. And it is. Imodium doesn’t get rid of the sickness, it just postpones it. Once that Imodium wears off you better have a bathroom close by. 

So yes those tips are helpful, but I fear that many of you may be reading this when you’ve already fallen ill… I always hate it when I google stuff and it just tells me how to prevent it, not what to do when I have it! So here’s what I recommend. Always travel with something that can cheer you up. For me it’s photos and at least one season of The Office (depending on the length of the trip). These comforts will really help when you’re trapped in the bathroom.

Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask for your travel buddy to bring you some food and maybe a coke or two. On the note of further consumption after getting sick.. Take it slow - real real slow. Your stomach will be really uneasy so take as few medications and as little food as your body needs to survive while it recovers. Drink lots of water and gaterade if available to help your body recover faster. For example nibble on a granola bar over the length of a few hours so that you are consuming some calories, but not too many in a short amount of time. 

As much as I hate taking antibiotics sometimes they are necessary. If they are necessary take them, but then eat yogurt for every day for at least two weeks after. Antibiotics destroy the lining of your stomach and make it really difficult to digest food, especially if you already haven’t been eating consistently for a few days. My last word of advice is to study the rules above so you don’t get sick again!